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The Adventure Continues (6.1)
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Version: Hydrogen-12.1
by: Maul, Jrosk, SLOKnightfall


A macro-based action bar addon. It can stand on its own or supplement any other action bar addon or even the default Blizzard UI.

"Feel the power of the macro side..."
A WoW 5.x Mists of Pandaria addon.

Official Thread - Visit this thread for more information on Ion!

FAQ - The official FAQ for Ion!

Bug Reports - Report bugs here

Feature Requests - Request features here

Comments - If you wish to post a comment, you may do so here.

Be sure to check out the Optional Ion Addons to give you additional control
over UI elements other than buttons using the Ion UI configuration framework.


Features -

  • An unlimited number of macros, create as many bars/buttons as you want/need per character!
  • Are you a keybinder extreme? Use the button storage area for all your macros/keybinds! No buttons on screen needed!
  • Are you a clicker extrodanaire? As many buttons on the screen you want where you want, when you want!
  • Macros the size of Texas! Up to 1024 characters in length!
  • Maul's unique mouseover key-binding system - where the mouseover binding system was born!
  • Many other of the favorite desired bar addon features and then some!
  • MASQUE support!
  • Every button in Ion is a macro button by default and in many ways they behave like normal action buttons. Buttons can also be set to be "action" or "pet" buttons.

Commands - Type /ion alone to display a list of available commands, which are:
  • menu: Toggle the main menu
  • storage: Open the button storage area
  • create: Create a blank bar
  • delete: Delete the currently selected bar
  • config: Toggle configuration mode for all bars
  • add: Adds buttons to the currently selected bar (add or add #)
  • remove: Removes buttons from the currently selected bar (remove or remove #)
  • edit: Toggle edit mode for all buttons
  • bind: Toggle binding mode for all buttons
  • scale: Scale a bar to the desired size.
  • snapto: Toggle SnapTo for current bar
  • autohide: Toggle AutoHide for current bar
  • shape: Change current bar's shape
  • name: Change current bar's name
  • strata: Change current bar's frame strata
  • alpha: Change current bar's alpha (transparency)
  • alphaup: Set current bar's conditions to 'alpha up'
  • arcstart: Set current bar's starting arc location (in degrees)
  • arclen: Set current bar's arc length (in degrees)
  • columns: Set the number of columns for the current bar
  • padh: Set current bar's horizontal padding
  • padv: Set current bar's vertical padding
  • padhv: Adjust both horizontal and vertical padding of the current bar incrementally
  • showgrid: Toggle the current bar's showgrid flag
  • x: Change current bar's horizontal axis position
  • y: Change current bar's vertical axis position
  • state: Toggle states for the current bar (/mac state <state>). Type /mac statelist for vaild states
  • statelist: Print a list of valid states
  • load: Load a profile
  • lock: Lock buttons

Just remember:"With great flexibility comes great configuration..."- Maul

Trinity/Trinity Bars Note: Read: Of mages, multiboxing and macros...mmm?

Hydrogen 12
-Update ToC to WoW 6.1
-Fix for PetJournal being renamed

Hydrogen 12
-More fixes for ability cooldowns & procs
-Fix for Fairy Swarm tallent
-Fixes for Draenor Garrison ability button cooldown and range
-Fix for shadow dance triggering a stance bar change
-Nephyrin's Dualspec bar fix
-Misc bug fixes

Hydrogen 11
-Added items to the Ion Menu
-Fixed macro generation and cooldowns for most spells
-Added profile system

Hydrogen-10.3 Beta
-Reverted spell name change and added different work around for hunter call pet macros

Hydrogen-10.2 Beta
-Fixed TOC so bar position are global again. 10.1 accidentally contained a version that had the settings stored per character

Hydrogen-10.1 Beta
-Included SLOKnightfall's WoD updates
-Fixed mount macro's
-Fixed random mount macro
-Changed which spell name is used in the generated macro to fix issue with hunter pets summon macros not being correct.
-Created a list of spells that will ignore subtext in the spells. Mainly for hunter traps that were getting Trap Launcher added to the macro and not working.

Hydrogen-10 Beta
-Updating to Warlords of Draenor Expansion patch

Hydrogen-9 Beta
- Debug spam fix

Hydrogen-8 Beta
- Minor update to fix smaller issues

Hydrogen-7 Beta
- Updated for patch 5.4.1

Hydrogen-6 Beta
- Updated for patch 5.3

- Spell Count bug fix (i.e. Death Knight's Scent of Blood count update)
- Spell Charges fix properly implemented

- Forum version, include most hotfixes appearing on the forum (flyx, Nephyrin, chinoloco,kouik)
- should now display the appropriate tooltip in all cases.
- GetSpellCount replaced by GetSpellCharges (roll charges issues)
- spells with distinct subtypes between specs should be shown as useable in all cases.
- spell cooldowns should update (trash, symbiosis, disconnect/reconnect after a spec change should not show questionmark anymore)
- flyout should show the proper spell


Hydrogen-2 Beta
- Updated for patch 5.1
- Fixed texture issue
- Dual spec toggle should work now
- Fixed extra bar action ID
- Other minor changes
- Sorry folks, that is all :(

Hydrogen-2 Beta
-Now scans profession spells
-Tentatively enabling/disabling of the Blizzard Main Bar should work
-Blizzard ExtraAction button should now only show if the Blizzard Bar is used
-Moved localization to one file

Hydrogen-1 Beta
- beta release for patch 5.0.4
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Unread 10-16-08, 09:37 PM  
No Life!
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Originally posted by Morgalm
Didnt read through whole thread but are states working? Seems to me combat state is exact opposite of desired behavior. When I go in combat it disappears and reappears out of combat.
If "combat" is the only state checked, your bar has the following pages in this order:

1. "not in combat"
2. "in combat"

If you added buttons to state 1 (not in combat) but not to state 2 (in combat) then it will indeed look like your bar disappears when you enter combat. To fix this, enter bar-editing mode and left-click the bar to cycle between states. They're probably labeled "Normal" and "Combat". Once it's showing the combat state, add some buttons. If you then exit edit mode, the bar will remain in the combat state for you to configure further, until you manually change its state, or enter combat, or reload/relog.
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Unread 10-16-08, 09:35 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Hello Maul (and sorry for my english )

Thanks for your "work" with Macaroon !

+1 cypsyan for right click to selfcast

I've another question : is it possible to configure the display of the objetcs number ?
My scale is 0.9 and it's not very legible (hum, "lisible" in french), the white is too discreet (hum ... google trad seems strange )

Anywow, Macaroon (+ Macaroon extra and button facade) works very fine on my french "program"
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Unread 10-16-08, 09:14 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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in the main menu there is no way to make a self cast on right click on the spell icon(maybe im noob enough and didnt see it) but if it doesnt exist it would be great to hav this option

thx and keep the good work
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Unread 10-16-08, 08:24 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Didnt read through whole thread but are states working? Seems to me combat state is exact opposite of desired behavior. When I go in combat it disappears and reappears out of combat.
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Unread 10-16-08, 08:14 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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question about stealth + paged bars

I'm having this problem with my my main bar. It has 2 pages of buttons and a set of stealth buttons. When I swap into stealth, its happy, I get the right buttons. But when I unstealth, I get no buttons. It thinks they are there because the bars don't try to auto align and in config mode the bar reads "Bar 1 - Page 1", but there are no buttons. If I page up then back down, I get my normal unstealthed buttons.

Also in stealth, if I page down, I get my second page of unstealthed buttons, but when I page back up, I expected my stealth buttons but get my unstealthed first page. I'm not sure how this was intended to function (set of pages for both in stealth and outside stealth?)

I'm not sure if it's a bug or I'm just doing it wrong. What I want is to be able to swap down to a second page of buttons when unstealthed with openers for when I activate shadow dance.

I can't really say if this worked in trinity or not because I never tried it.
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Unread 10-16-08, 06:36 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Took me a bit to get used to the new trinity, but it don't mind to much now that its set up. Just a small bug report, i have a lot of my bars as control bars, meaning they swap pages when i press control. I leave my buffs and rarely used spells on them to save space, but with Mac whenever i press control i cannot drag ability like i could normally, its like the bars are not there. This being said, when i type /mac config and press control they are there and change when i press control, only i cant drag ability's onto em when it IS in config mode.

Secondly, is there a option to disable how the menu zooms in and out when you right/left click it? I edit mod settings and used Trinity for years and having to wait for the menu to zoom out to me is getting irritating = /

Anyhow, thanks for your Work Maul, its nice to have a familiar addon fixed so quickly for a new patch!
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Unread 10-16-08, 06:13 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Originally posted by Maul

@tarloch - nope...screenshot maybe? You can email it to me if you can't find a place to host it
i would Maul but i have 2 characters set up now and the number of an item i have in my bag isnt showing on the buttons any of them now..

the bags also keep moving themselves to the centre of the screen when i logon

guess i just wait till another release as i can handle these minor issues no probs , i let u deal with more important issues

thanks again
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Unread 10-16-08, 05:45 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Button Facade

@Invertigo: I'm not sure about FuBar, but CyCircled is no more. It has been replaced by Button Facade (it's on Curse) which essentially does the same thing.

My own question concerns Macaroon and Button Facade. I have both installed, but when I open Button Facade and set a skin (Apathy) nothing happens. Am I missing something? Is there something else you have to do to make the buttons change besides just click on Apathy?

By the way, been using your Trinity addons and now Macaroon since they first came out. Macaroon has been a breeze to mess around with so far, and though I haven't done much yet, it's worked perfectly. Amazing addons, thank you for all your hard work.
Last edited by Sathrah : 10-16-08 at 05:46 PM.
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Unread 10-16-08, 05:35 PM  
A Defias Bandit
Invertigo's Avatar

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Will there be any support for CyCircled and FuBar?

Also, is there a way to hide the minimap button yet? Maybe I just overlooked the option somewhere.

Thanks again, Macaroon was a piece of cake to set up and I've yet to run into any problems on live so far.

Once you go gnome, you never go home...
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Unread 10-16-08, 05:27 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Strange bug.

I have set up my pet bar as it should bee, assigned the pet attack to the lettter Q, everything works correct exept when there is 2 targets.

Lets say i have a yellow target and a red target, its the yellow i want to kill, i then target the yellow one, when i then press my Hotkey for attack the pet do not attack the actualy yellow target, but it then instead switch over and start attacking the red target, the whole selection of target switch to the red as i press the Q key.

Not 100% sure its your addone, but what else can it bee, i only as said press the letter Q.
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Unread 10-16-08, 04:58 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Originally posted by Phanx
The big thing about InfiniBar, that I haven't found any other addon that can do, is the ability to freely define an arbitrary number of custom states using macro conditionals.
I think I was already noted earlier, but this is why I loved InfiniBar as well. My state combination would be:
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Unread 10-16-08, 04:48 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
Lichbane's Avatar

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Any chance of more than 10 "pet ID" buttons? The new pets have more than 4 triggerable abilities, depending on what talents you've picked for your pet.

EDIT: NM ... I realised I can set aggressive/defensive/passive and attack/follow/stay on macros and that frees up 6 more pet buttons. More than enough!
Last edited by Lichbane : 10-16-08 at 04:50 PM.
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Unread 10-16-08, 04:47 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Exclamation Macaroon Extra, XP bar?

So, I loved Trinity Bars, so naturally I'm migrating over to Macaroon (and loving the ButtonFacade - Trinity Round skin!) but something is confusing me.

I installed Macaroon Xtras so I could get the XP bar. When I used Trin 2.0, I'd make the XP bar really skinny and long, going across the whole of my screen. I'm not sure how to do this in Macaroon.

All I see is 'Scale' and that makes the whole thing taller/fatter as well as longer.

Am I stuck?

Last edited by HashBrownJM : 10-16-08 at 09:32 PM.
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Unread 10-16-08, 04:31 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Macaroon extra? perhaps

First of all, I've been using Trinity since it came out and have moved over to Macaroon now as well. Maul... nothing but respect and admiration for you, this is one bang up mod you have here and it keeps getting better.

I have one issue, of course it's not an issue with the current mod as it stands. I use to use a mod called MoveableBags, pre TBC. It was patched, more of a bandaide, to work with TBC and life continued to be grand. However I have come to realise exactly how much I missed moving my bags where ever I wanted them since the new patch came out. I've tried other "bag" mods only to discover that none of them actually "did" what I wanted, which was to enable me to move my bags, and bank bags, anywhere I pleased.

I noticed in Macaroon that you have added the fuction to allow us to "offset" our main bags. Great and I appreaciate the effort there as well. However are there any considerations for enabling us to move the bags at will? Would it entail alot of work? The actual movablebags mod was in itself quite small. I would assume that much of the code may already be in place.

Anways... thanks for yet another great mod and I look forward to the next changes that you implement.
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Unread 10-16-08, 04:08 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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To creat an action bar click on the addon button around the map on "creat" bar" and then add the amount of slots you want it to have by right clicking on the action bar and selecting "amount ..." (bottom of the list). I hope that will help you.
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