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Panther  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 12.6.6
by: Kupotek [More]

Welcome to Panther, formerly Kittyui!

Panther UI

Donations are not only welcome but very important, please consider donating even a dollar
to help me continue the work, thank you!
You can also join my patreon here! https://www.patreon.com/jmbmusic

The problem is that all addons are made by different authors, some lock in profile info better than others, some default on loading on a new character or server or machine... this is why i will always make myself available to help those who honor me by using and enjoying my ui... I've put thousands of hours into it.

If only everyone donated a dollar, I could move to be with my fiance and get out of debt! 59,000 downloads.. sigh... I'd be doing quite well for us   San Diego is very expensive. Please consider a small donation when you download the UI if you love it. Thank you!

Contact me via Facebook.Com/CatnipDream for all questions.
Once downloaded all addons updateable via Curse,
except Docking Station which is here at WOWI.

  • Log out and Exit Game
  • Delete or Move Old WTF and Interface folders to a backup folder, just so long as there isn't a WTF or Interface folder in your WOW directory when we get started.
  • Extract Panther folders and move my WTF and Interface folder to your WOW directory.
  • Go into WTF folder and rename the following folders as requested: ACCOUNT NAME\REALM NAME\CHARACTER NAME ((Important note: Do not rename the folder called "Account" but the one called "ACCOUNT NAME" all in caps! Account name should not be your email address but your actual account name Server Name and Character Name are not written all in caps.))
  • Disable Dominoes > Encounters to assure zone action elements are visible.


I am still working out the install process...

Addons can be very fickle, and Reflux which used to allow you to set a single profile hasn't been updated in years alas...


Profiles to set up:


1. Dominoes > Profiles> Set to Panther (ingame type /dom)
2. DockingStation > Profiles > Panther (ingame escape > Interface > addons)
3. Chatter > Profiles > Panther (ingame type /chatter)
4. Pitbull > Profiles > Panther (ingame type /pitbull)
5. Aura Frames > Profiles > Panther (ingame type /af)
6. Masque > Profiles > Panther (ingame type /masque)
7. Castbars > Profiles > Panther (ingame type /cb)
8. Skada > Profiles > Panther (Ingame gear in Skada window, r-click)


artwork : /kgpanels config > Active Panels
Size of buttons: /dom > right click the specific panel, you'll see sizing options there

Some known Issues:

1. Shift-right click the orbs to move them
2. The panels are /kgpanels config
3. The docking panels, go into Escape > Interface > Addons > Docking Panel > Profiles and set it to Darwinsradio
4. I believe pet bars are in /dom > General > Configure Bars...
5. Skada unlocking is when you left click the skada window gear > (last icon on the right of that window) > Skada > Unlock Window
6. The frames are /kgpanels config, and anchored to /dom, so you can move that.
7. The chat field is the edit box polish of /chatter
8. How to adjust the size of the KG panel frame:
9. Go to /kgpanels config, active > unit frames > scroll down to panel width x panel height
10. How to adjust text alignment and such?
Docking Station / Broker Location Escape > Interface > Addons > Docking Station > Plugins


Question 1:

Just tried setting it up. Changed all the profiles to correct ones to match and all that. Still ended up with a minimized version. And when I went on to fix it. Bar 2 of Dominos was anchored to kg panels incorrectly. Bar 2 was way smaller then the panel and not centerd.


/kgpanels config to resize and move the anchored artwork

Location items are:

1. esc > interface > addons > docking station panel: location
2. /castbars
3. /chatter > edit box polish

Question 2:

Hi Jonathan, just got home and about to download you're ui setup! Will only work on 1 character or all?!


The UI will work on any character, just copy the Character Name folder and rename to the new Character.
Remember to rename folders: ACCOUNT NAME, Server Name, Character Name

Question 3:


To fix misplaced chatwindows, rightclick the main tab for chat > unclock and move, I actually find it easiest to resize a black border on a black background, by changing the window screen to something bright for moving, then turning it back once it's set.

To fix the Orbs, Shift-Right Click allows you to drag them.

I hope this helps, if you need more help, leave a comment

  • Page 1: 1-5
  • Page 2: Shift Keys
  • Page 3: F Keys
  • Alt Keys for Mounts
  • Shift-C Resets Skada Data
  • (Rogue-specific) Shift-F: Stealth / Shift-G: Vanish

(No addons within have been used without explicit permission by the authors)
  • (Shiny<3) Without which none of this would be possible.
  • (Nandini - Mal'Ganis) Minimap Texture Fix with Glow
  • (Kathleen S) Kitty Ear Nameplate (no longer used)
  • (Ro - Hyjal) for the amazing Welcome Screen!
  • (Shadofall) WTF folder for 1920x1080 Settings (no longer used)
  • Special Thanks to all the addon authors for their hard work and dedication.
  • Special Thanks to Wowinterface.com for hosting my UI and helping me in so many little ways.
  • Special Thanks to all the users who have helped make this UI so popular, donations, feedback, it's truly invaluable.

Thank you,

Jonathan / Darwinsradio - Zul'Jin / Kittysafe - Zul'Jin


12.6.6 (Mar 19, 2017)

1. Replaced Pitbull Auras with Aura Frame target buff/debuffs
2. Removed redundant player info (health bar/mana/power/combo)
This is done on userside, under ESCAPE > INTERFACE > NAMES > "Personal Resource Display"
3. Redo on Tooltips
4. Streamlined Sharedmedia folder for better loading times.



And please if you want to support the project, donate via Paypal to [email protected] !
Every little bit helps a ton!

Individuals can add what they want... to run the package as well as possible for
all people, requires a little streamlining that will benefit everyone.

Bugs I'm working on for next release:


12.6.5 (Mar 11, 2017)

1. Streamlining the UI for speed and efficiency... I am finding load times into the game to be too slow for my
satisfaction... so I am removing everything unnecessary, to improve on this... I have used CPU Usage addons
and diagnostics in Windows to see exactly what utilizes what processor time resulting in what boot time...

Removed addons:

!Swatter, Atlas Loot, Auctionator, Bag Brother, Bagnon, Beancounter, Broker_Garrison, Enchantrix, Informant, Overachiever
SexyMap, SimpleILevel, SlideBar, Stubby

2. Updated some addon aesthetics: Aura Frames, location of DBM, and others...

3. Reorganized information like target casting, personal buffs/debuffs display and more to be more easily read
and more efficiently.

4. Removed redundant Gold docking icon.

5. Added: Saved Instances Docking

6. Scaled down Diablo Orbs

12.6.3 (Feb 27, 2017)

1. AutoTurnIn is buggy, and updated, will be removed
2. Target castbars adjusted
3. Clean up of old macros
4. Enlarged chat and combat text frames to easier reading
5. Adjusted all framed and bars to compensate for the space reduction
6. Moved "Talking Head Frame" which shows storyline text
7. Adjusted weakauras, auraframes, dominoes
8. Added some mods, removed others
9. Removed problematic or unnecessary addons, Grid, Gathermate2, Personal Loot Helper, RSA
10. Replaced Big Wigs / Little Wigs with DBM
11. Added: Bagnon, !KalielsTracker
12. A bunch of other little tweaks and fixes.

12.6 (Feb 18, 2017)

This update is coming tonight!

12.5.1 (12/7/2015)

A lot of little fixes and polishes
Reintroduce Grid Raid Frames

12.5 (11/29/2015)

A lot of little fixes and polishes

12.4 (11/15/2015)

A lot of little fixes and polishes
Removed Reflux since no longer functioning properly

12.37 (10/17/2015)

Major update

12.1 (8/14/2015)

Test on huge changes....

na (6/17/2015)

Coming Soon... NEW FEATURES:

When you click the PVE or PVP macro, not only does Dominos switch to that specific bar profile,
it instantly swaps between your PVE and PVP gear... so be sure to set those Equipment Sets up!

12.0.5 (6/11/2015)

A lot of changes in this one. Profile emulation, Unit frame changes, Aura changes, lots of adjustments across the board, from the bones up, with more to come.

12.0.4 (6/4/2015)

Lots of little adjustments, things still to do: Add setup button on welcome screen for Reflux and Dominos Profile loading.

12.0.3 (6/2/2015)

Profile Adjustments
Lots of little fixes

na (5/29/2015)

Adjusted Strata for all elements

Strata Settings:

My casting = HIGH
Target casting = MEDIUM
Target Frame = LOW
Location Panel = BACKGROUND
Left, Right, and Bottom = BACKGROUND

na (5/28/2015

Screenshots added for work in progress...

12.0.2 (5/26/2015)

Profile Fixes
Switch from /reflux switch Kittyui to Panther


Macro to toggle between PVE/PVP Profiles in Dominoes
Cast Bar Changes
Profile Adjustments

Troubleshooting added to faq

Anyone having set up issues with my UI PANTHER, it's due to reflux switching... so here is a quick ingame fix while I work on a permanent solution. Thanks!
1. Ingame type /reflux switch Kittyui
2. Ingame type /dom set PVE
3. Ingame type /skada config to move and resize window to combat frame on the right, and change font...
4. Ingame type /icehud config set existing profile to Default
5. Ingame type /af set Profile to Darwinsradio
6. Ingame type /tomtom and find "Coordinate Block", set background and border opacity to zero and check the lock button at the top

7. Remember in WTF / you don't touch the first folder called Account, only the ones in caps do you change:

[Rename]ACCOUNTNAME (Not your Email address)

8. Make sure at the login screen, that out of date addons is checked.

Now you should be set...


Big changes, across the board, streamlined, did away with a bag mod, I love the default bags now that they added functionality, and while they lack some organizational customization, bag addons seem to slow loading for me, just a very invasive addon it seems... so I did away with it, feel free to add a bag mod of your own liking of course.

Many other changes, fixes, polishes... I hope you enjoy it! And as always, all comments are welcome and encouraged.


A whole lotta polishing... and what else ya gonna do on patch day?!


Major update
Welcome screen
Massive UI-wide adjustments, fixes and tweaks


Minor tweaking and polishing
Adjustments on chatter, grid, default windows and frames, cast bars,
WA setup and display


Big changes in 11.0!

More thematic integration
Utilizing more up to date mods, Skinner and more!

** Includes Deadly Boss Mods **


Kittyui becomes Panther
Tooltips polished

Name change from Kitty to Panther:

I have finally decided to upgrade my WOW UI... it is growing up and getting a new name... so formerly known as Kittyui, it is now called simply Panther... still in the cat family... but I think people will be more likely to download it with a more badass name... and having come back after 2 years, I think the new chapter is ready to be opened with a great new name while maintaining the same intention...


Fixed castbars, breath meter, etc...
Aligned size and positioning of social / combat windows


Added Broker Garrison to my docking station broker everything environment, to clear up the minimap.
Full cleaning, simplifying, balanced bars.
Got rid of unnecessary and duplicate mods


Scaled Down and Cleaned up, organized Dock, Simplified use of space


Some fine tuning...


My WOW UI just became even more amazing... I added a movement recalibration cooldown spark that just looks awesome... along with new castbars, modifications of tooltips and docking station and cleanup of various issues as well... new version is pretty serious.


Unit Frames fix


Lots of minor fixes, casting bar adjustments, background textures, and more...


First polishing and finetuning, bugsack says no bugs!


My first update in nearly 2 years... there will be some issues... but so far so good :)
This is my way of saying, hey I'm back! I hope everyone is well, and I look forward
to hearing from you in the comments! I've missed so many people!


Added special bar which can be disabled in /kgpanels config and /bt
Fixed Clique frame, pitbull pet frame
Other finetuning

6.0.6-7 (Graphic and Config Fixes)

6.0.5 (Finetuning)

6.0.4 (BIG UPDATE)

1. KGpanel artwork
2. A lot of little tweaks and fixes.
3. Tooltip customization, i.e. Loot windows were in the way of unitframes.
4. Moved chi bars
5. Customized Pitbull further, and some other addons


A lot of little tweaks and fixes.

6.02 (BIG UPDATE!)

1. Fixed broker issues
2. Adjusted size of chat and combat areas for more user friendliness
3. Adjusted for recount in combat area
4. Fixed weak auras for chi with custom textures to match UI style
5. Adjusted and fixed casting bars and cooldowns
6. Adjusted Pitbull Unit Frames
7. Some other minor tweaks and bug fixes

6.0.1 (4/6/13)


Broker Spec Removed
Broker Equipswitch Removed
Pitbull's Shadow Orb Module disabled
Tons removed


WeakAuras for Shadow Orbs

6.0 (4/6/13)

Today's update comes after two years hiatus...
It's not perfect, but it all appears to be working...


Removed Satrina's Buff Frames
Patched Fluid Frames
Fixed zBrokerDurability
Other minor adjustments

5.3.1 (5/1/11)


5.3 (4/30/11)

More fixes post patch...
Removed Satrina's Buff Frame until a fix or replacement is found.

5.2 (4/28/11)

Updated after new patch which low level strafe-bombed everyone's addons...

5.1 (4/24/11)

Updated after two months away

5.03 (2/13/11)

1. Installation Fixes

5.02 (2/12/11)

1. Adjust casting bar aesthetic (font and texture)
2. Adjust Bartender Artbar Displaying
3. Adjust Grid Mana Bars
4. Addmod: Fluidframes
5. Adjust: Grid
6. Addmod: Broker shPerformance
7. Removemod: BrokerCPU

Broker shPerformance

Addmod: Ara Broker Guild Friends

5 (2/10/11)

1. Addmod: Wow Instant Messenger
2. Tons of fixes, updates, restructuring and effectiveness for casting and cooldowns


4.95 1/25/11

1. Redo Pitbull focus and focus target frames
2. Redo SBF configuration
3. Redo Buttonfacade aesthetic
4. Redo Castbars aesthetic


4.9 1/20/11

Removemod: Raven
Addmod: Satrina's Buff frame

We will miss you Satrina! <3


4.8 1/18/11

Removemod: Speaknspell
Addmod: RSA and MovePowerBarAlt

RSA: Great spell announcer and highly configurable
MovePowerBarAlt: For moving the Powerbar in Bastion of Light


4.7 1/13/11

Alot of fixes and tweaks in this one, I'd say a must download.


4.6 1/4/11

1. Fixed Focus Frame for Cooldowns
2. Added Focus Awareness Bars
3. Ajusted Grid information priorities
4. Bunch of other little tweaks
5. Happy New Year!


4.5.2 1/2/11

Created profile for 1024x768 users


4.5.1 XXX

Bartender Fix


4.5 12/31/10

1. Tweaks: Castingbars, Grid, Pitbull
2. Fixes for profile emulation
3. Fixes: Castingbars, Raven Buff Bars, Forte Cooldown Timers
4. Fixes: Bartender redo to fix an oddly persistent vehicle UI error
5. Tweaks: Alignment, Database Cleanse, Reset on Bartender, other minor things
or stuff I just don't remember doing.
6. New Addons: Fortexorcist, Raven
7. Removed Addons: Satrina's Buff Frame (Love you Satrina, trying something new,
I know you're quitting WOW and I wish you all the best in 2011 and beyond! *HUG ATTACK!*


4.4 12/28/10

1. Fixed Pitbull
2. Fixed some casting overlay issues
3. Minor tweaks and adjustments


4.3 12/22/10

1. Adjusted Docking Panels and Strata

Left: Technical
Middle: Dungeon Info
Right: Guild and Play Info

2. Casting bar now overrides middle panel
3. Added aTotembar for Shaman Support
4. New Pitbull Unitframes
5. Reconfig docking panels, chatbar, fonts


4.2 12/19/10

1. Updated casting bars
2. Fixed issue with 'w' key movement
3. Updated Action bar frame for casting embed and chat
4. Font and style updated
5. Button Facade restyle
6. Tons of tweaks and fixes


4.1 12/15/10

Refitted frames
Fixed buff and debuff appearance


4.0 12/9/10

Fixed a few errors reported and adjusted aura bar, casting bars, and some other key things
to make the UI all around more friendly and fun to use for the expansion.

Added: Satrina's Buff Frame, removed Raven
Added: OmniCC


4.0b 12/8/10

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Unread 04-21-09, 10:11 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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I featured your UI in Pimp My UI.
Hope you don't mind
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Unread 04-18-09, 03:42 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Originally posted by ole1510
Looks very nice to play.
Thanks Ole
Panther UI | My Home on the Web
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Unread 04-17-09, 10:19 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Looks very nice to play.
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Unread 04-15-09, 11:36 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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It is now
Panther UI | My Home on the Web
Last edited by Kupotek : 04-16-09 at 03:23 AM.
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Unread 04-15-09, 11:28 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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i dont think satrina buff frames is included
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Unread 03-20-09, 06:17 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Anyway, I'm back
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Unread 03-13-09, 10:56 AM  
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I actually quit WOW about a month ago, sorry.
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Unread 03-13-09, 10:32 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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Do you have a shot available with raidframes up? I'd download it and look myself buuuut...I've been in and out of game like. 40 times in the last 15 minutes and my guild is starting to think I'm getting hacked. o.O
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Unread 02-28-09, 03:02 PM  
Shiny <3
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Originally posted by Kupotek
I felt the UI needed a touch of pizazz!

How are you Shiny?
im ok thanks just got to level80 finally lol. Owf them heroics are hard places very stressfull lol but yeah im just downloading your ui to steal my old textures =)

ive lost them and i want them back going to restore myself a version of the old fundamental (Y)
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Unread 02-20-09, 05:44 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Designed initially for users with 1680x1050 but does work
with other resolutions as well from what I have found.

How do I change to 1024x768? If its possible.
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Unread 02-09-09, 11:28 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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I felt the UI needed a touch of pizazz!

How are you Shiny?
Last edited by Kupotek : 02-09-09 at 11:29 AM.
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Unread 02-09-09, 11:13 AM  
Shiny <3
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Originally posted by Kupotek
Work in progress:

right this isnt meant in a nasty way BUT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THAT MINIMAP =) lol colourful border or what? =D
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Unread 02-04-09, 05:03 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Work in progress:

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Unread 01-23-09, 09:53 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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What i did with KittyUI

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Unread 01-05-09, 06:12 AM  
Shiny <3
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Originally posted by Kupotek
It would also allow users to put fubar there if they so choose.
Very cool.
yeah but i liked the fubar there and if you dont please yourself when you make a ui, whats the point? x)

in game finally took me about 5 hours, has 22 eepanel layers. and custom UFs not finished with it yet though.
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