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Invaders (Game: Space Invaders)

Version: 1.02
by: MoongazeMods [More]

An almost exact clone of the classic arcade version of Space Invaders. A simple shooting game where you move your ship to the left and right and shoot the marching invaders before they reach the bottom of the screen. For more points, a UFO will appear every 25 seconds that can net you an additional 50, 100, 150, or the rare 300 points!

The game relies on keyboard control. Pressing the left or right arrows will move your ship, and the space bar will fire. To have WOW regain keyboard control (for typing in chat or moving your character), you'll need to press the PAUSE button, minimize, or close the game. You only get three lives, so don't waste them! If the invaders make it to the bottom of the screen, the game will end, no matter how many lives you have left.

Pretty much like all other mods. Just copy the contents of the zip file into your Interface/Addons directory. Should be good to go!

Slash Commands:

  • To play game, type: /invaders
  • To show game, type: /invaders show
  • To hide game, type: /invaders hide
Extra Features:
  • Arcade Panel support!
  • Selectable art sets (Default, Old School, and Old School Hi-Res)
  • Manual Speed Adjustment (Normal, 2x, and 3x speeds, for those with slow frame rates or just really want to get beat down)
  • Auto Speed Adjustment (will ensure that the game runs the speed it needs to, even with bad frame rates)
  • Ability to Minimize and Maximize the game
  • Ability to turn on and off the chat messages on game start up
  • Ability to turn on and off the game tooltips
  • Resizable window (in Options menu)
  • Customizable border and background colors (in Options menu)
  • Score System (with the ability to save/reset your high scores)
Project Background:
This is the fifth game in my collection of games. Invaders was actually a suggestion by another user (ollebro), so I figured I would make the game for them. After doing some research on the original game (my god, I never knew all the little details this game had!), I decided that it was time to make this bad boy. After a couple weeks, and the loss of half my work in a freak computer accident, Invaders 1.0 was finished and ready for the public.

Future Additions
I plan to add the wonderful sound effects of Space Invaders into the game. The 'Heart Beat' is sorely missed. I'll also be adding a few new art sets, one based on the Alliance, and one based on the Horde. As always, any bugs found or WOW updates will create an updated version of 1.0, but that's about it.

Thanks for your time trying out this game. Please, any feedback would be helpful!

Contact Information: MoongazeMods ... at gmail.com

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