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Bombsweeper (Puzzle Game)

Version: 1.02
by: MoongazeMods [More]

A Mine Sweeper clone. If you're not familiar with the game, it's fairly simple: You have a grid of tiles that have hidden bombs. By left clicking on a tile, you will reveal the contents. If it's a bomb, game over. If not, you'll get a clue to how many bombs are around that square, if any. Once all bombs have been found and tagged, you win.

To reveal a square, simply left-click the square. If you want to mark the square as a bomb with a 'flag,', or as an 'unknown' (could be a bomb), just right-click *OR* hold shift and left-click the square. In order to win, you must successfully mark all squares that have bombs with the 'flag.' If you reveal a square that is a bomb, well ... you just blew up!

Pretty much like all other mods. Just copy the contents of the zip file into your Interface/Addons directory. Should be good to go!

Slash Commands:

  • To play game, type: /bs
  • To show game, type: /bs show
  • To hide game, type: /bs hide
Extra Features:
  • Customizable game settings. Choose from a 9x9 grid all the way to 30x24! Drop 10 bombs ... or go all the way with 667 (why you would do this, I have no clue). These are the original settings that you can use from the 'custom game' mode in the original Mine Sweeper. Obviously, you can only use as many bombs as a grid will allow, so a 9x9 grid will max out at 64 (8x8), 20x20 will max out at 361 (19x19).
  • Quick restart (when the game ends, just click the dead or happy smiley face that appears and a new game will start automatically. No need to goto the menu)
  • Ability to Minimize and Maximize the game
  • Ability to turn on and off game tooltips
  • Ability to turn on and off the chat messages on game start up
  • Arcade Panel support!
Customize the look of the game to match your interface's color scheme or whatever else you want! You get:
  • Three 'tilesets' or 'skins' to choose from (default, 'Gems,' and 'Old School aka 'original Minesweeper look')!
  • Four different bomb graphics to choose from
  • Resizable window
  • Customizable background color
  • Customizable border color
Project Background:
With two other games of mine out (ShardGrid and BustAShard, and if you haven't checked them out, I totally suggest doing so! =), I decided to add another simple game to the collection. I tried to make this as exact to the original version of Mine Sweeper, and feel that I pretty much nailed it. Once BustAShard is out of the testing phases, I will probably start working on a mini-game suite that has all these games, accessable via a simple in-game menu screen, with support for any other mini game I might find out there... who knows

Thanks for your time trying out this game. Please, any feedback would be helpful!

Contact Information: MoongazeMods ... at gmail.com

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Minesweep for WoW! Awsome!
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