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Version: 2.0.1
by: Thelyna [More]

GridStatusBurn is for Brutallus in Sunwell Plateau. More precisely, it's aimed at healers in that fight (and to be even more precise, healers, using Grid, assigned to heal people through his Burn debuff).

What it does: Shows duration of Burn/Meteor Slash (only on people that are actively Burning though) on Grid frames. (If you don't have Grid or do Brutallus, this addon is useless for you)

When someone gets Burn, it shows text on their Grid frame like either: 40 or 2-20-40, depending on if they have Burn, or Meteor Slash + Burn respectively.

NEW in v2: You can also set it to show how big the next tick will be (doesn't account for warrior stances, elemental warding or other damage modifications though). However, this is probably too much text for the average Grid frame.

You can set it to count up (i.e. 1 is the first second of the burn debuff, 59 is the last) or vice versa - personally I find counting down to be more natural. For the example given above, if it was counting up, then that would mean the person had 20 seconds left on their two stacks of Slash and 20 seconds left on their Burn. If it was counting down, then that would mean they had 20 seconds left on their two Slashes and 40 seconds left on their Burn.

- Download and unzip to your Interface/Addons directory (refer to this if you're having trouble).
- Log into World of Warcraft. When you're at the character selection screen, open your Addons configuration (bottom left of the screen) and make sure GridStatusBurn is checked.
- Choose your character and log in, then in grid configuration (/grid config), make sure "Brutallus - Burn" is checked for Grid->Frame->Center Text.
Typed command for this is: /grid GridFrame text alert_burn - you should get back: Grid: Brutallus - Burn is now set to [On]

Make sure Grid->Status->Brutallus Burn has a higher priority than anything else that might be on CenterText. Unless you've heavily modified your Grid layout, Brutallus Burn should have a higher priority than Unit Name anyway (so if you don't know what this means don't worry about it). Also, set the other options as you wish (particularly the Count Down checkbox, and which items you want to see - the nextTick number was just for debugging use by me).

Also, if you're a small square Grid frame user you might have to make the individual frames larger to see all of the text (you'll need 2+3+3 = 8 characters to see the burn+slash+timer, add another 5 characters if you want to see the next-tick too).

To-Do list:
- Add a warning to a (configurable) channel if someone takes a late Slash (i.e. send the warning to your raid's healing chat channel, or maybe /raid itself so your other Burn healer can help out, and the person being Burned can take preventative steps when they start taking 5200 damage a second).

(DONE) Make colors more configurable (one for each step of Burn), and maybe an override colour if they have stacks of Slash. (Although I eventually decided just to do colours based on the amount of damage they're taking.)

Version History:
3rd Aug '08: Version 1, initial public release.

15th Aug '08: Version 2, now with somewhat configurable colors.

20th Aug '08: 2.0.1, now with actual Brutallus spell tracking instead of Lacerate and Demoralising Roar. Whoopsie.
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