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Updated: 09-03-10 11:33 AM
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Version: 1.2
by: Arkadi [More]

Windchime is a bar mod for Shamans that displays your Windfury Weapon buff internal 3 second cooldown. It overlays the cooldown information of your Windfury procs on top of Stormstrike's cooldown so you can visually prioritize whether or not you want to hit Stormstrike right away or wait a touch to give yourself increased chance to proc Windfury when it's off cooldown.

Windchime was mostly written in response to Disqodice being not updated anymore and already I'm having trouble with some of Disqo's functionality. Rather than update that mod I started from scratch with just the functionality I found most useful for myself.

This is the first release of Windchime and as such it's still a work in progress for adding more options and visual candy. It's fully functional for the above functionality and I hope to add in game scalability and possibly recoloring in a future update. I also plan on adding a Windfury Totem bar with its refreshing of itself and the 9 second timer for its buff on other people to make totem twisting easier (atleast until WotLK anyways).

Type /windchime or /wc in game to move the bar, then type it again to lock the bar.

Update: Updated to just show your Windfury Cooldown. You can manually edit the lua file to get the Stormstrike cooldown back by deleting the comments around it's function. (Line 16 and 24)

-- 1.2 Updated for 3.3

-- 1.1 Fixed maintaining location on logout issue.

-- 1.0 Initial Release.
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Disable Stormstrike

I like the bar for the wf cooldown, but I think the stormstrike overlay is bulky. Would you mind adding a feature to remove it or explaining how I can edit the lua to do so?

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