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Version: 1.02
by: kerrang [More]

ActionButtonText - Version 1.02
(formerly known as O.B.I. - On Button Information - users should check the 0.9 upgrade notes for details)
by <Damage Inc> of (EU)Draenor - email damageinc [at] theedgeofthevoid.com

Adds text to your actionbuttons including
Last Damage/Heal Done or Miss (Block/Parry/Dodge)
Casts until OOM
Combo Points
Energy Deficit (Energy or Ticks)
Rune Power Deficit (Death Knights)
Buff/Debuff remaining time/stacks
Supports spells,items and macros

Tested with standard Blizzard Action Bars, Bartender3/4, Bongos2/3, Trinity 1.0/2.0(*), CogsBar, Dominos, idActionBar and nMainBar
Should work with any bar addon which is based on the Blizzard Action Bars
(*) Trinity 2.0 needs a small 'hack' to make it work - see "Changes in Version 0.5" for details (at the end of this document)

How to add ActionButtonText to your actionbuttons
Type /abt (or access ActionButtonText from Menu>>Interface>>Addons)

Presets specific to you race/class are shown here - simply tick the ones you'd like to use.

To change font size/color/position - or to create your own ActionButtonTexts - click through to the Configuratron

ActionButtonText Configuratron! (/abt config)
Select an existing Spell or "New ActionButtonText" to create a new ActionButtonText (/abt add)
Spells which begin "PRESET" are created by the Presets you selected - you can edit these if you wish.

Add ActionButtonText to which buttons
Spell/Item/Macro: (the only thing you MUST enter)
A full (or partial e.g. "Seal of") spell, item (or macro) name.
Note: Any text preceding a # is NOT included when matching spells/items/macros - it's just to comment/describe the ActionButtonText e.g. MYABT#SEAL OF

Search Tooltip?:
Whether Spell/Item/Macro should be matched against the spell/item/macro tooltip rather than just the name

What ActionButtonText to show about Spell(s)
Show Damage/Heal/Miss/Block/Parry
Checking this will show the amount of damage or healing done or a miss (block, parry etc.)

Show Casts until OOM?
Show how many times you can cast a spell with your current mana
No=never, Yes=always, 1-9 =show when this or fewer casts remain

Show CPs?
Show Combo Points on your current target.
No=never, 0=always, 1=show 1 or more CPs

Show Energy Deficit
Shows how much energy you need before you can use an ability.
No=never, As Energy=shows energy required, As Ticks=shows energy ticks required

Show RP Deficit
Shows how much Rune Power you need before you can use an ability.
No=never, In-Combat=shows deficit only when in-combat, Always=shows deficit everywhere

What ActionButtonText to show about Buff/Debuff(s)
A full (or partial e.g. "Poison") buff/debuff you wish to track
If blank, defaults to the spell matched (e.g. "Seal of Righteousness")

Whether the Buff is actually a Debuff (e.g. "Recently Bandaged" or "Shadow Word: Pain")

Whether to show a Buff/Debuff from any source (by default only your own Buffs/Debuffs will appear)

Whether the Buff/Debuff appears on the PLAYER, TARGET or PET

Hide Time?
Check if you DON'T want to see time remaining on the Buff/Debuff

Show Stacks?
Check if you want to see number of stacks of the Buff/Debuff

How ActionButtonText should look
You can set the Position, Font Size, Style and Color for the ActionButtonText text here
The example button shows how it will look.

Save Changes/Cancel Changes/Delete this ActionButtonText
Are self-explanatory...

How to add macros
Macros are identified by reading their tooltip.
You can either 'force' a spellname to show using #showtooltip or you can add the macroname as a 'Spell'

Example 1 - forcing spellnames inside the macro
#showtooltip judgement
[macro code]
This will behave as if you were using the Judgement spell

Example 2 - referencing the macroname
In /abt, select "New ActionButtonText" and enter the macroname in 'Spell'
This will show the remaining time on any "Seal of" spell on macro "TESTMACRO"

Macros which use modifiers to change the spell being cast also work
/cast [modifier:alt] seal of command; seal of righteousness
This will show remaining time on SoR normally and SoC if [ALT] is held down

Q - Is this an ACE/ACE2/ACE3 Mod?
A - No - partly because I'm not familiar with ACE and partly because it wouldn't greatly benefit from ACE's framework/libraries.
It's very low-cpu and low-memory - it typically uses < 60kb memory and less than .1% CPU

Q - ActionButtonText seems to use quite a lot of CPU time
A - ActionButtonText has to check the status of buffs/spells and update upto 120 actionbuttons AT LEAST once a second.
It works constantly - even out of combat - hence it will clock-up CPU time constantly.
I've never seen it exceed 1% usage at any one time and it's overall usage is always less than my actionbars/inventory addon tho.
and my PC is old and creaky!!

Known Issues
Q - The 'example' button on the config. screen is black/invisible.
A - It's icon/texture is taken from from the spell you enter OR from ActionButton1
If neither exist/are valid - nothing will appear here...


Credit to Gagorian for his addon DrDamage
His code for finding and adding text to actionbuttons (Blizzard AND addon-based) was ENORMOUSLY helpful

Credit to Mikk for MSBT - the MSBTOptions frame creation code is used as-is for the Configuratron

My thanks go to these authors for granting permission to use their code...

BUFFNAME can now contain multiple names separated by "~" (or)
It's possible to show anyone's buffs/debuffs (by default only your own will appear)
The longest duration buff/debuff will be shown when more than one (by name or caster) is matched

Fixed 'seeing other peoples buffs' as per 3.0.2. changes
Removed Weaponbuff 'test' code
Removed 'absorb' code
Removed OBI_ references
Added API - initial support for ShieldLeft addon

Fixed width of Delete button in config panel
Fixed issue with Druid 'Mangle' for debuffs...
Changed the Paladin 'Judgement' default to account for the multiple Judgements now possible
Removed 'IF_WRATH' code
Removed all code backwards compatible with O.B.I. - O.B.I. users should upgrade 'through' Version 0.9

3.0.2. optionsframe change made

Renamed to ActionButtonText
Slash command now /abt ...
Former O.B.I. users:
Keep O.B.I. installed the first time you login with ActionButtonText (for each character you play) and their settings will be copied over
Once this has been done for every character, you can then delete O.B.I.
You MAY see some odd things with both mods active, but at least you won't lose your settings...

Fixed error caused by "numeric" macronames being mistaken for spellids
Fixed error which could cause 'Damage/Miss' to be toggled 'on' when it shouldn't have been
Death Knight: Removed Rune Timers (as cooldown addons now work AOK with Rune-based spells)
Code heavily rewritten to reduce reliance on globals

Font Size now goes down to 8pt (for the more eagle-eyed out there!)
Font Style now includes 'NORMAL' - which means "no border" (another one for the 20-20 vision squad!)
Configuratron! reorganised to make it a bit easier to use (I hope!)
Configuratron! now shows options relevant to your class only (e.g. CTOOM to mana classes, CPs to Rogues/Druids, Runes to DeathKnights etc.)
Tooltips/Hints added to the Configuratron!
"/abt add" will take you straight to the 'Create New ActionButtonText' screen
Death Knights: Runic Power Deficit added - can be showm in-combat or 'always' - new Preset added to put this on all spells which use RP
Hunters: "PET" added as a Buff/Debuff Unit - new preset for Mend Pet added
Support for the WOTLK release of Trinity 2.0 (no hack will be required once that is released)

Fixed problem with items on bars in Trinity 2.0

Better support for Clearcasting on EDEF and CTOOM (shows "00" when Clearcasting active)
idActionBar and nMainBar now supported and some problems with Dominos fixed
Warriors rejoice I remembered to put your ActionBar back in this time! (SORRY!)
DeathKnight Rune Timers added - shows time until all runes spell requires are available - understands death runes - assumes no spell uses more than 1 of a 'type'
TARGET is now a choice of PLAYER/TARGET only - existing ActionButtonText which used black, PLAYER or TARGET will be converted - others will cease to work - sorry!
Added 'Font Style' - a choice of outline thickness for the text.
/abt now shows presets as easy-to-use checkboxes (/abt) - for more detailed ActionButtonText click through to the Configuratron!

Core code rewritten to support more actionbars and smooth-out updates.
ActionButtonText can now be placed Top/Centre/Bottom of buttons on a per-spell basis
'Damage/Heals/Misses' can now be enabled on buttons (Experimental - feedback greatly apprec. on this!)
Trinity 1.0 support is back!
Trinity 2.0 support is back IF you make a small change to the Trinity 2.0 sourcecode
In WOW\interface\addons\TrinityBars2\bars.lua find the line which looks like this
local spellIndex = {}
and change it (delete the 'local' bit) so it looks like
spellIndex = {}
I've sent a PM to Maul (Trinity developer) for a more permanent solution but he's not been around for some months so in the meanwhile - hack it!

Fixed some issues with "Energy Deficit" and "Casts til OOM" options being saved correctly
'Always show CTOOM' now previews correctly
Show 1 or more CPs will now show '1' as well as more than '1' *coughs*
Added Support for Cogsbar and Dominos
Removed support for Trinity Bars1/2 - some issues I just can't workaround atm - sorry!
Now works with WOTLK BETA Client (at least it does with Blizzard's Action Bars - NOT tested other addons as yet!)

Users upgrading WILL LOSE ANY EXISTING SPELLS - sorry about that!
No spells are setup by default now.
Presets exist for most classes - mainly intended as examples of what you can do NOT as a definitive list of possibilities for each class!
Spells are now character-specific - meaning you can have diff. spells on each character without the list getting unmanageably large
"Energy Deficit" and "Casts til OOM" added
Font size, color and 'Example' button added (can be different for each spell)

UI Added (/abt) - more lines of code than the actual ADDON!!

Initial Release - manual editing of spells only
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Not sure if anyone else having the problem but when i setup up I can't change the colour of the text by clicking on the colour box . It worked fine before it changed from obi to abt. Maybe a mod conflict. I have been able to get around it by putting values in manually into the saved file but its far from ideal. Could you check it out please.

I am playing on the live realms and have deleted all traces of the previous obi install
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Originally posted by p3lim
Tip: WoWInterface has an own changelog feature, would love if you'd use it
Creating a new addon doesn't offer (or didn't when I did it) the separate changelog (makes sense - it's a new addon) - hence I didnt' separate that out...
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Tip: WoWInterface has an own changelog feature, would love if you'd use it
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