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Version: 2.1.1
by: Astromech [More]

Attention to users of versions before 2.0:
Carousel 2.0 has a restructured database and will convert as many of your settings from previous versions as possible. Some settings cannot be carried over however. Backup your saved variables if you are concerned about losing settings.

General Description:
Carousel is a LibDataBroker display addon, inspired by displays like Fortress and StatBlockCore. However, Carousel compacts multiple plugins into single blocks, which can cycle through plugins as you wish.

Type /carousel or /car to open the load on demand options menu, where you can edit the look and feel of the display, as well as the place and order to show LDB feeds. If you are interested in customizing Carousel's font, see the CarouselFont addon in optional files at the top of this page.

New in 2.0:
You can now have multiple "Carousels" bound together into bars. These bar will automatically resize to their contents, and can be left, right, or center anchored.
Carousel will alert you *once* when it finds a new LDB feed or updates to a new version. You can disable this feature in the /carousel menu.

Note To LDB Feed Developers:
Carousel has had issues with LDB feeds which "grab" onto and modify the frame sent in the OnEnter and OnLeave functions (examples are Fubar2Broker addons using Tablet). This is because multiple feeds can share a frame. Carousel implements OnShow and OnHide callbacks so LDB feeds can release the frame when the user hides the display through cycling or disabling an LDB feed, allowing the frame to be reused by another LDB feed.

If a bar has a fixed width, the last Carousel on the bar will stretch across any leftover space.

Fixed a bug in the feed ordering GUI.
Added an option to drag bars.
Added an option to hide tooltips while in combat.
Added an option to set a fixed width for a bar.

Major rewrite of the code.
Database restructuring.
Made compatible with 3.0.
GUI restructuring. CarouselOptions is now a load on demand addon.
Added the ability to hide arrows.
Added the ability to create multiple Carousel display frames and link them together into bars.
Dragging frames disabled for now.
Implemented OnHide and OnShow callbacks for Tablet-like LDB feeds.
Ignores any LDB feed which is not a "data source" or "launcher" type.

Fixed default font.

Bump toc.
Remove 2.4 compatability.
Fix /carousel error.

Added mousewheel support for scrolling through plugins.
Fixed a bug with positioning the frame if it was scaled.
Began adding support for an external tooltip addon in the works.
Updated libs.

Added the ability for Carousel to resize to certain plugins.
Added the ability for Carousel to automatically show certain updated plugins.
Added support for LSM fonts through an optional addon.
Added the option to lock the Carousel frame.

Added more customization options to the frame and arrows.
Fixed various bugs with disabling plugins still on the cycle list.

Optimized various algorithms.
Added the ability to choose the order Carousel cycles through plugins.
Fixed a bug in the GUI.

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Personally, I'm not too much of a fan of the other LDB display addons floating around (although I have much respect for the authors and their hard work). The concept of this one, in my opinion, is simply incredible. I love it too much and I've only played around with it for about 30 minutes. There are just a few things I believe that could make it even more incredible:

- Font changing through SharedMedia
- Border resizing (too thick on it's current size)
- Option to set the spacing of the arrows to the current plugin's width (and set the spacing of the arrows if not set to the plugin's width)
- Automatically switching view to updated plugins is a wonderful idea. I am looking forward to it being implemented. However, as another feature request, please make it possible to exclude select plugins from this rule if it's enabled.

Other than that, I cannot think of anything else right now. In the time I was playing around with it I didn't receive any errors at all using Broker_Tracking/Mail/PvP/Clock/Durability. Thank you for this amazing display method for LDB .
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