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The Adventure Continues (6.1)
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Version: Hydrogen-12.1
by: Maul, Jrosk, SLOKnightfall


A macro-based action bar addon. It can stand on its own or supplement any other action bar addon or even the default Blizzard UI.

"Feel the power of the macro side..."
A WoW 5.x Mists of Pandaria addon.

Official Thread - Visit this thread for more information on Ion!

FAQ - The official FAQ for Ion!

Bug Reports - Report bugs here

Feature Requests - Request features here

Comments - If you wish to post a comment, you may do so here.

Be sure to check out the Optional Ion Addons to give you additional control
over UI elements other than buttons using the Ion UI configuration framework.


Features -

  • An unlimited number of macros, create as many bars/buttons as you want/need per character!
  • Are you a keybinder extreme? Use the button storage area for all your macros/keybinds! No buttons on screen needed!
  • Are you a clicker extrodanaire? As many buttons on the screen you want where you want, when you want!
  • Macros the size of Texas! Up to 1024 characters in length!
  • Maul's unique mouseover key-binding system - where the mouseover binding system was born!
  • Many other of the favorite desired bar addon features and then some!
  • Button Facade support!
  • Every button in Ion is a macro button by default and in many ways they behave like normal action buttons. Buttons can also be set to be "action" or "pet" buttons.

Commands - Type /ion alone to display a list of available commands, which are:
  • menu: Toggle the main menu
  • storage: Open the button storage area
  • create: Create a blank bar
  • delete: Delete the currently selected bar
  • config: Toggle configuration mode for all bars
  • add: Adds buttons to the currently selected bar (add or add #)
  • remove: Removes buttons from the currently selected bar (remove or remove #)
  • edit: Toggle edit mode for all buttons
  • bind: Toggle binding mode for all buttons
  • scale: Scale a bar to the desired size.
  • snapto: Toggle SnapTo for current bar
  • autohide: Toggle AutoHide for current bar
  • shape: Change current bar's shape
  • name: Change current bar's name
  • strata: Change current bar's frame strata
  • alpha: Change current bar's alpha (transparency)
  • alphaup: Set current bar's conditions to 'alpha up'
  • arcstart: Set current bar's starting arc location (in degrees)
  • arclen: Set current bar's arc length (in degrees)
  • columns: Set the number of columns for the current bar
  • padh: Set current bar's horizontal padding
  • padv: Set current bar's vertical padding
  • padhv: Adjust both horizontal and vertical padding of the current bar incrementally
  • showgrid: Toggle the current bar's showgrid flag
  • x: Change current bar's horizontal axis position
  • y: Change current bar's vertical axis position
  • state: Toggle states for the current bar (/mac state <state>). Type /mac statelist for vaild states
  • statelist: Print a list of valid states
  • load: Load a profile
  • lock: Lock buttons

Just remember:"With great flexibility comes great configuration..."- Maul

Trinity/Trinity Bars Note: Read: Of mages, multiboxing and macros...mmm?

Hydrogen 12
-Update ToC to WoW 6.1
-Fix for PetJournal being renamed

Hydrogen 12
-More fixes for ability cooldowns & procs
-Fix for Fairy Swarm tallent
-Fixes for Draenor Garrison ability button cooldown and range
-Fix for shadow dance triggering a stance bar change
-Nephyrin's Dualspec bar fix
-Misc bug fixes

Hydrogen 11
-Added items to the Ion Menu
-Fixed macro generation and cooldowns for most spells
-Added profile system

Hydrogen-10.3 Beta
-Reverted spell name change and added different work around for hunter call pet macros

Hydrogen-10.2 Beta
-Fixed TOC so bar position are global again. 10.1 accidentally contained a version that had the settings stored per character

Hydrogen-10.1 Beta
-Included SLOKnightfall's WoD updates
-Fixed mount macro's
-Fixed random mount macro
-Changed which spell name is used in the generated macro to fix issue with hunter pets summon macros not being correct.
-Created a list of spells that will ignore subtext in the spells. Mainly for hunter traps that were getting Trap Launcher added to the macro and not working.

Hydrogen-10 Beta
-Updating to Warlords of Draenor Expansion patch

Hydrogen-9 Beta
- Debug spam fix

Hydrogen-8 Beta
- Minor update to fix smaller issues

Hydrogen-7 Beta
- Updated for patch 5.4.1

Hydrogen-6 Beta
- Updated for patch 5.3

- Spell Count bug fix (i.e. Death Knight's Scent of Blood count update)
- Spell Charges fix properly implemented

- Forum version, include most hotfixes appearing on the forum (flyx, Nephyrin, chinoloco,kouik)
- should now display the appropriate tooltip in all cases.
- GetSpellCount replaced by GetSpellCharges (roll charges issues)
- spells with distinct subtypes between specs should be shown as useable in all cases.
- spell cooldowns should update (trash, symbiosis, disconnect/reconnect after a spec change should not show questionmark anymore)
- flyout should show the proper spell


Hydrogen-2 Beta
- Updated for patch 5.1
- Fixed texture issue
- Dual spec toggle should work now
- Fixed extra bar action ID
- Other minor changes
- Sorry folks, that is all :(

Hydrogen-2 Beta
-Now scans profession spells
-Tentatively enabling/disabling of the Blizzard Main Bar should work
-Blizzard ExtraAction button should now only show if the Blizzard Bar is used
-Moved localization to one file

Hydrogen-1 Beta
- beta release for patch 5.0.4
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Unread 10-16-08, 01:56 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I am having a problem making a reaction-based bar for my focus frame. The correct reaction comes up initially when I set a focus target, but if I change my TARGET, the reaction for the focus bar then changes to whatever reaction my target is.

For example:

I set my focus to a Scorpid. The focus bar comes up correct as hostile. But then if I change my TARGET to a friendly target, the focus bar reaction changes to Friendly instead of staying as hostile (since I still have a hostile focus target).

'Reaction' is checked in the bar options, and 'Bar Target' is set to 'focus'.

Does that make sense? Or am I missing something?

So far I like it, pretty similar to Trinity which I had used for a long time.
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Unread 10-16-08, 01:34 AM  
Ion Engines, Engage!
Maul's Avatar
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First, I just want to say -

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh! Okay, out of system

Answering in reverse order so I don't answer a question that has been already answered

@Chräcker - Do me a favor and type this into your chatbox -

/run print(UnitClass("player"))

and tell me what it says on your druid.

@Burnum - This is an importer bug. Clear the bindings on that button (ESC) then re-bind.

@darthius - see the FAQ on the main Macaroon page on how to make a pet bar To delete - /mac delete

@Auraka - Weird. So you got a pet bar working, it just did not work for the felhunter, correct?

@xboxdude1 - both are in. Mouse-over transparency is now called alpha-up, does the same thing as trans-up. And you will need to get the addon ButtonFacade to skin the buttons.

@Abacinate - is that keybinding bound in the default UI?

@Freqout - make sure the bindings are not used in the default UI. For example shift-1 is "change to actionbar 1".

@skvsr - many of those options are in the main menu, just like in Trinity The profile thing is still a work in progress. It just has basic functionality for this patch.

@d87 - that would be the "possess" state, as that is how a vehicle is treated. And I am updating the fonts

@Niobium - seems to be a bug, working on fix

@slagdemon - see the FAQ on the main Macaroon page

@Lichbane - Those are based on the pet action ID's. As long as you have 1-10, you will be covered

@Jzar - yay!

@piratecatt - there have been reports of the map button not behaving. I am looking into this. However, many things can be done via slash - /macaroon or /mac

@Wulfstryke - I should have a fix for it soon...I, ummm, only had sheep on my mage, I was too busy to get pig...I now have pig

@acotey - Yeah, there is a bug with keybindings and the importer. Just hit ESC over the buttons while in binding mode and re-bind.

@Ambitions - Thanks. I am going to have a fix for this as it is related to the polymorph bug above I am making adjustments to the fonts.

@Zantom - Well, it does not work 100% because of the way DrD handles updating buttons when macro modifiers are used...however, here ya go -

    elseif IsAddOnLoaded( "Macaroon" ) then
        ABglobalbutton = "MacaroonButton"
        ABgetID = function( button )
            if (button.config.type == "macro") then
                return nil, button.macrospell, button.macrorank
                return SecureButton_GetModifiedAttribute(button,"action",SecureStateChild_GetEffectiveButton(button))
@Burnum - Okay, thanks for the input! I did that just so people were aware they were still in binding mode And you like the minimap button of Trinity? I never got much feedback on it so I thought it was nothing people cared about And where is your tauren avatar?

@Powershard, dynaheirx - I am seeing reports of certain non-English keybinds having problems. Honestly, I don't know why yet. It is very tough for me to test, though. I have to load up the keyboard in Windows for the langauge in question. I am looking into it.

@wiggle - I am working on a non-mousewheel solution. I knew this might be an issue but I was hoping it would not.../sigh

@Craker - First make sure that shift-<keybind> is not bound in the default UI. I will take a look into those keybinds, though.

@MartinL - Thanks!

@KittyWitty - It is there, just below it. I expanded the right-click option so that you can choose a target for it
The importer is not 100% and to be frank I did not consider individual button edits from Trinity in the importer

@Topless - woot!

@alfa - Enter button edit mode (/mac edit) then right-click on the XP bar. You should be able to get it from there

@Ayindi - Hmm, dogtags..Ace stuff! Not that I don't like Ace, I use Ace mods myself, just working with their libraries is a pain imho...but I will see what I can do Macaroon does include buff/debuff features in the main menu, though. I am looking into the non-English keyboard binding issues.

@Ceryni - This seems to be an issue with Vista. I am trying to undertand exactly what it is.

Twitter: @IonMaul | Windows Live: | Google Talk:
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Unread 10-16-08, 01:21 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
Premium Member

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Unread 10-16-08, 01:15 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Originally posted by Lichbane

I'm still not sure on how to get attack/follow/stay or aggressive/defensive/passive buttons back. Do they appear when you set the Pet id numbers or do you have to manually create macros for them?
try it out ;-) You will see, they appear, when you chose the pet-id-numbers over the Button Edit Menu.

Chräcker from germany
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Unread 10-16-08, 12:49 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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sorry for my english

Hallo everyone,

can anyone(!), explain me, how to create a "paged bar" for the forms of druids? What I mean: by my warrior I have the stance-option, by rogues the stealth-option, but how can I connectet, for example, the bearform-spell-Button with a paged-bar. That the page-bar switsch to the second site when I fire the bear-change-spell an switch back to site 1, when I use my human form an switch to the 3. site, when I take anoteher form etc.?

In the FAQ stand the Option "stance", but by my druid, I miss this option. (i think because, that are not "stances" by the druids, that are spells, that they need to change the forms)

Hope, my english was not to bad...

Thank you,

Chräcker from Germany
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Unread 10-16-08, 12:30 AM  
A Defias Bandit
Burnum's Avatar

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Key bindings

I seem to be having an issue with keu bindings where I don't see them displayed on buttons when I add them, but a few on some buttons did show up.
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Unread 10-16-08, 12:18 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Loving the new format and had no probs with setting up my rogue and mage, though when i came to my hunter i cant seem to get the pet abilities to appear and more over assign a pet attack button ?

It was something that with TrinityBars2 just happened, anyone have any ideas?

Also how do you delete a bar now ?
Last edited by darthius : 10-16-08 at 12:52 AM.
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Unread 10-16-08, 12:16 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Interesting thing happened in kara today, I summoned a felhunter and the pet bar didn't spawn. I got a "Pet Does Not Exist" message on mouse over, but that's about it. Worked fine with my imp.
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Unread 10-15-08, 11:55 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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Couple things is miss:

Mouse-over transparence changes
Button faces (primarily the ones that slightly zoomed in on the icons and had no border, called square something.

Other than that I love the new look. But could you possibly add what I've listed?
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Unread 10-15-08, 11:54 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hey there. seems like everytime i go into the game, I have to rebind the ctrl page down button in macaroon, as it even though it is indicated that it is the right "binding" it doesnt seem to work until I redo it.

I will check but i dont think I have other mods affecting keybinds as previously i just trinity.

@Abacinate - First I have heard of this. Are you using any other addons that use keybindings?

@nighthaven - Faerie Fire (Feral)() ... need to add the last pair of parens [/b][/quote]
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Unread 10-15-08, 11:22 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Shift modifiers

I'm up and running with Macaroon and ported over my trinity2 settings without too much hassle. The problem I'm running into is that most of my macros have shift modifiers and when I use them, it swaps the icon correctly but won't register the bound key with shift held down. I can still click on the macro with shift held down and get the correct effect but the keybindings don't work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Unread 10-15-08, 11:06 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
skvsr's Avatar

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I really miss a couple of things in Trinity: Cool down/count down text, right click to cast on self, auto handling of stance & form bars, profiles for different classes. I have installed the profiles folder, but had to build each bar manually - just time consuming. It looks cool, but the jury is still out. Thanks for your work and I bet you get this smooth as silk!

This is just feedback and no reply is necessary.
From the beautiful hills of Arkansas
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Unread 10-15-08, 10:53 PM  
A Warpwood Thunder Caller
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Also font with outline on count text would be useful
or just NumberFontNormal
Last edited by d87 : 10-15-08 at 10:55 PM.
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Unread 10-15-08, 10:36 PM  
A Warpwood Thunder Caller
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Vehicle Request
So as far as i understand Vehicle state is missing. in wotlk they're pretty common and even essential in Malygos encounter.
Vehicle Bar uses Pet action IDs while it's actually don't act like a pet (So for example if i setup pet ids to both nopet and pet states of petbar i'll see nopet bar with vehicle actions)
So my point is... something is needed to remap our "main" bar with vehicle actions
BTW Mind Control doing the same thing. but i guess it triggers some other events.
Last edited by d87 : 10-15-08 at 10:44 PM.
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Unread 10-15-08, 09:52 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Aaaaaaaaaand I am back with a new question.

Why does "Propogate Action IDs on Bar" do it to ALL bars, and not just the bar of the button you're editing?

Furthermore, because it does it to all bars, how can I *undo* this? Now I have 10+ bars all ID'd in the same numberspace, so I can't actually seem to put down different things on each button. (Eg. Bar 1-4 all have an Action ID: 1, so it's the same spell on all 4 bars.)

What there needs to be is a way to enumerate them out in a sequential fashion so that if you want all different spells, you can get it, but right now all it's doing is duplicating them. Worse yet there's no way, that I can see, to undo this without completely deleting my settings entirely and starting from scratch. Hopefully I'm wrong on that one...
Last edited by Niobium : 10-15-08 at 10:53 PM.
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