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Version: 0.11
by: Dhargo [More]

N52Bar V0.11 by Mairelon (AKA Dhargo)

8/23/2008 - updated for new beta build.

I play with an N52te, and I wanted a bar that was better fitted to that than the default bar. On live I play with a non-configurable custom bar using the state headers.

When I started beta I decided to recreate it using the new state handlers, give it a simple GUI to configure a few settings and post it on WOWI just in case it's useful to others and as a potential tutorial on writing bar mods in the new system.

Because of it's orientation around the N52 there are many non-configurable things about it:
1. It has 15 buttons in a 5x3 matrix - I use buttons 1-14 and the top thumb button on the pad for them. Because I use the D-Pad and button 15 for other functions, there are not buttons to bind them to.
2. It has 3 pages and 2 shift key-binds. Pressing the keybind to go to page 2 while on page 1 takes you to page 2, if you do it while on page 3 it takes you to page 1 first, then to page 3. The same is true in reverse the page 3 keybind. There is no page 1 keybind because you can always use the opposite page keybind to back to it from pages 2 and 3.
3. N52Bar automatically reverts to page 1 when you press a button or after a delay. These behaviors can be modified in the options panel - turning off auto return disables the automatic return on keypress. Setting the Page Return Delay to 0 turns off the auto return on delay.
4. N52Bar has a few other self-explanatory options - hit <escape>, go to Interface Options -> Addons -> N52Bar Options.

8/22/2008 - updated to reflect new functionality in the new build.
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