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MetaMap (Fan Update)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 3.0.2b6
by: charroux [More]

This is an unofficial WotLK (3.0.2) fix for MetaMap until an official release comes out.

All the modules seem to be working, but there are a few bugs still left. (There is at least 1 that I know of.) The Waypoint module (WKB) has been modified with a different arrow and text layout, and any <ctrl> click on it will hide the frame.

Note: The Stormwind map change in WotLK makes all the map notes and tracking data (TRK) incorrect for the entire city.

MetaMap adds features to the WoW world map, keeping all mapping type features in a single place.
Some features are:

Adjust the map window size.
Move the map anywhere on the screen.
Adjust the opacity of the window & maps.
Saved sets for toggling between 2 map modes.
Allows full player movement, messaging, etc. with map open.
Adds coords to the main map and the Minimap
Adds Instance maps which open to the correct instance you enter.
Default data included for all bosses & locations etc.
User editable notes for all maps, including instance maps.
NPC/Mob database collectable by mouseover or keypress.
Toggling on/off display of unexplored areas of the map.
Boss Loot Tables displays all the loot dropped by bosses, and more.
Waypoint system to guide you to any set point.
Complete Quest logger with optional history database.
Tracker module for gathering Herbs/Ores etc.
NoteBook module for additional notes, linked to Tooltips.
Inbuilt Import and export facilities for various data formats.
Inbuilt Backup and Restore facilities.
Button on Minimap to open or close the World Map or display MetaMap options.
Key bindings for various MetaMap functions.
Full support for Titan Bar.

Extract ALL folders in the archive to the Interface\AddOns\ location. If you wish the Instance maps to be populated with default information, then on first installation you will need to select 'Extended Options' from the MetaMap menu.
Select the 'Database' tab, then click 'Load Imports'. This will enable the default import button, 'Import Instance Notes'. Click on the 'Import' button to import the data.

Some addons may reset the map to gather location data.
If your map continuously jumps back to your current location when selecting another map,
it will be due to another addon resetting it. In most cases the authors have made changes
to correct this so, download the latest version of any conflicting addon.

Author: Urshurak - aka MetaHawk - Realm: Aggramar
Maps created by Niflheim.
Original MapNotes code by Sir.Bender.
Original FullWorldMap code by Mozz.
Original MetaMapBLT code by Daviesh.
Original MetaMapBWP code by Noraj.
French localisation by Sparrows.
German localisation by oneofamillion.
Spanish localisation by Fili.

302b2 - Fixed a few more bugs: WorldMapButton and TRK menus
302b3 - More fixes, Waypoint (BWP) arrow reverted to original red. To get the sword arrow, copy the \MetaMapBWP\Artwork\Arrows\Sword\ files into it's parent folder (overwrite the files). Also copy MetaMapBWP.xml to the \MetaMap\ folder.
302b4 - More bugs created than squashed.
304b5 - More bugs found and hopefully fixed. Waypoint arrow style is selectable via menu. MiniMap button is dragable. Workaround for changing map locations with battlefied minimap on. Battlefield minimap will show instead if you try to show the world map during combat (instead of showing nothing). Notes shift for new Stormwind map.

302b6 - Northrend mapnotes Import/Export (EXP/CVT) fixed. Pet menu bug fixed. Tracker mouseover bug fixed. Many other fixes. The "Set Focus" and "Target" right-click dropdown menu items are tainted by the MetaMap menu system implementation (i.e. they will cause a "Action Not Allowed" error). I am unable to fix it without some help (it's beyond my LUA/WoW knowledge), sorry.
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