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Gems Plus (Puzzle Game)

Version: 1.01
by: MoongazeMods [More]

A gem dropping game with game types modeled from Sega's Columns and Everquest's Gems! A simple game that revolves around moving segments of blocks around and dropping them into the game grid, lining the colors up vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to clear a line.

When the game starts, you use the arrow keys (Left and Right) to move the falling blocks left and right. If a falling segment has more than one color, you can press the Up arrow key to cycle the colors. Pressing the Down arrow will drop the segment quickly.

Earning points comes from how many blocks you destroy per line segment cleared. If you happen to start a combo, the score for that section will be multiplied.

There are two input modes you may use:

-No keybindings (default)
-Using keybindings

If you go to the 'Menu->Options->Use Keybindings' area and turn it on, the game will use the four keys you assign in WOW's 'Keybinding Menu' near the bottom of the list.

If you chose to leave keybinding mode off, ALL input while the game is playing will be directed to GemsPlus, and you will not be able to chat or do anything else with the keyboard unless you minimize GemsPlus, close GemsPlus, or hit the Pause button.


Pretty much like all other mods. Just copy the contents of the zip file into your Interface/Addons directory. Should be good to go!

Slash Commands:

  • To play game, type: /gp
  • To hide game, type: /gp hide
  • To show game, type: /gp show
Project Background:
This is the seventh game in my collection of minigames for WOW. A lot of people have been talking about playing Gems, or wishing they could play Gems in WOW again, so I decided to remake the game. Granted, I never actually played Gems, so all the information I found on the internet about how the game played helped to create this version.

I've also been playing a cell phone game, 'Stack 'Um' by Namco for a while. It is pretty much a clone of Columns from Sega, and I also loved that game. So, I figured that I would dump that game type into Gems Plus as a bonus, that way people can have even more reasons to go AFK in-game ^_^

Future Additions
After a few more game projects are finished, I'll be returning to this game to add some features. These features might be:

- New art sets
- New game mode based on Q3's LUMINES game (*drool*)
- Special gems that have good OR bad effects

Thanks for your time trying out this game! Feedback would be awesome! ^_^

Contact Info: MoongazeMods @ gmail.com

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Is there any chance of getting an update for 3.2? I'm on old school EQ player from back in the day and would *love* to use this addon!
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