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Version: 0.1.012
by: ManniAT [More]

RCSounds brings back the sounds for the readycheck.
RCSounds has no interface.
Usage /rcs Soundnum
Where Soundnum can be: 0==No Sound | 1==Derisch | 2==Blizzard | 3==oRA2
About the sond 1 - our Raidleader (Derisch) starts to make some RC-Sound since the builtin RC-Sound no longer works.
When I asked my guild if I should make this addon some of my mates ment:
We got used to our "current sound" - we wont miss it.
So this is included in the addon.

At the first ReadyCheck you will hear the standard sound - since Blizz provides one and "double sound" sounds bab.
After this the selected sound is played whenever a readycheck occures.

Sorry to Tamaroth who made a simmilar addon.
I have overseen it - you can find it here: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...4-rCSound.html

Removed Sound on first RC
Removed Sound on Initiator
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