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Deadly Boss Mods.
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Version: 1.10
by: Logmana [More]

MotherDirection is designed to help a raid to deafeat Mother Shahraz. It depends on Deadly Boss Mods. DBM assign raidIcons to player's who are affected with 'Fatal Attraction'.

If two player's were ported DBM assigns:

  • Player1: White Skull
  • Player2: Red Cross
If three player's were ported DM assigns:
  • Player1: White Skull
  • Player2: Red Cross
  • Player3: Blue Square
Mother Direction is designed on that facts. That means if you get an Icon the
addon pops up a window which tell you in what direction you have to move. It
also provides a dynamic arrow mode and a compass mode. Read the feature
list to learn more about this.
  • White Skull - West
  • Red Cross - East
  • Blue Square - North / South
Usually after a port all player look into the same direction (West) So this addon also show you static arrows, which show you in what direction you have to move.

  • assistance in encounter of mother shahraz
  • popup window which tells you where to move (text based)
  • static arrows for visualization
  • default turned off and activates automatically if you target Mother Shahraz
  • deactivates itself, when Mother Shahraz is defeated
  • a dynamic mode, in which you get a rotating arrow, depending
    on players moving. If this arrow is pointing upwards, you are
    on the right way.
  • a compass mode, in which you get also a rotating arrow. But in
    this mode you are on the right way, if the arrow is poiting in
    direction of the highlighted text (North, South, East, West).
    All other directions are grayed out. (see Screenshot)
  • "/md" - Info message
  • "/md toogle" - Toogles between addon active/inactive
  • "/md dynamic" - Switches into dynamic arrow mode
  • "/md static" - Switches into static arrow mode
  • "/md compass" - Switches into compass mode
  • "/md lock|unlock" - Makes the MD Windows (un)dragable
  • "/md resetwin" - Reset's the position of MD window's to default

Minimum 1 Player with installed Deadly Boss Mods, who is promoted as Raid Assistant or Raidleader. To set the Raid Icons one of these have to activate the announce function of DBM.

I took some code snippets from Carthographer_Waypoints and also the texture (3D Arrow) for the dynamic mode. I hope this is not a Problem for the Author of Carthographer_Waypoints.


This Addon is not for brainless people, that means if the addon is directing you through a camp of other players or the maintank group, you shouldn't do so!

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