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Version: 1.3.1
by: Recompense [More]

PieCast is a circle-based action bar - so it's more of an action pie. The spells default to circling your character but the layout can be customized in many ways. Items, spells, and macros can be placed on the pie, much like the default action bars. Up to 10 different pies can be saved and later loaded whenever you want.


Slash Commands:

"/piecast" toggles the minimap button, which by default is set to about 8:00 on the minimap. The minimap menu has all of the options for PieCast.
"/piecast reset" will reset PieCast's current configuration to the default starting configuration. It will still keep any saved pies you have created.


Minimap Commands:

"Show config menu" brings up the configuration bar, displayed in the second screenshot.
"Lock / unlock the pie spells" enables or disables the ability to add and remove spells to the pie buttons.
"Save this pie" asks you to name the pie, and saves the current location, layout, and spells of the pie under that name. You cannot save a pie with the same name as an already existing pie.

If you have any saved pies, they will appear at the bottom of the menu. "Load this pie" changes the current configuration to match the saved pie -- you will lose the current configuration unless you save it first! "Save to this pie" saves the current configuration to the selected pie, overwriting whatever was there earlier. "Rename this pie" lets you rename the pie. "Delete this pie" lets you remove a saved pie from memory.


Configuration bar:

The sliders determine the layout of the pie.

"Diameter of the pie" - controls how far away the spells are from the center of the pie.
"Number of spells" - adds or removes spell slots to the pie, for a maximum of 12.
"Rotation" - spins the pie counter-clockwise.
"Compactness" - slides the spells closer together.
"Size of the buttons" - makes the buttons larger or smaller.
"Show?" - if this is checked, the buttons will be visible. Off by default.
"Drag?" - when this is checked, the configuration bar will temporarily disappear and the PieCast pie will appear in the center of the pie. Drag this icon to move the pie and place it on your screen. When you release the mouse, the configuration window reappears.


The buttons should behave exactly as the action bar does, with a few minor exceptions. Any macros placed on the pie will be frozen with the icon they had when they were placed, even if the macro ordinarily changes icons. The macro will still work as usual, though.

Macros placed on the pie will update their cooldown based on the spell or item that was on cooldown when the macro was placed on the pie. If the macro is off cooldown when it is placed on the pie, it will track the cooldown of the first spell or item in the macro.

If you place a macro on the pie and then later adjust it in the "Create Macros" screen, the macro on the pie will update. However, for it to properly update, the macro needs to have a different name from all other macros.

Version 1.3.1:

- Fixed a bug that was throwing errors if you downloaded PieCast and had never used it before (whoops, sorry!)

Version 1.3:

- Macro and spell buttons now have range indicators similar to non-keybound default UI buttons.
- Buttons should now properly gray out if they are an item button whose last item has been used or destroyed, or if they are a spell button whose last reagent has been used.

Version 1.2:

- Added a lock / unlock option to the menu to prevent accidental dragging of spells off the bar.
- You may now have up to 15 spells in your pie.
- Some more cleaning of the code to prevent "leftover" effects when loading a saved pie.

Version 1.11:

- Fixed a bug that was causing buttons to not properly reset until the UI reloaded if you decreased the number of buttons in the current pie.

Version 1.1:

- Added "Save to this pie" to make it easier to update changes made to a saved configuration.
- Tweaked the code that draws the action buttons to get rid of "leftover" visual information from the current pie when you loaded a saved one.

Version 1.0:

- Initial release.
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