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Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
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Skullflower's UI  Updated Today!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 2.01
by: Nightmareic [More]
DISCLAIMER: Reset your ElvUI profile if you're upgrading from a previous version by going to /ec -> Profiles -> Reset Profile

Simple installation to set up ElvUI into a minimalistic interface
Every aspect of the interface is customized and tailored to perfection Savedvariables for xCT, BigWigs, CompactRunes, and Skada
Optional settings to easily customize Elv without messing around with the settings, such as:
- Square ActionBar Layout: customizes your action bar layout into a 6x2 formation
- Unhide Buttons: enable hidden mouseover bars and buttons
- Consolidated Buffs: quickly enable and reposition auras, the minimap, and consolidated buffs
- Frame texts: enables unitframe texts such as player health, player power, target health, target percent health
- Alternate frames: enables a different unitframe setting
- Heal group frames: resizes and repositions the group frames for healers
- and a reset button to restore everything to the original settings!

Damage Layout

Healer Layout
DISCLAIMER: Reset your ElvUI profile if you're upgrading from a previous version by going to /ec -> Profiles -> Reset Profile

Version 2.01 [7/25/2014]
- Added two optional settings: enable ToT frame and alternate texture
- Added player power text to frame texts option
- Repositioned ToT frame
- Reconfigured reputation and experience frame while using consolidated buffs
- Increased buttons of the square bar layout

Version 2 [7/25/2014]
- New texture (previous texture renamed Skullflower2)
- New installation frame
- New alternate unitframes setting
- Action bar layout reconfigured (previous layout is now an optional setting)
- Frame offsets, padding, sizes, and colors reconfigured
- Frame texts reconfigured
- Cast bars are now transparent
- Code cleanup
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