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Updated: 11-02-08 11:27 PM
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Updated:11-02-08 11:27 PM


Version: 1.1
by: Torhal [More]

nanoPar is a LibDataBroker addon which displays your Inventory On Par score, and provides a tooltip with more detailed information.

You will need an LDB-based display addon as well as Inventory On Par for this addon to work.

-- 1.1
* Simplified some code.
* Bumped TOC for 3.0.2
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there used to be a fubar plugin called gearratingfu and it gathered the average Ilevel if everyone's gear in range in your raid/party and displayed them in a nice drop down from fubar. it was nice because it gave a basic idea of your group make up. of course a warrior in epic cloth would still look good, and it didn't factor gems or enchants or talents etc. still i found it very useful. this is the closest i've seen since, so i would like to request some sort of party/raid support, unless someone was to remake gearrating for LDB.

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