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Bust-a-Shard (Puzzle Game)

Version: 1.02
by: MoongazeMods [More]

A Bust-a-Move clone. This is a simple game where you shoot shards upwards toward a group of shards, in an attempt to bunch-up similar colored clusters of 3 or more shards and destroy them.

While left-clicking and holding the mouse button upon the shooting device, move your mouse left or right to aim. Right-click the shooting device to shoot the shard upward. When all the shards are removed, you will advance to the next round. If any shards happen to land under the 'danger' line, it's game over.

Pretty much like all other mods. Just copy the contents of the zip file into your Interface/Addons directory. Should be good to go!

Slash Commands:

  • To play game, type: /bas
  • To show game, type: /bas show
  • To hide game, type: /bas hide
Extra Features:
  • Standard mode (with 65 levels)
  • Challenge (non-stop) mode
  • Resizable window (in Options menu)
  • Customizable background color (in Options menu)
  • Score System (with ability to save/reset your high scores, with separate high scores for each game mode)
  • Variable shard shooting speeds (normal speed is good for fast framerates, but if your frame rate is low, or you just want faster shards in general, increase the speed in the Options menu)
  • Disable shard fading (for people who want a faster game)
  • Ability to Minimize and Maximize the game
  • Ability to turn on and off the chat messages on game start up
  • Ability to turn on and off the game tooltips
  • Arcade Panel support!
  • Keyboard OR mouse control to aim and shoot! (Using Keyboard Controls will prevent keyboard input for the rest of WOW. To restore keyboard input, just turn off the Keyboard Control OR minimize the game)
Project Background:
After finishing my first game mod, ShardGrid, I decided to push toward more animation and moving elements. Thus, Bust-a-Shard was created. This is a clone of the original Bust-a-Move game with pretty much all the game mechanics enabled.

Future Additions
Version 1.0 is live! Thanks to everyone who has helped test this game. I won't start working on version 2.0 for a while. Ideas that could be dropped into the 2.0 release so far:
  • 99 levels
  • Level Editor
  • Shard explosion animations
  • Shard falling animations (so they 'fall' when not touching anything)
  • Sound effects
  • Selection of shard skins (for customization's sake)
  • MAYBE ... multiplayer support ... *runs from the crowd*
Thanks for your time trying out this game. Please, any feedback would be helpful!

Contact Information: MoongazeMods ... at gmail.com

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