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Updated: 09-02-08 12:34 AM
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Fubar - MoneyDetailFu.
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Updated:09-02-08 12:34 AM

Spanish tranlation for FuBar MOneyDetailFu

Version: 2.1
by: jsr1976 [More]

Fubar MoneyDetailFu

this addon keeps track of all your money transactions in detail and you have the possibility to check that data and also summarize the amounts for the whole month or all chars and so on.

It is still a work in progress, so some functions i wish to be in there are not implemented yet, but the most important part is, as long as you have it running it starts collecting data.

Thats the description of the addon, i have translated it into spnahis for spanish users i'am not the owner of the addon.

I hope you enjaoy the spanish version.

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