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Light'n'Stylish Minimap  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.3.1
by: Fellrond [More]

- very low memory usage.
- stylish look (in my humble opinion )
- colored location bar with same look
- square mask
- zoom with mouse scroll
- smart coords module
- WotLK (3.0.x) ready
- /rl command for Reload UI
- border skin for buttons included
- clock with calendar button


Just unzip files in your own World of Warcraft folder ("D:\Games\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons" for example)

After this your's L'n'S_Minimap ready for work. For change anything, simply open LnS_Minimap.lua and feel free to configure, I leaved comments for most important strings

Current version: 1.3.1

Future ideas:
- please, leave comments and suggest somewhat if you want

Thanks to Don Kaban, my friend, who inspired me to write this

Project started.

Added smart coords.

Fixed issue with world map mods, like Cartograper. (thanks Rucka for report)

Added tranparency
3.0.x patch ready

Updated TOC to 30000
Clock bar with calendar implemented
Some cosmetic changes

Fixed errors
Added offset from borders, for moving all map at time (thanks Karail)
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Originally posted by fostic_popcorn
I really hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes, but I truly could not live without this addon (Yes, I am a little eccentric about my UI) and I thought, maybe, if other people still liked the look of LnS, I could try to keep a working version out there. I am not a programmer or an addon author; I'm not really good at coding. I just go around and mess with other people's code and tinker with it to suit my own customizations. If anyone, if even just one person, decides to use this version of LnS or is happy to see that the addon is usable, then that is all the reason I need to try and share this!

I just wanted to thank you for editing this addon! You did such a beautiful job on it, exactly what i was looking for (I may change the color to purple though :P). Thank you, thank you, thank you! You really did an awesome job ! I loved what you did with the calendar button and normalizing the time. Thank you for your post and making your version available to download, that was really kind of you.

Thanks again fostic popcorn!
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