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Swimcloth Auto Turnin Mod

Version: 1.0
by: Nagousta [More]

This addon automatically turns in items to NPCs, to make reputation grinding more efficient.

It was updated from Swimnurd's 'Swimcloth' addon, to include additional item turnins, including Horde cloth quartermasters.

Right-clicking on the NPC to bring up the dialogue is all that needs to be done for the turnin to go ahead, the addon will click on the quest and complete the quest automatically (one click per turnin).

The addon also lists how many more turnins can be made with the current amount of cloth, updating when more runecloth is accumulated.

Note that the addon does not work if there is more than one quest which can be completed at a particular NPC, because it selects the first quest that the NPC offers. For example, if you still have the quest 'A Donation of Wool,' the addon will be unable to go straight to the Runecloth turnin ('A Donation of Runecloth'). However, earlier quests will often give enough rep for it to be worth doing them first!

Currently supported items and NPCs:

Runecloth to all 10 quartermasters
All Alterac Valley turnins.

To Do:

Configure the addon to ignore quests for particular NPCs (i.e. A Donation of Wool).

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