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oUF dLx  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 30300.10.01.01
by: grimman [More]

Since this is a plugin for oUF, you absolutely NEED to get oUF.
Frames support moving through oUF_MoveableFrames.

I play a rogue and keep the minimap to the left of the unit frames and a bunch of buttons below the player frame so I can easily see the cooldowns. Here's a link to show you how it looks. :P
What isn't shown here is that above the player and target frames, a Quartz bar pops up with the corresponding cast timer.

Please note that this oUF style does NOT contain any action bars. The screenshots have plenty of buttons visible, all placed there by the Dominos addon. Have a look in vars.lua if you wish to make changes to how this style looks.


  • Player
  • Pet / vehicle
  • Target
  • Target of target
  • Focus
  • (Party if you enable in vars.lua)

Race abbreviation, creature type display, difficulty coloring, raid group number (yum!) and probably a whole lot more I just can't remember. Most of this is scavenged from the now discontinued Discord Unit Frames addon! <3
Limited user control! (read the following section)

vars.lua contains a number of settings you can change to make these unit frames slightly more personal.
All the settings have a comment to explain just what it does. If you make changes and there's an update, you have two options. A) Remake those changes in the new vars.lua or B) Don't overwrite your vars.lua, but make sure all new options are added to your own one, either with standard values or your preferred values. The A-method is a lot safer.

If you have any ideas, bugs to report or requests to make, post a comment.
Thank you.

- TOC bump
- Added support for oUF_MoveableFrames (install and use /mvf)

- REALLY stupid bug fixed.
- TOC bump (important!)
- Added buffs/debuffs to the focus frame
- Vehicle swapping enabled (now works like the Blizzard UI)

- Power bar background is lightly coloured by class
- Seems to work just fine with oUF 1.3.3

- Added a pet happiness icon

- Added combatGlow to vars.lua - Check it out!

- Should work fine with the new oUF framework (1.3.1) now

- All unit frames now have their own coordinates in vars.lua
- healthCritical added to vars.lua
- Added frame names. You can now move the frames with addons such as "Visor2" or "MoveAnything"
- Removed xpos, ypos and xOffset from vars.lua

- Added optional target select sound
- Added optional buff/debuff switch key
Check out vars.lua for more information

- Added pet combo points
- Added pet buffs

More stuff, fewer lines of code! :D
- Health formatting is now more sane (20000 -> 20k, 2000000 -> 2m)
- Health percentage also included!
- Max health no longer visible, only current health
- Target debuffs no longer visible
This was changed in order to make room for pet/focus
- vars.lua updated: xpos, xOffset, separator, endcap
View new vars.lua for more details!

There might be more changes, but I didn't keep track.

- Added raid group number
- Added creature type classification
- Font size on race/creature type lowered slightly
- Added "showParty" to vars.lua

- Added rest icon
- Race abbreviation for target of target fixed
- Race abbreviation works for nelfs/belfs now
- Raid icon repositioned to where you can see it

Raid icon is now located at the same spot the leader icon is, but will be located ABOVE the leader icon, should your group leader have a raid icon.
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Unread 12-17-08, 10:37 AM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Originally posted by p3lim
Just a suggestion:
Use a savedvariable database instead of a huge amount of global vars, along with a good handler.
That way people can still have their settings saved when they update the addon, new settings are added (as default values) and they can also change the settings ingame.

Sometime in the beginning of next year im gonna make a GUI based layout, with alot of configs that are changed ingame.
This might make oUF more approachable to new users, and make it a more famous addon, in some way.

Early statement though, dont get your hopes up, as im not designing it for myself, and it will get a low priority on my list of tasks.
Global or local variables, as you should know, makes absolutely no difference. Using "savedvariables" only stores them in another location, so not only can that be safely disregarded, what you're suggesting would only add needless complexity in my opinion. In addition, it's stored under the dLx table, and further more under an oUF table in that, and only a specific subset of values at that, albeit a subset that increases as users make requests. Bottom line; it's far from a "huge amount", and the risk for collision virtually is non-existent if that was your main concern. I'd love to localize them, but I'd have to stick them in the main lua file, and that would complicate things for users.

As for a config UI, you should realize (and you probably do) that an oUF config UI is pretty global to begin with. Frames are accessible via oUF.units and so forth, you know that, so positioning through a stand-alone config addon is definitely possible, and furthermore it's something most layouts would benefit from. I was writing a config addon for this purpose, but stopped because quite frankly I don't have any use for it whatsoever.

Anyway, I'm not REALLY doing this addon for the broad masses, I only add variables to my vars.lua semi-hack because people ask for it, and even so I only do it when it's not too much hassle and I'm already mucking around with other stuff anyway.

I certainly hope the users are content with this solution, I know it works just fine for me. Actually checking for missing variables also adds both workload for me and adds "weight" to the addon. I do not believe the tradeoff is worth it.

Uhm... yeah, that's what I think!
Last edited by grimman : 12-17-08 at 10:41 AM.
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Unread 05-18-09, 08:45 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Thumbs up Great Addon!!!

Great Addon... the best oUF Layout IMO! Very easy to configure for someone who doesn't know how to program .lua

The code is simple and easy to understand. All of the base information is there (pvp icon, player name, level, mob type, buff, debuffs, etc); all I had to do was move and resize some items to fit my needs/preferences.

The only thing... strictly cosmetic... is there is no background for the party unit frames... but really... it doesn't even matter... everything works and looks great... with very little memory usage.

Great job... don't change a thing!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!
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Unread 05-28-09, 06:35 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Party Frames

There is something weird going on with the party frames. I haven't been using them until now and I'm now noticing some strange stuff.

Let me preface this with the fact that I removed all addons and deleted my wtf folder... then loaded ouf_core and ouf_dLx. No other addons were loaded during this test and I'm seeing the same results.

1. If I'm in a raid, one of my party members is shown, but all of the others are not shown. I'm not sure if the party unit frames are supposed to be shown in a raid or not... but the fact that only one person in my party is shown can't be right. I typically turn off party frames (set to false) during raids so I don't see this anomaly.

2. The reason I started using the party frames was because I just started doing arenas and I want to use them to view my partner. For some reason my partner (party frame) disappears when we step into the arena.

I'm guessing that there is some conflict with the blizzard unit frames or at least it appears that way.

Is anyone else using these party frames having the same issues? I'm trying to isolate the problem and have hit a dead end. I'm not that familiar with Lua code or how it interfaces with the game client, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I love these unit frames, so I would hate to ditch them for this little glitch.

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Unread 05-29-09, 02:52 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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All I can say is that I've witnessed similar behavior in PerfectRaid which I used as a party frame replacement for a bit. It did the same thing you describe when I was in arenas. It also set a couple of units to display my own info rather than the unit they SHOULD display, making it utterly useful.

However, this does not help you, and I'm afraid I can't either as I'm quite happy using Grid for party frames now. I'm sorry.
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Unread 07-26-09, 10:08 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Love the mod for my druid but didn't want to use it without cast bars. Thought someone else may want them. Cheers.

--cast bars (insert at line 205)
if unit=="player" or unit=="target" then 
			self.Castbar = CreateFrame('StatusBar', nil, self)
			--local Castbar = CreateFrame"statusbar"
			if unit == "target" then
				self.Castbar:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", self, "TOPRIGHT",0 , 8)
				self.Castbar:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", self, "TOPLEFT", 0, 8)
			self.Castbar:SetStatusBarColor(.35, .35, .35)
			self.Castbar.Text = self.Castbar:CreateFontString(nil,"OVERLAY")
			self.Castbar.Text:SetFont(font, fSize, 'THINOUTLINE')
				self.Castbar.Text:SetPoint('TOPLEFT', self.Castbar,'TOPLEFT',8, 1)
		self.Castbar.Time = self.Castbar:CreateFontString(nil,"OVERLAY")
		self.Castbar.Time:SetFont(font, fSize, 'THINOUTLINE')
			self.Castbar.Time:SetPoint('RIGHT', self.Castbar, -1, 1)

		self.Castbar.Time:SetFont(font, fSize, 'THINOUTLINE')
		self.Castbar.Time:SetTextColor(1, 1, 1)
		--border and background
		local castBG = addBG(self.Castbar,20,width+8)

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Unread 09-04-10, 04:09 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hello. I'm using your Addon since today and i pritty like it. But is there a possibility to show my Life,Mana for me and my focus without hide it and Life for the group ?
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