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oUF Tarnation

Version: v1.3
by: Metzerott [More]

This addon is no longer being maintained please check out oUF_Metzerott

This addon makes use of version 1.3.4 of oUF!

What in tarnation is wrong with you?

The DPS layout version for this addon is a different addon called oUF_Darnation (found HERE)

This is a oUF Unit Frame AddOn that was inspired by oUF_Circle. Which was originally based on the excellent oUF_Caellian Unit Frames (originally based on P3lim work) that all make use of the awesome oUF framework by Haste.

This AddOn is a combination of a text unit frame with visual indicators to alert the user when certain health milestones are met, aggro is gained and when the unit receives debuffs.

What in tarnation is going on with this unit frame?

My original concept for oUF_Circle was a unit frame that changes shape based on health. I quickly realized that I needed the unit frame to have a much more significant change if it was to be obvious in the heat of combat. To thst end this unit frame has 2 textures (The ItsCool and OhCrap textures in the file). The texture color and if it is rotating are used to give a visual indicator as the the range of the healh of the unit frame.

So for (where health = x)

x > 80% No Texture, just text
80% < x < 60% First Texture/Green/Rotating
60% < x 40% First Texture/Yellow/Rotating
40% < x < 20% Second Texture/Yellow/Rotating
x < 20% Second Texture/Red/Rotating

If you want to change these values they are defined at the top of the oUF_Tarnation.lua file:

-- Percentage of health to kick in different behaviors
local fleshWound = .80
local ouch = .60
local uhOh = .40
local imToast = .20

Where is the Circle to indicate health?

This unitfrrame is heavily reliant on the range indicators (above) and the actually numeric values of the health (and power). There is a circle that indicates the current health but it is very subtle and is the background of the center of the circle. If you want to make it more obvious change the healthAlpha global in the oUF_Tarnation.lua file.

From the oUF_Tarnation.lua file:

-- Alpha and color of the center health indicator. Currently set to be mostly transparent and white
local healthAlpha = .15
oUF.colors.health = {1,1,1}

No Power Indicator, are you nuts?

The power is only indicated by a number below the health value in the center of the unit frame. I have found that the approximation used to visually show power is not useful. I find myself always referring to the number and I am highly annoyed when it is difficult to see. Because the actual value of power is so important (Do I have enough mana to throw that shadowfury, or Does the target have enough mana for that greater heal?).

If you want a unit frame that has a visual indicator of mana, might I suggest oUF_Circle (HERE) or zork's excellent oUF_Orbs (HERE)

What is up with that layout?

The layout was build in conjunction with my arena healer. He was very interested in having all of the relevant unit frames close enough together so that the health and well being of the entire party could be viewed in a single area of the screen. I love it (though it did take some getting used to).

If people like the unit frame and they want a different configuration, I would be open to creating different layouts for different party roles (Healer/DPS/Tank).

Note that Castbars are color coded by the Unit that is casting.

Can I change the textures?

Yes!! I highly recommend changing the textues to whatever suits your fancy. I have experimented with lots of variations (like a skull and cross bones for the second texture) and it can be both entertaining and effective. I highly encourage you to play around with the textures.

To change the textures just backup the ItsCool and OhCrap textures found in oUF_Tarnation/media. Then add a new texture calling them either ItsCool.tga or OhCrap.tga. Or just edit the oUF_Tarnation.lua file to point to what ever you like.

From the oUF_Tarnation.lua file:

-- Textures used feel free to swap them out with whatever you like!
-- ItsCool and OhCrap are the two textures used to indicate percentage health

local healthIndicator = 'Interface\\Addons\\oUF_Tarnation\\media\\ItsCool'
local healthIndicatorSpark = 'Interface\\Addons\\oUF_Tarnation\\media\\OhCrap'

Can I change the size of the unitframes?

Yes!!! Just open the oUF_Tarnation.lua file and change the largeSize (Size of the larger unitframes - Player/Target and Focus) and/or smallSize (Size of everything else) globals to whatever you want.

From the oUF_Tarnation.lua file:

-- largeSize is the size of the Player, Target and Focus unit frames
-- smallSize is the size of all of the other unit frames (including party and raid)

local largeSize = 80
local smallSize = largeSize*.65

Can I change the max number of auras on the Target Frame?


-- Buff/Debuff Max size on target

local maxDebuff = 32
local maxBuff = 32

As always, please let me know what you think!

It works for the following Units:


Plays nice well with:


Upgraded to most recent oUF v1.3.4
Aligned with oUF_Darnation features

Added Max debuff and buff for the Target frame


Changed the look of the unitframes
Changed the look of the castbars
Edited the file for easy manipulation of the global variables
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Originally posted by elderbrock
Been waiting hours... whats up with the approval?
Not quite sure why it took a while, but should be good now. I hope you like the new version.
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Been waiting hours... whats up with the approval?
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Originally posted by Typh00n
Wow, cool.
Thanks! I hope you enjoy it, please feel free to make suggestions.
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Wow, cool.
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