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QuestMods  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 5.3.1
by: yarko [More]

QuestMods by Yarko
PartyQuests light. I wrote this when I realized that Cosmos PartyQuests was not reliable and very heavy. People liked it so now it's here!

NOTE: The party parts of the addon are no longer functional, and, at this time, I have no plans to get them working again. If I have the desire and the time in the future, I might get to them. So, this is QuestMods light.

Basic functionality
- Shows quest levels in the quest log (of course) and also in the watch frame and map. This feature can be shut off in interface options.

- Shows a clear message on the screen when objectives for a quest are complete. Can be configured to play a sound as well (defaulted on).

- Configuration option allows user to send quest objective progress updates to the chat window for easy review.

- Configuration option allows quest objective progress and completion to be reported to party through chat.

- A button and message appear to the right of the center of the screen when the player receives an item that starts a quest. A sound can play as well if configured to do so (defaulted on). Left clicking the button will open the player's bags. Right clicking will simply hide the button. The button disappears when clicked or when all quests have been activated from the items. Can be configured to display button upon login when user has unactivated quest starter items in bags. Button can be moved by holding down shift, left clicking on the button and dragging with the mouse. A configuration button has been made available in configuration options to make the quest starter alert button visible for moving if it is not visible.

- Keeps track of which quest headers were collapsed and which quests were being tracked for each character through logout and login.

- Player can use ctrl+click in the quest log to drop a quest. Doing so will prompt the user with a confirmation dialog. If shift+ctrl+click is used, the confirmation dialog will not appear allowing for quick dropping of multiple quests.

Use the QuestMods options panel to configure the add-on by opening the main menu, clicking the Interface button, clicking the Addons tab, and selecting the QuestMods entry.

* 5.3.1
- Fixed problem with button showing up on login
- Updated toc to 50400

* 5.3
- Fixed problems with occasional nil errors

* 5.2.1 beta
- TOC to 50300

* 5.2
- Added ability to drop quests in quest log using ctrl+click and shift+ctrl+click.
- Removed display of quest log detail window when getting an automatic quest. Now displays regular quest info window with Close button.
- Button now displays when getting a quest starter item even when the quest has been completed.
- Button now does not disappear if a quest starter item is activated while the user is moving the button.
- Button text no longer sometimes displays when user shows the button for moving.
- Fixed problem with button not being silent at appropriate times.

* 5.1 beta 3
- Fixed bug in displaying quest completion

* 5.1 beta 2
- Fixed set watches bug due to cache being cleared
- Fixed quest selection bug

* 5.1 beta
- Added ability to move quest starter button
- Changed default button location closer to center of screen
- Properly tracks collapsed headers and quest watches

* 5.0 release
- Added quest levels to watch frame and map
- Now handles quest starters that stick arond after quest completion

* 5.0 beta 2
- Added option to send quest progress to party chat
- Added sound for quest objective completion
- Added option for showing quest item button at login
- Quest item button now only shows when getting a new quest item and hides when clicked
- Right-click hides button without opening bags
- Shortened button flash time a bit
- Moved some functionality into button OnShow and OnHide
- Now using OpenAllBags function for better support of other addons
- Button now properly indicates visually when clicked
- Fixed bug calling missing function in options

* 5.0 beta
- Starting from scratch again (hee hee)
- Only implemented a few of the non-party features
- Added a new feature that shows a button when user loots a quest starter
- TOC to 50200

* Previous
- Added option to display quest objective progress in the chat window
- Fixed problem with button placement when receiving an automatic quest
- Show close button instead of accept button when a quest is automatically added to the log
- Fixed a bug in quest detail background material texture handling
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Unread 03-02-09, 11:13 AM  
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Originally posted by Miralen
I noticed that when I open the quest page (not the list but the actual quest) sometimes instead of opening side by side with each other it will open on top of the list screen. Not sure if this is a bug or intended to work this way.
I found out why this was happening. It was because I had set the detail window and the log window to be at the same UI panel level. So, if you already had other panels on the screen, Blizzards panel handling code would try to open both windows in the same location (to the far left). So you would see the detail window where the log should have been, and what had actually happened was the log window had been opened and then the closed again and the detail window opened. I have adjusted the levels of these windows so that this should no longer happen. Blizzards UI panel handling code is a bit limited unfortunately, and I didn't really want to get into rewriting it just to handle this add-on.
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Unread 02-22-09, 08:23 AM  
A Warpwood Thunder Caller
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Perfect, thanks
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Unread 01-22-09, 05:17 AM  
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Thanks for the comment. I will look into allowing the user to move the windows. I have not seen that problem with the quest detail overwriting the log window, but I will check into it.
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Unread 01-17-09, 11:36 PM  
A Rage Talon Dragon Guard
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Hi I just downloaded this yesterday and have to say I really like it. Just got a request, was wondering if you would make an option to allow me to lock and unlock the two windows so I can place them on my screen.

Also as a side note I noticed something that isn't a huge deal but I noticed that when I open the quest page (not the list but the actual quest) sometimes instead of opening side by side with each other it will open on top of the list screen. Not sure if this is a bug or intended to work this way.
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