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Updated: 11-17-10 06:06 PM
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Updated:11-17-10 06:06 PM

PvP Flag Broker

Version: 1.02
by: Tuhljin [More]

PvP Flag Broker (PFB) is a LibDataBroker addon that provides a customizable display of PvP flag information, including the time until your PvP flag "drops."

With WoW 3.0, Blizzard provided a built-in PvP timer to players. However, PFB provides customizability that the standard timer does not approach, including the ability to display the minutes and seconds remaining at all times instead of only the minutes remaining when more than 59 seconds remain... and of course its ability to be placed on the screen wherever your LDB display addon allows. (PFB can of course hide the built-in timer, and does so by default.)

PFB does not provide its own display. You will need an LDB display addon such as Fortress or Titan Panel.

Note: Older PvP-flag timer addons that I once counted as invaluable are not as reliable as PFB because they don't take advantage of functionality added to the game relatively recently that lets players know with certainty when their PvP flag will drop. Its display is also more customizable than that of those addons.

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- Updated for WoW 4.0.1.
- New option added: Hide icon when unflagged.

- Updated for WoW 3.2.
- New option added: Hide display text when unflagged.

- Now displays "Quest" when there is a PvP quest in your log that prevents your flag from dropping.
- The name of any such quests that are currently in your log are now displayed in the PFB tooltip.
- New option added: When the display is left-clicked, only toggle PvP if Shift is held.

- Fixed an issue where the Horde icon was sometimes displayed when playing an Alliance character if using a non-English client.
- Updated to latest Tj libraries.

- Fixed an issue where certain LDB display addons didn't allow the tooltip to update dynamically.

- Hostile territory (e.g. enemy cities) now shows as "Hostile" instead of "Contested" in the main display.
- Updated Tj libraries. (Includes bug fixes related to the interface options panel.)
- Removed support for WoW 2.x.

- Now recognizes Wintergrasp's PvP mode.

- Fixed a WotLK-beta issue that arose with a recent patch that caused the interface options panel to not open properly when the PFB frame is right-clicked.
- Fixed an issue where a zero was inappropriately placed next to the seconds remaining under some configurations.

- Initial release.
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Unread 11-14-10, 09:28 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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I hope you still plan to update this addon. Thanks for your hard work!
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Unread 11-15-10, 12:05 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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I'm using this addon with titan panel and I'm not having any problems at all.

But I'd like to beg for a feature: it would be great if you had the option for the PvP icon to disappear or at least change to a different icon/fade when you aren't flagged.
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Unread 11-18-10, 01:28 PM  
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Thumbs up Re: Re: Cata

Originally posted by Tuhljin
thegriffgeeks: I intend on updating all of my addons which I still have some use for, this being one of them. Hopefully I'll get some time to look into this later this week.
Thanks and thanks for the update.
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