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BlinkHealthText HUD (US)

Version: 081029r4
by: Sent [More]

This is a mod that has been around for a while as part of a compilation by Korean mod author Blink. The official Korean thread can be found HERE.

This mod shows your health and your target's health in a minimalistic style HUD on either side of your character. It has no fancy bars or graphics, just text. The options include font, position, fade in/out of combat, absolute or percentage health, etc.

I found that the mod looked so useful as a minimal HUD, that I had to use it. This is the latest version (I know of) and it currently works on 3.0.2.

I don't know any Korean and very little LUA, so I won't be making any changes to it. All I did was make the configuration readable (English), which was a 15 minute job and very easy to do.

I hope you guys enjoy using it, and hopefully it won't break any time soon.

(If you know LUA and feel you can update this mod better to suit the US/EU community feel free)

All credit goes to Blink for this awesome mod. I am not the author.

Also check out Digits by Satrina

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Another Mod taken from this

There's another Mod that has been around for quite sometime by Phanx:

http://www.wowinterface.com/download...eenHealth.html (OnScreenHealth)

Just thought I would share, It's got all the options you might want and is maintained.
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