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ShardGrid (Puzzle Game)

Version: 1.02
by: MoongazeMods [More]

A simple game that revolves around moving blocks of 'shards' around and lining them up, all vertically or all horizontally, to clear a stage and progress.

Just click a shard and drag it up, down, left or right one space. Simple as that. Continue till all shards are aligned, horizontally or vertically, by their color types. Once aligned, you will progress to the next round and obtain a score. The score of each round is the 'round loot' which is calculated as you play. Play as long as you want, and get the highest score you can (which will be saved).

Pretty much like all other mods. Just copy the contents of the zip file into your Interface/Addons directory. Should be good to go!

Slash Commands:

  • To play game, type: /sg
  • To hide game, type: /sg hide
  • To show game, type: /sg show
Project Background:
This game originally started off as a proof-of-concept for me, to see if I can build something into the World of Warcraft interface that ran like a mini game. I've seen only a small handful of games out there, and I want to add more to the community. I'm quite pleased with the result, which is why I'm releasing this current version. Plus, it's a great time waster while waiting for a group or raid to pick up...

Future Additions
Version 2.0 will be probably be entitled 'ShardGrid Plus' and will be started ... someday =) Concepts to be implimented into version 2.0 (and the betas leading up to it) are:
  • Sound effects (can be disabled)
  • Different winning conditions (instead of a line, maybe do squares)
  • Bonus rounds
  • Special tiles that have good OR bad effects
  • Localization (will need help with that)
  • Statistical Data (For those who want to beat their best stats)
Thanks for your time trying out this game! Feedback would be awesome! ^_^

Contact Information: MoongazeMods ... at gmail.com

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