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Version: 080903
by: villiv [More]

"I'm NOT any kind of coder" made. Treat it as is please.

Lunchtime - Simple two clocks with a tooltip for memory usage. No, it's not about your lunch but about your addon's appetite.

I was using modified LynStats for a while and loved it. But since I was using Lucidity too, the xp related part was not needed somehow. So I wrote this one.

It simply does follow things for my needs.
- I'm not in US, so I need to have two clocks as server and local time.
- Yes, my latency is bad and my PC is poor, so these clocks are colorized depend on latency (server time) and framerate (local time).
- My UF has not resting/combat icon yet, so let it have a symbol to show resting/combat.
- I don't know why but the symbol is colorized depend on durability.
- I like to see addon's memory usage in game, so a tooltip is added.
- I think it's unneeded, but it does collect garbage on a click. (out of combat)

Special thanks to Evl for EvlClock, eiszeit for LynStats, Ammo for TinyStats. If you don't like Lunchtime, try their nice addons. I know you'll like it.

And I don't think this is a some kind of "clone" but if you authors mind please let me know. I'll delete this for sure. =)

Any thoughts, reports and surely any helps are welcome. Please leave your comments.

Like these nice addons, Lunchtime has not any in-game config. Usually I don't have codes-for-config-only even in lua but as my style of showing respect, I added config part at the top of lua. I only checked the default config because of my laziness though.

080903 - Small fix about text positioning.

080823 - Initial.
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Unread 09-01-09, 05:29 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Thanks for your comments & sorry for delay. I'm not around here these days.

I think I got what you mean. It can be done with a Lib (or writing it from scratch) but since Bliz added the clock to Minimap, I personaly don't use this addon for now.
I may rewrite this for other things that I need to know ... please let me consider for a while.

Thank you.
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Unread 07-29-09, 03:20 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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very good addon,i like it
can see memory usage per every ui
to know what ui is "big" stomach
but i use many ui
so can not see every usage in monitor
would you mind consider to supprt scroll function
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