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Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
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Version: 2.1.5
by: Gello [More]
This addon adds the /select macro command you can use instead of /use or /cast to use an item or spell among a list. Right-clicking your macro from the bars will pop out a menu where you can change the item or spell to use.

__ New in 2.1.5 __
  • Fix for handling of invalid/missing [condition]als.

__ How to use __
  • Create a macro with this line: /select item or spell, item or spell, item or spell, etc
  • Drag the macro to your bars.
  • The first item or spell will be the default action when you hit the macro.
  • Right-click the macro on your bars to change it to a different item or spell.
For instance, warriors may find this useful:
/select Battle Shout, Commanding Shout
When you create that macro it will cast Battle Shout every time it's hit. If you join a group with a death knight and want to use Commanding Shout instead, right-click the macro on your bars and choose Commanding Shout. Now the macro will display and cast Commanding Shout.

You can also embed the /select within a larger macro. For mages:
/focus [@focus,noexists][@focus,dead][mod:alt]
/select [@focus,exists][] Polymorph, Polymorph(Turtle), Polymorph(Rabbit), Polymorph(Black Cat)
This is a standard focus-sheep macro. When you want to change what polymorph spell to use, right-click the macro on your bars and pick another. It will use that new polymorph until you decide to change it again.

__ Search:Keywords __

To help add items and spells to your /select menus (especially since there's a ~30 character tax to macro space, discussed later), several search:keywords are added which users of the earlier version of Select may remember.

Note that all of the filter keywords are Case Sensitive.

item:id or partial name
Add an item by its item:id or all items in your bags and person that contain the partial name.
Examples: item:1234, item:Bandage, item:Ore

spell:id or partial name
Add a spell by its spell:id or all spells in your spellbook that contain the partial name.
Examples: spell:1234, spell:Teleport, spell:Polymorph

mount:flying, land, any, a partial name or favorite(*)
Add all flying mounts, land mounts, any mount, or all mounts that contain the partial name.
Examples: mount:flying, mount:Mechanostrider, mount:Drake
(*) mount:favorite requires the addon Select Favorite Mounts enabled.

profession:primary, secondary, any or partial name
Add primary, secondary or any profession. Supporting skills such as Survey for Archaeology will also be added.
Examples: profession:primary, profession:any, profession:Archaeology

type:"GetItemInfo" type
Add all items that contain the search words in one of its type fields. See for a full list.
Examples: type:Quest, type:Herb, type:Food & Drink

You can use filters alongside item or spell names too. For instance:
/select Mythical Healing Potion, item:Bandage, Healthstone, type:Food & Drink
Also, to save space you can use i: s: m: and t: as shortcuts for item: spell: mount: and type:

__ Using stuff in the popout the menu __

The standard behavior of clicking an item or spell in the popout menu is to swap your /select macro to use that new item or spell the next time it's hit.

If you want to use it immediately, hold <Alt> as you select it. If you want this behavior to happen all the time without holding <Alt>, there's an option to change it in the default interface options:

Use Item or Spell When Selecting: When this is checked, selecting an item or spell will also use it, acting more like the default's flyout menus.

There is another option that works whether the above is used or not:

Use But Don't Select with <Alt>: With this checked, holding <Alt> as you click an item or spell in the popout menu will use it, but it will not select it. This is useful for infrequently-used things like vendor mounts and soulwells.

__ New [condition] support in 2.1 __

Version 2.1 introduces [condition] support for /select macros just like you use in secure slash commands like /cast. Every [condition] supported by the macro system is supported here. Some examples:
/select [flyable] Name of flying mount, Another flying mount; Name of land mount
/select [@focus,exists][] spell:Polymorph
/select [combat] Master Healing Potion, Healthstone; [nocombat] item:Food & Drink
/select [spec:1] Conjured Mana Cake, Cobo Cola; Conjured Mana Cake, Frybread
/select [nopet] spell:Summon Demon; Grimoire of Sacrifice
If you also use Select Favorite Mounts, you can also use the favoriteflying (or fflying) and favoriteland (or fland) mount filters:
/select [swimming] Riding Turtle; [flyable] mount:favoriteflying; mount:favoriteland
__ Reduced macro length "tax" in 2.1 __

To do its magic, Select needs to add a line like this to your macros that contain a /select command:
/click [btn:2]S01:M;S01:A
It will do this on its own and it will recreate this line if it's accidentally deleted or altered. You don't need to worry about it except to remember that when writing your /select macros your macro needs at least 26 characters free for it to add this line (if it's not already there).

__ Limitations __
  • When you create or edit a macro in combat (you should be fighting!) it will wait until you leave combat to turn the macro on or make changes from your edit.
  • If you gain an item or spell that wasn't available as you entered combat, that item or spell won't be available until you leave combat.
  • If you change either 'Use Item or Spell When Selecting' or 'Use But Don't Select With <Alt>' option in combat, the change won't happen until you leave combat.

__ Future plans __
  • pet:<name> or <species> search to add companion pets
  • slot:<number> search to implement swapping gear to a specific slot
  • List type menu format option
  • /select command option to exclude items from the list (ie /select item:Ink -Virtuoso Inking Set)

__ Frequently Asked Questions __

Q: What action bar addons does this support?
A: All of them! Default too, of course. If you can drop a Blizzard macro onto the button then it should work on that button. However, if the macros are outside of the game's 36 general/18 character-specific macro slots, Select won't be aware of them.

Q: Can I add companion pets to a /select?
A: Not yet, sorry. Working on it!

Q: Can I change the order that items or spells list in the menu?
A: If you want certain items to list before others, add them manually. ie: "/select x-51 nether-rocket x-treme, mount:flying" will list the x-51 rocket first.

Q: Tyrael's Charger is missing from my land mounts!
A: Tyrael's Charger can fly so it's grouped with the flying mounts. But if you want to add it to your land mounts you can add it manually: /select tyrael's charger, mount:land

Q: Can I use this to swap trinkets to equip and use?
A: You can! Try "/select type:INVTYPE_TRINKET". At present it will only equip the top trinket slot. A future update will have a slot:<number> filter to support swapping all slots.

Q: Can you make the popout menu align to the action/macro button?
A: No. The secure methods to get the menu working in combat prohibits anchoring willy nilly.

Q: I use spaces for macro names to hide the macro name on the buttons, but I can't have more than one /select macro share a name. Any way to get around this?
A: Use a different number of spaces for each /select macro. Select macros named "(space)(space)" and "(space)(space)(space)" will coexist fine with all your other macros named "(space)".
2.1.5, 2/23/14, fix for handling of invalid/missing [condition]als
2.1.4, 2/20/14, fix for hyphenated item:searches
2.1.3, 1/14/14, fix for mounts not completely loading on login
2.1.2 12/26/13, frames join UISpecialFrames only when they're shown (out of combat)
2.1.1, 9/11/13, toc update for 5.4
2.1.0, 6/22/13, semi-rewrite: state driver added, flyouts indexed by their list instead of their macro, DontSelectWithAlt option, item cache added
2.0.13, 5/19/13, toc update, summonpet works in combat, menus at top of screen grow downward
2.0.12, 5/5/13, added mount:favorites filter if Select Favorite Mounts loaded
2.0.11, 4/18/13, BAG_UPDATE unregistered if all menus populated, added Select_PerCharacter_Settings to restore initial actions to last attributes, removed profiling tools
2.0.10, 4/06/13, removed G_PetRoster, added profiling tools
2.0.9, 3/28/13, removed internal pet system, added G_PetRoster
2.0.8, 2/18/13, added macrotext support, centralized timer system, internal pet system
2.0.7, 1/26/13, added tooltips to /select macros
2.0.6, 9/23/12, added nil,1 to GetItemCount in parent:OnShow, added throttled UpdateMacroIcons on BAG_UPDATE, PLAYER_EQUIPMENT_CHANGED
2.0.5, 9/21/12, rewrite release
1.0.0, 11/08/08, initial release
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Unread 12-20-08, 12:00 PM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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Originally posted by KiwiiDawn
okie I see people saying stuff about quest items.. will all the items for quest automatic show up in the pop up or do i have to place them there?

I am unclear as to how it works. will it put the spell/items ect in the pop up it self?
Original macro you create will be :

/select tooltip:Quest Item
The main thing i'd like to do with this addon is replace autobar.
But i can't seem to group several things in one menu like:

a tradeskill button that includes : cooking, campfire, tailoring, firstaid , etc ,etc
Last edited by jadakren : 12-20-08 at 12:16 PM.
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Unread 12-11-08, 12:13 AM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin

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Has anyone tried to use this with Macaroon successfully?
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Unread 12-07-08, 12:41 AM  
A Theradrim Guardian
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I get what you're doing with this addon, and I for one, think it's a great concept. I have a bug report for you however.

/cast [nobtn:2] Purple Hawkstrider
/stopmacro [nobtn:2]
/select companion:Mount

I am a paladin. One of my mounts is Summon Charger. Another is Summon Warhorse. The popup menu shows both of the horses. I select either one of them, and the macro does not update, as well as not functioning with whatever mount I had previously selected. I can simply choose another mount, and it will work fine. Of course, I'm a paladin though, I wanna ride my horsie!
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Unread 12-05-08, 11:39 AM  
A Defias Bandit

Forum posts: 3
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its nice addon to save use many ui
but i have a question
for example
when i use the macro /select companion:Mount
1.may i choose and how to write the macro to just show some mount(not all mount) to display in the menu to write the two macro for landmount and flymount
shinchih2001 is offline Report comment to moderator  
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Unread 11-18-08, 10:55 AM  
A Black Drake

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okie I see people saying stuff about quest items.. will all the items for quest automatic show up in the pop up or do i have to place them there?

I am unclear as to how it works. will it put the spell/items ect in the pop up it self?
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Unread 11-15-08, 01:07 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
AnElk's Avatar

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Off Topic...

I have no idea what this addon is all about to be honest, I'm only putting this post here for the reason that Gello appears to have been visiting here lately and may see this.

ItemRack... I miss it. It's no longer working with the bunch of patches Blizzard has been sadistic enough to throw at us lately.
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Unread 11-14-08, 06:08 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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I was just about to make a post to Gello suggesting a quest item version of MiniTrinketMenu. With all of us running around Northrend and using a new quest item every 20 minutes something that allows us to quickly set that up would be awesome! I'm going to take this for a spin (but agree with the other poster that said that Quest Item + Use would be the best filter).
Lindalas is offline Report comment to moderator  
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Unread 11-12-08, 08:10 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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Pretty cool. It could use a little more (being able to Select only items that fall under two categories at the same time like Quest and Use would be awesome).

It also seems to spit an error with SellFish trying to add to the tooltip when mousing over any of the buttons that pop out, although I guess I can live with it.
level12wizard is offline Report comment to moderator  
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Unread 11-12-08, 02:41 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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Perfect for mounts and addon macros, especially ones like simple frame opening commands ;x

Might save me from having to use something like xbar or flexbar... can just stick with BT4.

Cheers Gello
doomveteran is offline Report comment to moderator  
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Unread 11-11-08, 08:55 PM  
Beater of Peons
Jurandr's Avatar
Premium Member

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I think I'm going to try this to organize the actionbars I dedicate to portals and teleports. Thanks for the mod =)
Jurandr is offline Report comment to moderator  
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Unread 11-11-08, 02:47 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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This is brilliant Gello, and just what I've been looking for to manage all the various quest items my bags get filled with while doing dailies.

I may even try and see if it would be usable to open containers from the action bar. That would be handy.

btw, whatever happened to Autorack?
Somnifer is offline Report comment to moderator  
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Unread 11-10-08, 01:39 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Does this only work on the standard Blizz UI action bars? I can't seem to get the popups to work on CT_Barmod bars. Thanks.
twc is offline Report comment to moderator  
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Unread 11-09-08, 10:12 PM  
A Warpwood Thunder Caller
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yea, that's awesome. back in the days of flexbar 1.6 i had similar thing for curses.
also, would be cool to see something like that for itemrack sets
Last edited by d87 : 11-09-08 at 11:38 PM.
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Unread 11-08-08, 03:26 PM  
A Wyrmkin Dreamwalker
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Awesome idea! I had an idea for something like this, but never had the energy to learn enough Lua to pull it off. Between addons like this and Tekkub's Buffet, my UI is getting more light weight everyday. I haven't played with this in yet, but I am looking forward to it.


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Unread 11-08-08, 02:35 PM  
A Scalebane Royal Guard
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Originally posted by p3lim
Cant select them in combat neither. Looked nice at first, but im not gonna use it now.
Yeah don't worry about it. Lots of people will expect it to be something other than it's not. I don't know how to say it's not a pop-out action bar. Even Alestane and Cogwheel on the forums couldn't understand that wasn't the intent I was after.
Gello is online now Report comment to moderator  
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