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Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
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Ion: Menu Bar  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: Lithium 3.1.0
by: Maul [More]

Introducing Ion: Menu Bar - Version 3 "Lithium"

Ion: Menu Bar is a menu bar replacement that works within the Ion UI framework. This addon adds a menu bar containing all 11 core menu options to Ion, which can be used in place of the default Blizzard bar.

This addon is intended to work as part of the Ion family of addons, and as such it is necessary to download and install the core Ion addon in order for this addon to work. Please download this addon from the following link:

Ion Action Bars

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Unread 12-01-11, 11:44 PM  
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Re: Download

Originally Posted by Skif
Hi. When Click on download button, the old version appear 4030011
Fixed. Thanks
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Unread 12-05-11, 07:40 PM  
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to anyone having issues with Macaroon atm...

as i said in the subject, this post is to anyone having issues with Macaroon atm.

you might try reading the following thread Maul started (and, he had posted a link to this thread on the Comments section for Macaroon, on 12-02-2011, 11:28 PM)

Love and Hate

so, as you can see from that post, he is rather busy atm, but if we are willing to wait a bit, he will have a new, better mod for us soon.

in the meantime, we should help him in whatever ways we can, be that by helping test his new mod, or (for those of us who can do LUA coding) by helping write the code (if he gives the go-ahead for that, but i'd assume he would have to approve each person to help with that individually), or maybe even by giving him a donation.

there are probably other ways that we might be able to help him, but i can't think of any atm.

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Unread 01-25-12, 10:38 AM  
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How can I make macaroon not overwrite other action bar frames? since I want my buttom action bar to remain normal including my side bars, but just to make a few actions buttons where is needed.
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Unread 10-29-13, 12:51 PM  
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5.4.1 Bug

Continually get: Ion-MenuBar has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI with today's patch.

NVM...looks like you've been busy today! Thanks so much!
Last edited by kittykatmax : 10-29-13 at 01:29 PM.
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