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Version: 1.07
by: Taffu [More]

Version 1.07
Warning: Version 1.02 changes the message receiving system, and therefore will not communiate with Version 1.01 or lower.

What it does:
GroupAlert is an automated group-centric broadcast system that informs all GroupAlert users within a group of important events. The AddOn handles everything from Crowd Control casts, resists, and breaks to Utility casts and everything in between. When a Warrior's taunt or a Paladin's Avenger's Shield is resisted, GroupAlert lets you know, to help avoid wipes and adjust groups mid-encounter without the use of heavy macro's and fumbling to type updates in-game (or scream over Vent!).


  • Resists/Misses Alert w/ Sound & Pulse (ie. CC, Taunts, etc)
  • Crowd Control notices, including CC fading from target(s)
  • Beneficial spell-based group notices (ie. Heroism, Curse of Elements)
  • Rez Alert: Avoid duplicate target casts with notices!
  • Additional notifications for important events (ie. SoulShatter = 50% Threat Reduction)

How it works:
GroupAlert will pay attention to your combat log (and your log only) and react to preset triggers. When a trigger is activated, it will transmit an AddOn message in game that will be picked up by all other GroupAlert users in your group, who will in turn see your events and know how to react immediately.

Open Menu = /ga menu or config
Show Window = /ga show
Minimize Window = /ga minimize

Wanna help?
Localization:GroupAlert contains a GA_Locale.lua file that has localization information for the AddOn. It is currently only partially localized, and could use your help filling out the information for different locales! Please PM me with your locale entries if you're interested in helping make this AddOn better!

Comments, suggestions, and feedback: All are welcome and encouraged to contribute their comments or concerns regarding GroupAlert through the most convenient avenue made available on WoWInterface (Portal, Comments, Reports, etc.)

Future Features:
  • Custom triggers
  • Preset raid debuff triggers (ie. Sacrifices)
  • Scrolling Combat Text integration (Parrot, SCT, Mik's, etc)

-- Message frame will now resize with main frame appropriately
-- Soulshatter "should" not give an error any longer
-- Spell lists converted to spellID tables to cut down on localization

-- Added frame alpha pulse on Alert state triggers (aesthetic only)
-- Frame appearance update(s)

-- Fixed error on CC/Stun fades

-- Embedded library fix

-- Fixed errors with Stormstrike and multiple Warlocks spells

-- Alert sound will now play for all group members, not just the casting player
-- Some minor tweaks

-- When selecting alert sounds, sounds will play as preview from menu
-- Rez spells targeting adjusted to actually show target being Rez'd
-- Timestamps & Left/Right Click toggle options on Close button
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Unread 01-03-09, 08:47 AM  

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Is this project still under development. Just curious if it's being updated for 3.0.3.
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Unread 09-26-08, 11:01 AM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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v1.07 will change over from Spell Names to Spell ID's to avoid locale issues. I currently have a test-version I'm using this evening for Guild Events and if all is well, it will release tomorrow.
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Unread 09-18-08, 11:29 PM  
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Wink localization

try to use LibBabble. this will make GA trigger spells at nonUS servers
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