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Version: 1.0
by: d87 [More]

NugArt helps to create, setup and manage your custom art on UI

Inspired by DiscordArt and Visor.
!WARNING! No textures are included, what you see on screenshot is just my old layout rebuild with this addon and shown here for demo purposes (and because of WOWI requirement)

So, first you need to create your texture frame with /na create <name>,
then you will change it's settings with /na set name=<name> ...
It's complcated a bit if you've no idea wtf is all that. Most settings are optional, to see your texture in game you only need width, height and texture.
btw, custom texture should be 2^x square TGA file with alpha channel.
Positionig settings are point, parent, to, x, y. (that should explain how it works http://www.wowwiki.com/API_Region_SetPoint )
&a - shortcut to Interface\\AddOns\\NugArt\\textures

/na set name=RightCap point=BOTTOMLEFT to=BOTTOMRIGHT parent=ActionButton12 x=-6 y=-30
/na set name=RightCap width=122 height=141 scale=0.95 texture=&a\SkullCapRight frameparent=MainMenuBarArtFrame strata=high
/na set name=Chatbg1 width=260 height=260 scale=2 texture=&a\ABRight point=bottomleft to=bottomleft x=-6 y=-5
/na set name=ABbgleft width=300 height=300 scale=1.37 texture=&a\ABLeft point=BOTTOMRIGHT to=BOTTOM x=60 y=-20

/na create <name> - create new texture
/na set name=<name> width=100 height=100 texture=&a\CapLeft point=BOTTOMLEFT parent=UIParent to=BOTTOM x=12 y=32 [disable=true/false scale=1 strata=HIGH level=1 layer=ARTWORK frameparent=TargetFrame alpha=0.8]
/na info <name>
/na delete <name>
/na list

/na newprofile
/na listprofile
/na deleteprofile
/na changeprofile

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I would love to use this addon but... ouch, too many command line mate...
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