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Broker ItemRack  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.9
by: Tristanian [More]

Minimalistic LDB plugin for Gello's ItemRack addon. Tested with both v2.23 and v2.243 (WoTLK).

The plugin provides two simple functions (so far).

a) Shows your currently equipped ItemRack set (or 'Custom Outfit' if your gear doesn't match a predefined set).

b) Allows you to switch between outfits, via a Left-Click ItemRack frame menu (you may change its orientation) and invokes the ItemRack configuration menu, via a simple Right-Click. You may enable/disable ItemRack events via Alt-Right Click.

Bear in mind that Broker_ItemRack does not provide it's own display, you will need a LDB-based display addon, such as Fortress, Carousel, StatBlockCore, Titan etc. This addon also requires ItemRack in order to do anything (it will warn you accordingly if it does not detect ItemRack).

1.9 [2009.06.05]
- Fixed an issue with the plugin icon not always updating properly when an outfit was changed.
- Updated .toc with proper tags for Minion support.
1.8b [2009.04.13]
- Updated .toc to 30100.
- AceLocale update.
- Fixed a few global references for code brevity.
1.8 [2009.02.03]
- Moved saved variables initialization from VARIABLES_LOADED to ADDON_LOADED event for reliability and performance purposes.
- Fixed a bug where the tooltip would not properly reflect the state of Itemrack events (enabled/disabled).
1.7 [2009.01.05]
- Implemented a workaround for displays using generic frame references. This should (hopefully) fix the issue with the ItemRack menu not appearing on CargoShip and DockingStation.
1.6 [2008.11.02]
- Removed the "hack" specific to ButtonBin that ensures the ItemRack set frame is properly shown, as it is no longer required with the new ButtonBin version. Special thanks to Neotron for implementing individual button frames.
1.5 [2008.10.16]
- Implemented proper setting of ItemRack events, across characters.
1.4 [2008.10.14]
- Specified the DO type as "data source".
- Moved LibDataBroker-1.1 outside libs to properly support no-external version.
- Ace3 lib update.
- Implemented a feature to enable/disable ItemRack events via Alt-Right Click.
- .toc bump for WoW 3.0
1.3 [2008.09.22]
- The addon will now force a button update whenever you save/update an outfit, by post-hooking the relevant ItemRack_Options function.
1.2 [2008.09.02]
- Fixed an issue with ButtonBin not displaying the ItemRack frame properly.
1.1 [2008.09.01]
- Added an option to configure ItemRack frame orientation (Horizontal/Vertical).
- Fixed an error when the addon would attempt to show the ItemRack frame, using an invalid frame reference.
- Modified .toc so that ItemRack is now a ReqDep instead of an OptDep.
1.0 [2008.08.25]
- Initial release
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Originally posted by Tekkub
Sure, that would be an easy way out, I guess I didn't want to restrict people in such a "harsh way" for something so small, but what the heck, I'll do it on the next version, assuming I find something interested to add or update
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it will warn you accordingly if it does not detect ItemRack
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