Jul 16, 2018 - 1:58 PM - by Cairenn

Battle Is Coming!

Even as Azeroth’s wounds are tended, the shattered trust between the Alliance and Horde now proves hardest to mend. Amidst this age-old conflict, join your allies and champion your faction’s cause.

New Events in Teldrassil and Lordaeron

Beginning the week of July 24 and continuing for three weeks leading to the launch of Battle for Azeroth on August 14, experience the escalation of all-out war in Teldrassil, and later Lordaeron. A new chapter of the relentless conflict at the heart of the Warcraft saga is unfolding, and it’s time for you to take your place on the front lines!

New Character Customizations

The war with the Burning Legion has left orcs standing tall, a new posture option available to all orc player characters. Blood Elves now have access to golden eyes, as well as a few new faces.

All of these new options are available at Barber Shops throughout Azeroth, and you can now alter your character’s skin color while you’re there.

Player versus Player

The PvP Honor and Prestige system has been updated. Your PvP progress in Legion has been converted into account-wide Honor levels, which you’ll continue to earn through PvP.

All class specializations’ PvP Talents have been revamped. Hit default hotkey ‘N’ to get a look at your PvP Talents, and default hotkey ‘H’ to see the new PvP system.
War Mode is Here

You can now enable War Mode and venture out into a world full of others who have made the same dangerous choice. Enabling War Mode provides additional bonuses:
  • All PvP Talents you’ve chosen will be available to use anywhere PvP can occur.
  • You’ll gain an additional bonus to experience while leveling up.
  • Earn additional bonus gold and Resources from World Quests.
War Mode can be toggled on or off beginning at level 20 by visiting either Orgrimmar or Stormwind and setting your preference in the Talent pane (default hotkey ‘N’). Beware! Once you venture out in War Mode, all zones will become contested, including zones such as Northshire Abbey.

Sanctuary areas will still be PvP free.

Additional War Mode features such as Bounty Hunter and Air Drops will become available in the new zones of Battle for Azeroth.
July 17, 2018 marks the end of the final Legion season of ranked PvP, and the post-season period has begun. Look for all the new PvP progression and rewards to unlock and become earnable after the launch of Battle for Azeroth in a few weeks.

Strand of the Ancients and Ashran are no longer available.

Social Features

You can now create and join cross-realm social groups in World of Warcraft. Communities make it easier for you to find and play alongside adventurers who share common interests. Hit default hotkey ‘J’ to get started.

Voice Chat is now available in all groups, Guilds, and Communities. Select the headset icon wherever you see it in game to talk with other players.

Legacy Loot Mode

Now, when you enter an instance at 10 levels or more above the maximum level of the content, Legacy Loot rules will be automatically enabled. Under Legacy Loot rules, drops will include a chance for all items that would drop for a full party or raid at the instance’s level.

Source and full patch notes.

Bet you thought we forgot about you, didn’t you? Not a chance! As you can always count on, we’re taking care of you guys. We’re now accepting author signups for the Battle for Azeroth™ Beta. This way you can have at least a few days to play before it’s time to get down to work on updating your AddOns.

This is not a contest! If you are an AddOn author that hosts with us and you have been keeping your AddOns current, you are eligible for a key!

Once you get the chance to get your AddOn ready for beta testing in the expansion, upload it to our Battle for Azeroth™ beta download category and then be sure to check back in our PTR forums for possible feedback.

We’re going back to the way we did it the very first time. Blizzard is giving us the keys directly and we will assign them to you. When you receive your key, go to this page if you are on the NA client or this page if you use the EU client to enter your key. If you’d rather not click a link, you can manually go to your Account Settings page on the Blizzard website and click on the “Add a game key” button to add it to your account.

Let the fun begin! Sign up now for your Battle for Azeroth™ Beta key.

  • You must have an active World of Warcraft account.
  • You must be an addon author with one or more files on the site that are current to 7.3.x (Compilations & "Hello world" or its equivalent do not count).
  • Do not upload addons that are not your own. Anyone caught uploading someone else's work will be banned from the site. All AddOns submitted are manually checked.
  • Blizzard and WoWInterface reserve the right to deny anyone access.
  • Account must be registered before April 25th 2018.

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Battle for Azeroth Alpha 8.0.1 now has AddOn's enabled!

  • Our forums are a great place to discuss the changes in Battle for Azeroth! If you wish to create a thread about writing/fixing your addons on the alpha/beta, or any new/outdated API, you can use our PTR forums.
  • We have setup our Battle for Azeroth Alpha AddOn category. Please feel free to upload directly to that category or add it as a secondary category to your current AddOn in our database under the "Manage Addon" link. Special thanks to Seerah for cleaning up the new category so quickly.
  • A compatibility tag for Battle for Azeroth Alpha 8.0.1 has also been added. If your AddOn works in 8.0.1 please tag it.


Jan 11, 2018 - 4:35 PM - by Cairenn
Hey guys.

So as many of you may have recently discovered, it seems some spammers thought it would be cool to send you a bunch of PMs. We've gone in and cleaned up the existing mess and are keeping an eye on it to make sure they don't make more new accounts with which to spam.

If you do get any spam messages we encourage you to forward us a copy of it so that we are aware and can take care of it.

Sorry for the bother.
Jul 17, 2018 - 2:10 AM - Gethe

As with every expac, change is the name of the game, and this one is no different. Most of these changes affect addons, though often to varying degrees. While the core of RealUI is prepared for these changes, unfortunately not all have made the necessary updates.

Specifically, I have yet to see any activity regarding Clique, Grid2 and PhanxChat. They may still get updated within the next few days/weeks, and I will update this post if they are.

RealUI has gone through a lot of changes over the years, but the biggest are yet to come. This version marks the start of a transition toward a more unified interface suite.

All of the compiled addons like cargBags, KuiNameplates, and even Bartender will eventually be replaced by "in-house" versions. This will make it easier to fully integrate these features into the interface as a whole, rather than relying on hacks to force them to do something.

In light of this, the version number has been reset and simplified. It will now follow a major.minor.patch format. Major will be increased if there is a necessity to even partially wipe settings, don't expect this to happen often if at all. Minor is when an addon or feature is added, removed, or significantly changed. Patch for bugfixes and minor tweaks.

To further mark the occasion, a brand new logo was commissioned from the talented Stephano Sue. You've probably already seen his work on Method's branding, as well as WeakAuras and many others.

Speaking of changes, one of the significant changes in this version is to the interface skin. The old addons !Aurora_RealUI and Aurora have been combined into a single addon: RealUI_Skins.

This new addon will provide all skinning capabilities for RealUI and is not optional. RealUI_Skins also brings with it new skinning options such as configurable frame and button colors as well as class colors.

Additionally, all pixel fonts have been removed in favor of the standard font, Roboto. The primary reason for this is readability. Pixel fonts really only look good at a specific size, and when scaled can quickly get pretty ugly. Furthermore they can be difficult to read at any size for anyone that has a visual impairment.

Discuss this update on the forums.
Jul 13, 2018 - 4:42 PM - Xrystal
Pre-Expansion Patch Looming....

With the prepatch hitting us on 17h July I am holding off making any live changes. Seeing as I have just updated the Beta version to include all the new live fixes and features I will use that as the base for live when the patch hits. In the mean time if I do any work it will be on the Beta version so that I know I will have a BfA compatible version of nUI still. There is definitely a lot more work to do on nUI but at least it doesn't crash when you log in ( so far rofl ).
Due to the many addons I have that are connected to nUI I have done a test run of the latest bug fixed version ( not by the current developer ) and received 29 to 34 unique errors. Needless to say until they fix nUI ( my days of bug fixing it are over - it needs a full rewrite after all this time) the nUI specific addons cannot be tested let alone updated/fixed to work with the new expansion.

However, after a few months of seeing no response on the nUI pages on Curse Forge and the suggestion that I would be the best one to handle the task, so I did and finally got rid of the 30+ log in errors that were occuring on Battle for Azeroth Beta and the Rune Frame error that appeared on Live.

I have uploaded these here under the nUI+ and nUI Core categories. Please test them as I haven't thoroughly tested them beyond logging in and fighting.
My popular Long-Forgotten Hippogryph AddOn has had an update. Response here and elsewhere has been encouraging to say the least.

The very similar Netherwing Eggs AddOn has been totally rewritten with even more locations added!

Both of these AddOns are tailored specifically for the task at hand and consequently can't be beaten in terms of accuracy, thoroughness and features.

My X and Y AddOn has had a complete rewrite as well as adding colourised compass points and degree heading to its functionality.

Trainer is a new AddOn designed to place icons on the World Map and minimap to help you locate trainers in Vanilla and TBC. It aims to build upon the success of my LFH and NE AddOns, while providing a unique service for Vanilla and TBC players.

Finally, Let Minnow has been updated as part of my overhaul of my AddOns.
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