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Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
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Cork  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

by: Tekkub [More]

Cork is a reminder addon, aimed primarily at buffs. Cork was inspired long ago by NeedyList, and has been Alpha quality for years. Wrath introduces new buff query APIs that let me finally make Cork as small as I'd prefer, so I'm finally pushing out a beta-quality version.

Cork provides, at it's heart, one-click buff casting. Some non-buff reminders are included as well:

  • Reminders for self-only buffs, auras and shapeshifts
  • Reminders for raid-group buffs (ones that cast on multiple targets)
  • Reminders for warrior shouts only shown in combat
  • Priest Fear Ward (shows whenever fear ward is not on cooldown, must be manually enabled when needed)
  • Shaman Earth Shield (tracks the last group member cast on, so you must cast manually the first time)
  • Warlock demons
  • Warlock Soul Link
  • Low durability warnings when resting (in town)
  • Clam shucker
  • Minimap tracking
  • Keybinding (thanks cladhaire)
  • Macro-generating button
One-click? How?
Simple! Make a macro: /click CorkFrame. You might wish to add a /cast [combat] Some Spell at the start as well.

You can also use the keybinding in the default k2eybind UI.

Be warned, Cork will only cast out of combat. If you want to apply buffs in combat, you'll have to do it manually.

Visit my site for more great addons.
Please send all bugs, feature requests and questions to [email protected]
Add follower equipment tokens to openables
Add garrison mine buff items
Add fishing hat module
Add fishing lures module
Make self buffer check cooldown when needed
Add salvage items (thanks Daniel Pittman and Kevin Ballard)
Add missing "Nagrand Arrowbloom Petal" to combine (thanks Daniel Pittman)
Handle nil results from GetItemInfo for openables (thanks Kevin Ballard))
Add some Pandaria plant parts to the Combine module (thanks Adirelle)
Add Small Ethereal Shard to the combine module (thanks Adirelle)
Add WoD combinable items (thanks Daniel Pittman)
Account for actual start and end time of darkmoon
Fix clam opening
Fix warlock pet mount detection
6.0 fixes (thanks @hughescr for Soul Link fix)
Fix tooltip scanning on initial login
Something on wod broke the empty tip
Simplify down the item scanner
Implement tooltip scanning based item opener (Thanks Daniel Pittman)
Better handling of maxlevel in darkmoon module
Don't warn about darkmoon if player has the hat buff
Config refresh on spec change, thanks @Adirelle
Add some tabs to the config panel
Update the configuration panel when switching spec.
Properly update checkboxes when showing the config panel.
Have the db values match the state of the checkboxes.
Allow poison application while stealthed
Avoid errors when item names are unknown (thanks Kevin Ballard)
Combine Sparkling Shards to make Serpent's Eye (thanks Craig R. Hughes)
Display party member buffs like raid member buffs (thanks Kevin Ballard)
Dark intent now overwrites Fort... bastards
Fix Priest Fort buffer (thanks Kevin Ballard)
Combine motes into spirits of harmony (thanks Craig R. Hughes)
Eggs are openable too!
Fix macro generation for Paladins (thanks Kevin Ballard)
Don't show mage gem when resting
Ice barrier!
Display corks in the same order they're fired (thanks @eridius)
Use consistant sorting, for @eridius
Use more refined sorting priorities
Sort the foods in the wellfed (by ID), again for @eridius
Filter out party units while in raids (thanks @eridius)
Don't show pets for raid buffs (thanks @eridius)
Kill the last bits of pet buffing, that's long dead
Fix inbg bug
Add a new lance
Helps to use the right thing to check for ingroupedness
Add Druid Symbiosis
Only warn about rogue poisons if a 1H weapon is equipped
Add Bag of Shiny Things to openables
Use SetTracking() to track things (Thanks eridius)
Fix the icon on the generated macro (Thanks eridius)
Stop using #showtooltip just for icon purposes (Thanks eridius)
Fix Soulstone (the spell works a bit differently now)
Restrict sybiosis and beacon of light to groups only
Make "last buffed" reminders work when the spell hasn't been cast yet
Add frost mage water elem module
Warn about tele cloaks
EXP buff reminders ignore resting state
Darkmoon EXP ignores resting
Drums are overwritten by almighty monk buff (Thanks ckaotik)
Forgot to exclude the new flask buffs
Hide tooltip during pet battles
Add darkmoon exp buff
Add minipet summoning module
Remove 8th anniversary buff item
Remove an old hunter aspect
Add anniversary exp buff item
Add new fortitude runescroll
Fix error with openable items
Added bloated skinning items to open
Fix a bug with the new wellfed config
Add monk exp booster buff
Don't prompt for guild battle standard when it's on CD
Add guild battle standard module
Add basic stance support for Monks (thanks jf647)
Add Legacy of the Emperor support for Monks
Add Legacy of the White Tiger
Rework mark logic for monks' buff
Update pally blessings for pandas
Fix error caused by monks
Fix alchy flask
Better config panel for well fed
New fishing boxes (thanks hughescr)
5.0 updates, may not be complete (thanks hughescr and jf647)
"Well fed"
Add support for DK presences (thanks jf647)
Don't let alchy endless flask override normal flasks
D'oh, fort spellID changed
Safeguard against using a buff item if no unit is in need
Remove group threshold setting, buff items only cast if all needy units in range
Crazy attempt to make blessings report back the spell it would cast
If a single unit is in need, don't display the raid-need line
Pally blessings need to condense down in raid
Remove raid type config, now dynamically adjusts to instance size
Remove tooltip limit, hardcode at 10 lines
Rejigger config panel for 4.2
Don't do fancy shit for flask of enh... it doesn't work on initial login
Don't bitch at druids to cast mark on units that have both pally blessings
Ignore player for dark intent module
Add warlock dark intent module
Fix quest item cork not going away if item is dropped
Add alchemist Flask of Enhancement
New fort scroll at 85
Update that ancient readme
Pet happenis is no more
Add Beacon of Light
Don't bug about druid swift flight either
Bleepin bloop
Add Poison support for Rogue Thrown weapons (thanks winks)
Generalize rogue poisons into a template
Make shaman enchants work with new template too
All those poisons are gone now
Don't try to temp-chant lances and other "misc" weapons
And another openable box thing
Add new cat mats to combine module
Item cache failsafe kinda fixes #54 until Blizzy gives us an event that works
Attempt to blacklist boss units, I think, i can't test this shit
What me break the crusader aura module? nevar!
Fix up pet happiness module for new UNIT_POWER events
I never had this error, but whatever, if it shuts the bitches up
Add archaeology module
Add quest starting items module
Change Inner Fire to an advanced self buffer for Inner Fire or Inner Will (thanks James FitzGibbon)
New clam!
No point in using pet names in the soul link module
Soul shards are lower priority than summon pet
Soulshards can bitch even when we're in town
Use soulburn when summoning warlock demons
Don't harass players to be well fed until, oh, lets say level 10
Don't bug warlocks to make a healthstone if they can't
Seems that poison was removed
Item cache is gone, use the spell name instead of the item name for buffing items
4 loops r hard
That might be nil, fuh!
New and updated modules for 4.0
There are NINE glyphs
Enable disabled hovering on spell buttons in config
Don't harass people to get artisan or master riding
Ignore azeroth flying on live, for now
Tweak the pvp zone detection
Add in-town buff debuggery
Can't buff pets in 4.0 it seems
New unlearned spells module, only works in Cat
Pally buffs are a bit different in cat
Fix up macro generator for cat
Fix up raid buffer for cat
Talents API changed a bit in cat
Druid forms changed a tad in cat
Downranked spells module (wrath only)
Fall back to single-target spells when out of reagents
Mage mana gem module (thanks fryguy)
Make int module ignore resting
Don't bother solo players with buff items
Thanks Adirelle and PProvost for new good bits!
Fixed Abominable Might spell id.
Don't cork soulstone if player has buff
Always show repair warning if any equipped item is below 15% durability
Don't cork disconnected or non-visible characters
Don't buff raid items if player doesn't have item in bag
Added Rogue poisons
Make warrior battle shout module suck less
Add warlock healthstone module
Add fished crates
Add fishing pole and lance module
Disable when vehicle UI is active
Disable the macro as well, don't just hide the toolip
Add more useful tooltips to config
Fix shaman offhands that are offhand *only*
Force WellFed to the lowest priority when corking (so that we recover mana from our casts)
New clam
Vampiric Embrace is a buff now
Use new embed texture coords to crop off those goddamn borders on icons
Add soulstone module
Add glyph module
Add exclusions to self buffer... fix hunter trueshot (doesn't stack with unleashed rage or abom might)
Horn of Winter and Strength of Earth dun stack
Added "Combine" module, that combines small items into larger ones, e.g. 10 crystallized waters into eternal water. (Thanks Adirelle)
RaidBuff now ignores dead units and units in vehicle. (Thanks Adirelle)
Update "show in battleground" checkbox on config show. (Thanks Adirelle)
Embed update
Add new raid buffing items
Make macro editboxes also accept drag
Default blank macro would be a good thing.
UnitAura doesn't do isMine anymore
Rejigger druid bear list to avoid forgetting settings on low-level toons
Make "last buffed" templates hide when resting
And we have shaman weapon buffs!
Warlock temp enchant (spellstone) module
Fixed range check issues (Fucking eh, Blizzy, 0 IS NOT FALSE IN LUA)
Make druid shapeshift module only cast if no other needs are up
Hide tooltip when on a taxi (thanks PProvost)
Fixed Warlock pets (thanks PProvost)
Unspent talent points module (thanks Iain Broadfoot)
Fix tooltip not hiding when entering WG
Make buffer modules hide when in town (resting)
Ignore arena unitids
Fix macro blocking if well fed macro is nil (not blank)
Add more mini-config rows when possible
Add all-might/wis and all-kings buttons to pally blessing config
Add talent "profiles", per-char settings automatically Swap for the current talent set
Fix for UnitAura changes in 3.1
Adjust hunter viper slider min/max on value change to ensure low never goes above high
Fix secondary module config frames disappearing after first use
Add scrollbar to module config group
Add option to hide tooltip in battlegrounds
Clarify a tooltip just a smidge
Make sure all the modules are shown on the config pane
When in a raid, condese multi-target spells down into a single line
Add Well Fed module, cause I suck at keeping that buff up (I have year old buff food in my bag)
Add Vigilance to warrior modules
Add mage focus magic
Add amp/damp magic modules for mages, default them to disabled
Fix mage Int module for players without dalaran int
Merge fear ward and earth shield modules into an abstract template, add druid thorns to new system
Make crusader aura module only watch auras cast by the player
Move pally seals to normal buffs
Add raid mode setting for raid buffing classes
* 10-man will only watch groups 1 and 2 for needed buffs
* 25-man will watch groups 1-5
* 40-man will watch all groups
Smarter mage int module (Will cast Dalaran Int and ignore non-mana classes)
Don't show target and focus if they're the same unit
Update after the anchor is reset to position the tip correctly
Add anchor reset button
Make crusader module properly update when aura module's config changes
Extend the config list checkbox hit rects
Make self-buff modules show spell name instead of unit name
Pally crusader aura module
Warlock soul link fixes
Fix anchor saving on drag stop
Vehicles are NEVER happy...
Remove locale-specific bits from pet happy module
Add a NR clam
"Feed Pet Effect" was renamed "Feed Pet"... bastards
Add aspect of the dragonhawk
Tweak tooltip strata a smidge
Hunter Viper module (thanks adirelle)
Don't track Earth Shield when solo
Greater wisdom and greater kings got swapped?
Allow bags to be opened when hunter pet module config is visible
Don't check if pally blessings are mine if target is out of range
Remove 2.4.3 compat
Remove Omen of Clarity, is now passive
Make raid buffer fall back to the single-target spell when checking range, since raid-wide spell range checking is currently broken
Update for wrath build 8962 config panel breakage
Embed update
Fix raid buffer not actually checking if people in the group need a buff
Fix hunter pet feeder nil error on first use
Prevent corking when stealthed
Add dynamic mousewheel binding (Thanks Adirelle)
Add priest fear ward module
Add shaman earth shield module, tracks the last group member you cast on
Make tooltip limit slider refresh the tooltip when changed
Add about panel
TOC metadata
Embed update
Add compatibility layer for live. Not super efficient, but it seems to get the jorb done
Fix raid buffer not checking focus and target on full scan
Delay spell checking till PLAYER_LOGIN
Prefer buffing the player first, players second, pets last
Pally seal was missing Seal of Wisdom

New Modules
* Clam shucker
* DK Horn of Winter
* DK Path of Frost
* Hunter pet happiness
* Repairs
* Tracking (Only spells, not "helpers")
* Warlock demons
* Warlock soul link

Config Enhancements
* Added keybinding (thanks clad)
* Add option to limit the tooltip lines (thanks clad)
* Add group threshold config
* Make cast on pets option char-wide instead of per-module
* Add macro generator
* Add pretty group box for modules
* Add module toggles to base config page
* Removed config panels for simple self buffs (only had "enable" toggle)
* Removed config for raid buffs (all options in the base panel now)
* Move advanced self buffer config into base config page
* Strip off the borders from icons
* Add solo/party/bg options to pally blessing module
Initial redesign for Wrath
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A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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@ VagrantEsha

It's called BindPad. There is a live and beta version right here on WowInterface.
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Unread 08-27-08, 05:21 AM  
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Originally posted by Tekkub
@VagrantEsha Kennel, no.

Hm, I suppose it's time to create a mod where one can bind mousewheely goodness to macros, so that won't have to go into Cork and it could be its completely own entity without having to taint Cork, but I could use Cork and it together for great justice.

I have no idea where to begin, of course. But I shall succeed! Well, unless all that secure UI stuff doesn't want me to, in which case I'd be screwed.
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Unread 08-26-08, 12:09 PM  
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@VagrantEsha Kennel, no.
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Unread 08-26-08, 10:24 AM  

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Finally /hail tekkub

[edit] How do I buff the normal blessing instead of raid blessing?
Last edited by : 08-26-08 at 11:08 AM.
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Unread 08-26-08, 10:18 AM  
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/me huggles Tekkub
"You'd be surprised how many people violate this simple principle every day of their lives and try to fit square pegs into round holes, ignoring the clear reality that Things Are As They Are." -Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

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I have two inevitable questions for you, tek! One you're going to hate me for and one you're probably already wondering if anyone will ask.

The latter:

I take it that Cork will soon support pets similar to the way CorkFu did? It was always fun getting my pets and buffs handled by the same mod. There's always MiniPet though if you don't, so that's okay. I'm probably the only player who has a pet out all the time anyway (or at least one of a small caste of people who'll likely soon take over the World... (of Warcraft) and hail in our mini-Masters).

The former (which you're going to hate me for):

Will Cork ever support the Super-Ultra-Lazy-and-Terminally-Yobbish mousewheel support? I've picked up an addiction for getting buffs via scrolling my mouse. Damn you, ZOMGbuffs!
Last edited by VagrantEsha : 08-26-08 at 06:12 AM.
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