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Updated: 08-21-08 06:39 AM
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Updated:08-21-08 06:39 AM


Version: 1.0
by: Tarrauko [More]

Bloomer is designed to create and maintain up to four macros for casting lifebloom. Currently, a caster needs to manually change the targets in their /macro window. Bloomer alleviates this by allowing command line style input for setting the targets of your lifebloom macros.

Bloomer supports between one and four targets and the first time the 'set' command is called, you will need free spaces in the class-specific section of your /macro book for each of the macros you want to create.

To set up to four targets in your lifebloom macros, use:
/bloomer set <target1> <target2> <target3> <target4>

To change the spell placed in the macro (Note: not fully supported as of yet) use:
/bloomer spell <spellname>

Common usages:
/bloomer set Tarrauko Bob Smith
/bloomer spell Rejuvenation

please note: Do not try this in combat, it won't work. It is a blizzard functionality limit.

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