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Raid Progress Manager2

Version: 2.8
by: Kelem [More]

Table of Contents
1) What is RPM2
2) Why was RPM2 Created
3) How do you install RPM2
4) Who is involved in RPM2
5) Will you support any other games?
6) Do you support other languages?

1. What is RPM2?

RPM2 (short for Raid Progress Menu) is a plugin designed for World of Warcraft
guilds to display the progression status on their front page in a simple
and easy to use module.

2. Why was RPM2 created?

People wanted to know, in a quick and easy manner, what the progression of our
guild was. Usually by just looking at the front page and not digging around for
Many guild sites used things to track their progress, but it is usually embedded
in something such as eqDKP or an IFrame. This was also ugly or painful to update.

RPM2 allows the progress to be on the front page, where you want it and show the
information you want shown.

3. How do you install RPM2?

Same as any other e107 plugin.
Download the zip file, copy it to your server, extract it to your plugin
folder and install from the admin plugin manager package.
NOTE: using the built in upload/install function sometimes works and sometimes
does not, so I suggest unpacking the file on your computer, and then ftp them.

Make sure CXLib is installed as well, it is required for popups and mouse over
stuff to work.

4. Who is involved in RPM2?

Kelem Creator/Main Developer
Heavy/Mipp Author of WCM/AS/REM/CXLib, code assistance and clean up (no longer active for development, he's moved on to other projects)

5. Will you support any other games?

I have no idea. Right now, no. But I did make the module fairly easy to edit
and add your own entries for everything so in theory you can make it support
any game/style you want by making new entries in the database (plugin file).

6. Do you support other languages?

Not yet, if you want to translate it, by all means let me know

Author Information:
Kelem ([email protected])

Kelem - 80 Balance Druid, Quel\'dorei Horde
Kelemvor - 70 Resto Druid, Quel\'dorei Horde

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Unread 08-22-08, 02:33 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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I'll be adding the WotLK items in as they become available, as will Heavy on the other site projects
http://codexscape.com/ is the home page for all the projects currently in progress as well as where most of the help will be given and the newest updates/beta packages.
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Unread 11-13-08, 08:45 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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Re: Thoughts/ideas

RPM2 is in progress and hopefully I'll be finishing it up either this weekend or next week (depending on my work schedule).

New version will include a fully re-written plugin.

this includes a "much" easier way of managing the instances and status of each instance/boss as well as a new set of layouts for display.
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