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GatherSage2  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2010-06-12
by: kellewic [More]

GatherSage2 is a re-write of the original GatherSage. Almost all of the original GatherSage functionality made its way into GatherSage2 and a lot more was added.

GatherSage2 shows what level is required to mine, pick, smelt, prospect, mill, or skin a resource (vein, deposit, ore, animal, plant, etc). The tooltip will show all skills for which the resource can be gathered or used up (i.e. an herb that can be both picked and milled).

It also shows you your current skill, how many skill ups you have gained since you logged in, and the difference between the skill you need to work with the resource and the skill you currently have.

It displays this information in the tooltip when you mouse over a resource in the world, minimap, inventory, auction house, mailbox, guild bank, and pretty much anywhere the item can be displayed. It will also show you if that resource has a chance of yielding special items (such as stone, gems, or other herbs).

A lot of testing has gone into making sure GatherSage2 does not interfere with other addons you may have loaded. Please report any problems found.

There is a readme.txt file that contains detailed information on GatherSage2


* (2010-06-12): No code changes. Added all Perl code-generation code to the package in case someone
needs to update the English locale or module Lua files.

* (2010-06-06): Fixed a bug where a creature has the same name as something else (i.e. Jade)
Also fixed a bug in the pattern matching of targets.

* (2010-06-04): Fixed bug with GameTooltip text going "wonky"... that's what happens when
you move stuff around :)

* (2010-05-30): Code cleanup and a few bug fixes.
Removed AceEvent-3.0, AceHook-3.0, AceAddon-3.0 dependencies
Added basic module code.
Changed how the locale strings work.
Cleaned up the GUI options panel.
Removed FR locale since it hasn't been updated
Updated DE locale
Added skill strings to items when the skill is different per item

* (2010-04-26): Removed support for ItemLevel module. It doesn't look to be maintained and the game now
provides the item level in the tooltip.

Removed all functionality related to quests. I have never used it and no one has ever
asked about it. It was a PITA to keep maintaining. Items gathered for quests should
still be listed on the tooltip.

Updated all module's data with what seems the most recent skill levels.

Updated code to fix reported issues. I cannot replicate the issues now so hopefully
they are good to go.

* (2009-09-08): Removed most tabs from the GUI options and condensed them to the "General" tab.

When disabling the addon in the options, all modules will be disabled.

When enabling the addon in the options, only modules for which you have a skill in
will be re-enabled by default. Manually enabling additional modules still works after
the addon is re-enabled.

When enabling parent modules (such as Mining), their child modules will also enable
(such as Smelting). If, for some reason, you don't want the child enabled, just uncheck it
after loading the parent. If for some reason you only want the child, uncheck both and re-check
the child.

Removed informational messages from displaying by default. This includes enable/disable
messages. They will appear if you set the log level to DEBUG.

Fixed an issue with deep copying game objects for no good reason. This resolved an issue
with the BasicChatMods addon and likely reduced memory footprint a tiny bit, which is
hardly ever a bad thing.

Fixed some creatures that used to be skinnable, but are no longer skinnable.

* (2009-09-04): Removed GUI configuration "Debugging" tab; placed all items under "General" tab.

Added options to only show tooltip information when a configured modifier key is used. All
modifier keys are supported (feature request).

* (2009-08-30): Updated herbalism, mining, and skinning locales and module files with new data from WoWHead.

Fixed an issue where adjusting the tooltip money frame was causing a lot of blank lines
to appear. In addition to removing the blank lines, the money frame and text was changed
to match the new in-game style.

Manually added in Titanium prospecting data.
Updated TOC for 3.2

* (2009-07-19): Changes made to Herbalism broke a few things so I had to fix them.
Minor code optimizations

* (2009-07-18): Re-organizing core code
Minor code optimizations

Fixed herbalism gathering from creatures skill levels. It seems these are the
same as skinning (based on level).

* (2009-07-11): Fixed issue with Fishing skill not being read correctly.

* (2009-06-23): Added fishing stub module for future development (was requested)

Removed data recording as the feature is fairly useless since GS2 keeps its own
database of information.

Removed locale files with no translations.

* (2009-04-18): Added debugging routines and associated GUI options. If the logging level is DEBUG or greater,
additional information will be shown in the default chat window.

There is a new dump state function that will dump all of GS2's internal state to the database. This
will allow people to PM the file to me for debugging purposes. Some people see 'tonumber' errors that
do not always show up. Hopefully this feature will help track down what is going on. This data is cleared
at login.

This version was not released.

* (2009-04-14): Fixed a bug related to numbers being compared with strings.
Fixed some other miscellaneous bugs that came up in daily use of the addon.
Updated the readme.txt file.
Added some more "unknown" items to be ignored in the locale/ignore.lua file (only available for enUS).
Bumped TOC interface number to 3.1.0

Fixed herbalism skill for Frozen Herb. It seems Wowhead has 3 entries for it and only
one of them is corect.

Updated herbalism, skinning, and mining locale and modules files from Wowhead.

Fixed Tiger Lily skill to 375 from 400 as per 3.1 patch notes.

* (2009-03-08): The "Auctioneer" bug had nothing to do with Auctioneer after further testing.
I think I finally have this fixed, although I still don't know the cause of it.

Added a logging library to aid in future debugging. Modified the Print()
method to be more friendly to the logging library.

Removed the DEBUG variable as it's not longer needed.

* (2009-03-07): Fixed a weird bug when Auctioneer was loaded. For some reason the right
FontStrings of the GameTooltip would shift left in some instances.

* (2009-01-31): Created a locale "ignore.lua" file that contains items that appear to be of
interest, but are not. This only affects the recording of unknown data.

Mining has its own locale file now that is automatically generated from
Wowhead data.

Fixed bug where known data was being recorded as unknown data.

This version was not released.

* (2009-01-28): Updated deDE locale files with name changes that Peter sent me via email. Thanks!

Herbalism has its own locale file now, others will follow this paradigm soon.
Added many more creatures and items that herbalists can gather from.

Updated skinning locale and module files - 8 new creatures, 1 new item

* (2009-01-19): Fixed the skinning locale and module data. Known NPCs should now show the correct
skinning information in the tooltip.

* (2009-01-08): Fixed a bug that caused Altoholic tooltip lines to flow off the tooltip.
Releasing this version.

* (2009-01-03): Removed all slash commands in favor of a GUI configuration screen, which
can be found in the game Interface screen.

Fixed herbalism skill levels to follow the +25, +50, +100 progression.

Added code to save items and units it does not recognize to the database. These
will need to be posted on the mod forum so they can be added to the static data
and be recognized.

Unknown items are saved in global.UNKNOWN_DATA.
Recorded items are saved in global.RECORDED_DATA.
The file these are saved to is WOW_DIR\WTF\Account\NAME\SavedVariables\GatherSage2.lua

Removed esES localization file as it was empty.

Separated out pieces of the locale files as they were getting really big
with the addition of skinning.

Changed the version number to be shorter since the mod hosting sites don't like
it to be really long and it kept getting truncated.

Added a "skill distance" in the tooltip, which is the difference
between your current level and the required level. The format is
(without the dashes):

Required (req. level) -------- curSkill (skillUps/distance)

Requires XXXXX (250) --------- 105 (+10/-145)

Filled in all known skinning targets and items. These files are automatically
generated from WoWHead so it's a bit easier to accomplish now.

Fixed a few small display bugs. Wrong colors, bad line wrapping, etc.

Added inscription data to show what inks can be made from
which pigments. This revealed a weakness in how data is
associated and a small display change was made. If a single item
(i.e. Alabaster Pigment) can be used to create more than one item
at differing skill levels, then for the main "Requires" line, the
skill level is not shown; instead "varies" is shown. In the "Chance of"
listing, the skill level will appear per item line in the right column
correctly color coded. A screenshot is provided as an example. So far,
Alabaster Pigment is the only item in the addon that follows this, but I
added the ability so any module can use it in case more are encountered as
I suspect they will be with jewelcrafting.

Inscription locale data added to the English locale. Other locales will need
someone to translate them.

Corrected code comments.
Added more code comments in case anyone else feels like messing with it :)

* (2008-12-25): Added initial skinning information
Fixed a few bugs and potential problems

Added more items to the locale tables. Hopefully I didn't break
the German locale again.

If the threat meter is showing on the tooltip, it is adjusted
down the tooltip and it's little diamond texture is hidden (along
with all other textures since there is no easy way to differentiate
what texture belongs to which line).

Added support for more than a dozen other tooltip mods. GatherSage2
should co-exist with a good portion of the tootlip mods out there.

These changes also cover the 2008-12-25-2 release which was a minor bug
fix for skinning.

* (2008-12-05-4): Fix for German clients (I hope)

* (2008-12-05): Added prospecting information and a stub for jewelcrafting.

Re-wrote portions of code to get smelting and prospecting data
sets to play nice. Tooltips will now display both skills on
things such as "Copper Ore". If more than one skill has
"chance of" items, these will be tagged by skill. This is really
only relevant for Mining Jewelcrafters and other such combinations
that have two skills that use much of the same items.

German localizations added thanks to EnSabahNur

Added support for RatingBuster and ItemLevel as they modify the
tooltip in ways that interferes with GatherSage2 displaying all
pretty :)

Added colorization of all "chance of" items.

* (2008-12-03): Re-structured code a bit more.
This version is being tagged as Alpha since it does pretty much
what the original GatherSage did minus the "You can now pick..."

* (2008-11-30): More code optimization and structuring.
This version was not released.

* (2008-11-27): Split code up to be more manageable (hopefully :))
Verified all data sets via wowhead, wowwiki, and thotbot.
Added "quest-awareness" for quest items that can be gathered.
This version was not released.

* (2008-11-08): Initial re-write of GatherSage.
This version was not released.
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totally awesome mate
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Re: German Translation

Originally posted by EnSabahNur
Excellent! Thank you!
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Re: 2 probs

Originally posted by rza

i have a little tooltip prob with your addon or conflict with altoholic

altoholic gives me the info how much of an item every of my alts have
since i installed gathersage2 the info of the active char is nowhere to see

little pic explains it better :-)


oh and i hve found this bug to (tooltip is extreme long)


I'll check out Altoholic and see if I can replicate the issue. Lots of addons mess with the tooltip so I expected something like this would be seen.

For the really long tooltip, can you disable GatherSage2 and retest that specific item? I've noticed a few tooltips that look too wide for the content, but on disabling GatherSage2, they still appear that way. I just want to rule it out before I spend hours messing with it
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German Translation

	The English translation acts as the default, or base, table of words. Entries found here will
	override the English versions. Entries not found here will default to whatever exists in the
	English version.
	What this means, is that if the English version will suffice, do not add another entry here.


--[[ EnSabahNur --]]
if (GetLocale() == "deDE") then
	local L = GatherSage2:GetLocale()

--	L["MINING"] = "Bergbau"
--	L["HERBALISM"] = "Kräuterkunde"
--	L["REQUIRES"] = "Benötigt"
--	L["CHANCE"] = "Wahrscheinlichkeit des"
--	L["CURRENT_SKILL_LEVEL"] = "Aktuelle Ebene"

L["CHANCE"] = "Chance auf: "
L["MINING"] = "Bergbau"
L["HERBALISM"] = "Kr\195\164uterkunde"
L["SMELTING"] = "Verh\195\188ttung"
L["REQUIRES"] = REQUIRES_LABEL:gsub(":", "") -- GlobalStrings.lua

-- Quest names
L["RETHBAN ORE QUEST"] = "Rethbanerz"
L["SALVE VIA MINING QUEST"] = "Salbe durch Bergbau"
L["SALVE VIA GATHERING QUEST"] = "Salbe durch Sammlung"
L["GAINING THE ADVANTAGE QUEST"] = "Einen Vorteil gewinnen"
L["ROOT SAMPLES QUEST"] = "Wurzelproben"
L["IDENTIFY PLANT PARTS QUEST"] = "Pflanzenteile identifizieren"
L["PLANTS OF ZANGARMARSH QUEST"] = "Pflanzen der Zangarmarschen"

-- Shared quest items
L["NETHER RESIDUE"] = "Netherr\195\188ckst\195\164nde"

-- Herbalism quest items
L["FEL CREEP"] = "Teufelsunhold"
L["UNIDENTIFIED PLANT PARTS"] = "Unbekannte Pflanzenteile"
L["ROOT SAMPLE"] = "Wurzelprobe"

-- Mining quest items
L["TAINTED VITRIOL"] = "Besudeltes Vitriol"
L["BLACK BLOOD OF YOGG-SARON"] = "Probe des schwarzen Blutes von Yogg-Saron"
L["ENCHANTED EARTH"] = "Verzauberte Erde"
L["STRANGE ORE"] = "Seltsames Erz"

-- Mining nodes
L["COPPER"] = "Kupfervorkommen"
L["TIN"] = "Zinnvorkommen"
L["INCENDICITE"] = "Pyrophormineralvorkommen"
L["SILVER"] = "Silbervorkommen"
L["SILVER OZ"] = "Br\195\188hschlammbedecktes Silbervorkommen"
L["LESSER BLOODSTONE"] = "Geringe Blutsteinablagerung"
L["IRON"] = "Eisenvorkommen"
L["INDURIUM"] = "Induriummineralvorkommen"
L["GOLD"] = "Goldvorkommen"
L["GOLD OZ"] = "Br\195\188hschlammbedecktes Goldvorkommen"
L["MITHRIL"] = "Mithrilablagerung"
L["MITHRIL OZ"] = "Br\195\188hschlammbedeckte Mithrilablagerung"
L["DARK IRON"] = "Dunkeleisenablagerung"
L["TRUESILVER"] = "Echtsilberablagerung"
L["TRUESILVER OZ"] = "Br\195\188hschlammbedeckte Echtsilberablagerung"
L["SMALL THORIUM"] = "Kleines Thoriumvorkommen"
L["THORIUM OZ"] = "Br\195\188hschlammbedecktes Thoriumvorkommen"
L["RICH THORIUM"] = "Reiches Thoriumvorkommen"
L["RICH THORIUM OZ"] = "Br\195\188hschlammbedecktes Reiches Thoriumvorkommen"
L["HAKKARI THORIUM"] = "Thoriumvorkommen der Hakkari"
L["SMALL OBSIDIAN CHUNK"] = "Kleiner Obsidianbrocken"
L["LARGE OBSIDIAN CHUNK"] = "Gro\195\159er Obsidianbrocken"
L["FEL IRON"] = "Teufelseisenvorkommen"
L["ADAMANTITE"] = "Adamantitablagerung"
L["RICH ADAMANTITE"] = "Reiche Adamantitablagerung"
L["NETHERCITE"] = "Netheritablagerung"
L["KHORIUM"] = "Khoriumvorkommen"
L["ANCIENT GEM"] = "Uraltes Edelsteinvorkommen"
L["COBALT"] = "Kobaltader"
L["RICH COBALT"] = "Reiche Kobaltader"
L["SARONITE"] = "Saronitader"
L["RICH SARONITE"] = "Reiche Saronitader"
L["TITANIUM"] = "Titanader"

-- Mining creatures
L["RUNIC BATTLE GOLEM"] = "Runenschlachtgolem"
L["SUNDERED RUMBLER"] = "Zerrissener Rumpler"
L["RUMBLING EARTH-HEART"] = "Rumpelndes Erdherz"
L["NETHEROCK"] = "Netherbrock"
L["SUNDERED THUNDERER"] = "Zerrissener Donnerer"
L["APEX"] = "Apex"
L["GUROK THE USURPER"] = "Gurok der Thronr\195\164uber"
L["KARROG"] = "Karrog"
L["RUNED STONE GIANT"] = "Runenbeschriebener Steinriese"
L["MORCRUSH"] = "Mordruck"
L["MOUNTAIN COLOSSUS"] = "Bergkoloss"
L["ENRAGED EARTH SPIRIT"] = "W\195\188tender Erdgeist"
L["SUNDERED SHARD"] = "Zerrissener Splitterer"
L["FARAHLON GIANT"] = "Farahlongigant"
L["TORTURED EARTH SPIRIT"] = "Gequ\195\164lter Erdgeist"
L["CRAZED COLOSSUS"] = "Wahnsinniger Koloss"
L["FARAHLON BREAKER"] = "Farahlonbrecher"
L["ENRAGED CRUSHER"] = "W\195\188tender Zermalmer"
L["RAGING COLOSSUS"] = "Tobender Koloss"
L["CRAGSKAAR"] = "Felsnarbe"
L["SON OF COROK"] = "Sohn des Corok"
L["SHATTERED RUMBLER"] = "Zerbrochener Rumpler"
L["APEXIS GUARDIAN"] = "Apexisw\195\164chter"
L["CYRUKH THE FIRELORD"] = "Cyrukh der Feuerlord"
L["IRON RUNE GOLEM"] = "Eisenrunengolem"
L["CRYSTALLINE ICE GIANT"] = "Kristalliner Eisriese"
L["STONE GIANT"] = "Steinriese"
L["ORMOROK THE TREE-SHAPER"] = "Ormorok der Baumformer"
L["THE ANVIL"] = "Der Amboss"
L["RUNIC WAR GOLEM"] = "Runenkriegsgolem"
L["ICETOUCHED EARTHRAGER"] = "Eisber\195\188hrter Erdw\195\188ter"
L["ICE REVENANT"] = "Eisklagegeist"
L["KRYSTALLUS"] = "Krystallus"
L["BRITTLE REVENANT"] = "Zerbrechlicher Klagegeist"
L["FROZEN EARTH"] = "Gefrorene Erde"
L["LIFEBLOOD ELEMENTAL"] = "Lebensblutelementar"
L["SHOLAZAR GUARDIAN"] = "Sholazarw\195\164chter"
L["DRAKKARI GOLEM"] = "Golem der Drakkari"
L["PERCH GUARDIAN"] = "Hortw\195\164chter"
L["DRAKKARI COLOSSUS"] = "Koloss der Drakkari"
L["GUARDIAN OF ZIMRHUK"] = "W\195\164chter von Zim'Rhuk"
L["ICEBOUND REVENANT"] = "Eisgebundener Klagegeist"
L["STORMWATCHER"] = "Sturmbetrachter"
L["OVERLOOK SENTRY"] = "Wachposten der Warte"
L["CRYSTALLINE ICE ELEMENTAL"] = "Kristalliner Eiselementar"

-- Ores
L["COPPER ORE"] = "Kupfererz"
L["TIN ORE"] = "Zinnerz"
L["SILVER ORE"] = "Silbererz"
L["IRON ORE"] = "Eisenerz"
L["GOLD ORE"] = "Golderz"
L["MITHRIL ORE"] = "Mithrilerz"
L["TRUESILVER ORE"] = "Echtsilbererz"
L["THORIUM ORE"] = "Thoriumerz"
L["DARK IRON ORE"] = "Dunkeleisenerz"
L["ELEMENTIUM ORE"] = "Elementiumerz"
L["FEL IRON ORE"] = "Teufelseisenerz"
L["ADAMANTITE ORE"] = "Adamantiterz"
L["ETERNIUM ORE"] = "Eterniumerz"
L["KHORIUM ORE"] = "Khoriumerz"
L["RETHBAN ORE"] = "Rethbanerz"
L["COBALT ORE"] = "Kobalterz"
L["SARONITE ORE"] = "Saroniterz"
L["TITANIUM ORE"] = "Titanerz"
L["SHATTERED GEM FRAGMENTS"] = "Zerschmetterte Edelsteinfragmente"

-- Stone
L["ROUGH STONE"] = "Rauer Stein"
L["COARSE STONE"] = "Grober Stein"
L["HEAVY STONE"] = "Schwerer Stein"
L["SOLID STONE"] = "Robuster Stein"
L["DENSE STONE"] = "Verdichteter Stein"

--Motes and Essences
L["MOTE EARTH"] = "Erdpartikel"
L["MOTE FIRE"] = "Feuerpartikel"
L["MOTE LIFE"] = "Lebenspartikel"
L["MOTE MANA"] = "Manapartikel"
L["ESSENCE EARTH"] = "Essenz der Erde"
L["CRYSTALIZED LIFE"] = "Lebendiger Eiskristall"
L["CRYSTALIZED WATER"] = "W\195\164ssriger Eiskristall"
L["CRYSTALIZED EARTH"] = "Erdiger Eiskristall"
L["CRYSTALIZED SHADOW"] = "Schattiger Eiskristall"
L["CRYSTALIZED AIR"] = "Luftiger Eiskristall"

L["SMALL OBSIDIAN SHARD"] = "Kleiner Obsidiansplitter"
L["LARGE OBSIDIAN SHARD"] = "Gro\195\159er Obsidiansplitter"
L["ICE SHARD CLUSTER"] = "Eissplitterklumpen"

-- Fragments
L["CRYSTALLINE FRAGMENTS"] = "Kristallene Fragmente"
L["GEODESIC FRAGMENTS"] = "Geod\195\164tisches Fragment"

-- Gems
L["TIGERSEYE"] = "Tigerauge"
L["MALACHITE"] = "Malachit"
L["SHADOWGEM"] = "Schattenedelstein"
L["JADE"] = "Jade"
L["CITRINE"] = "Citrin"
L["LESSER MOONSTONE"] = "Geringer Mondstein"
L["MOSS AGATE"] = "Moosachat"
L["BLACK VITRIOL"] = "Schwarzes Vitriol"
L["BLOOD OF MTN"] = "Blut des Berges"
L["BLACK DIAMOND"] = "Schwarzer Diamant"
L["AQUAMARINE"] = "Aquamarin"
L["STAR RUBY"] = "Sternrubin"
L["HUGE EMERALD"] = "Gewaltiger Smaragd"
L["AZEROTHIAN DIAMOND"] = "Azerothianischer Diamant"
L["ARCANE CRYSTAL"] = "Arkankristall"
L["LARGE OPAL"] = "Gro\195\159er Opal"
L["BLUE SAPPHIRE"] = "Blauer Saphir"
L["SOULDARITE"] = "Seelenit"
L["STAR OF ELUNE"] = "Stern der Elune"
L["DAWNSTONE"] = "D\195\164mmerstein"
L["SHADOW DRAENITE"] = "Schattendraenit"
L["DEEP PERIDOT"] = "Tiefenperidot"
L["FLAME SPESSARITE"] = "Flammenspessarit"
L["BLOOD GARNET"] = "Blutgranat"
L["GOLDEN DRAENITE"] = "Golddraenit"
L["AZURE MOONSTONE"] = "Azurmondstein"
L["LIVING RUBY"] = "Lebendiger Rubin"
L["TALASITE"] = "Talasit"
L["NIGHTSEYE"] = "Nachtauge"
L["NOBLE TOPAZ"] = "Edeltopas"
L["SEASPRAY EMERALD"] = "Gischtsmaragd"
L["LIONSEYE"] = "L\195\182wenauge"
L["CRIMSON SPINEL"] = "Purpurspinell"
L["PYRESTONE"] = "Pyrostein"
L["EMPYREAN SAPPHIRE"] = "Engelssaphir"
L["SHADOWSONG AMETHYST"] = "Schattensangamethyst"
L["HUGE CITRINE"] = "Riesencitrin"
L["CHALCEDONY"] = "Chalzedon"
L["DARK JADE"] = "Nephrit"
L["SUN CRYSTAL"] = "Sonnenkristall"
L["TWILIGHT OPAL"] = "Zwielichtopal"
L["SHADOW CRYSTAL"] = "Schattenkristall"
L["MONARCH TOPAZ"] = "Monarchentopas"
L["BLOODSTONE"] = "Blutstein"
L["FOREST EMERALD"] = "Waldsmaragd"
L["SCARLET RUBY"] = "Scharlachrubin"
L["AUTUMNS GLOW"] = "Herbstglimmer"
L["SKY SAPPHIRE"] = "Himmelssaphir"

--special Gems
L["BLOOD SHARD"] = "Blutsplitter"

-- Herbs
L["PEACEBLOOM"] = "Friedensblume"
L["SILVERLEAF"] = "Silberblatt"
L["BLOODTHISTLE"] = "Blutdistel"
L["EARTHROOT"] = "Erdwurzel"
L["MAGEROYAL"] = "Magusk\195\182nigskraut"
L["BRIARTHORN"] = "Wilddornrose"
L["STRANGLEKELP"] = "W\195\188rgetang"
L["BRUISEWEED"] = "Beulengras"
L["WILD STEELBLOOM"] = "Wildstahlblume"
L["GRAVE MOSS"] = "Grabmoos"
L["KINGSBLOOD"] = "K\195\182nigsblut"
L["LIFEROOT"] = "Lebenswurz"
L["FADELEAF"] = "Blassblatt"
L["GOLDTHORN"] = "Golddorn"
L["KHADGAR"] = "Khadgars Schnurrbart"
L["WINTERSBITE"] = "Winterbiss"
L["FIREBLOOM"] = "Feuerbl\195\188te"
L["PURPLE LOTUS"] = "Lila Lotus"
L["ARTHAS TEARS"] = "Arthas' Tr\195\164nen"
L["SUNGRASS"] = "Sonnengras"
L["BLINDWEED"] = "Blindkraut"
L["GHOST MUSHROOM"] = "Geisterpilz"
L["GROMSBLOOD"] = "Gromsblut"
L["GOLDEN SANSAM"] = "Goldener Sansam"
L["DREAMFOIL"] = "Traumblatt"
L["MTN SILVERSAGE"] = "Bergsilbersalbei"
L["PLAGUEBLOOM"] = "Pestbl\195\188te"
L["ICECAP"] = "Eiskappe"
L["BLACK LOTUS"] = "Schwarzer Lotus"
L["FELWEED"] = "Teufelsgras"
L["DREAMING GLORY"] = "Traumwinde"
L["RAGVEIL"] = "Zottelkappe"
L["TEROCONE"] = "Terozapfen"
L["FLAMECAP"] = "Flammenkappe"
L["ANCIENT LICHEN"] = "Urflechte"
L["NETHERBLOOM"] = "Netherbl\195\188te"
L["NETHERDUST BUSH"] = "Netherstaubbusch"
L["NIGHTMARE VINE"] = "Alptraumranke"
L["MANA THISTLE"] = "Manadistel"
L["GOLDCLOVER"] = "Goldklee"
L["TIGER LILY"] = "Tigerlilie"
L["TALANDRA ROSE"] = "Talandras Rose"
L["FROZEN HERB"] = "Gefrorenes Kraut"
L["ICETHORN"] = "Eisdorn"
L["FIRETHORN"] = "Feuerdorn"
L["FIRE SEED"] = "Feuersaat"
L["FIRE LEAF"] = "Feuerblatt"
L["ADDERS TONGUE"] = "Schlangenzunge"
L["LICHBLOOM"] = "Lichbl\195\188te"

-- Special herbs
L["SWIFTTHISTLE"] = "Flitzdistel"
L["WILDVINE"] =  "Wildranke"
L["FELBLOSSOM"] = "Teufelsbl\195\188te"
L["NIGHTMARE SEED"] = "Alptraumsaat"
L["FEL LOTUS"] = "Teufelslotus"
L["NETHERDUST POLLEN"] = "Netherstaubpollen"
L["NETHERWING EGG"] = "Ei der Netherschwingen"
L["DEADNETTLE"] = "Brennnessel"
L["FROST LOTUS"] = "Frostlotus"
L["RAND NORTHREND HERB"] = "Zufällige Nordend Kräuter"
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Unread 12-04-08, 11:22 AM  
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2 probs


i have a little tooltip prob with your addon or conflict with altoholic

altoholic gives me the info how much of an item every of my alts have
since i installed gathersage2 the info of the active char is nowhere to see

little pic explains it better :-)


oh and i hve found this bug to (tooltip is extreme long)


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Unread 12-03-08, 11:53 PM  
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Release post

I'd love to hear feedback on this addon.

Is it working for you? If not, what are the problems/errors you are seeing?

Did I miss some functionality of the original GatherSage that you simply cannot live without?

Do you like the new features I added so far?

I am currently working on Prospecting and hope to have that done this week. It's basically working, just testing the tooltips.

There are also some things I have been unable to test so far so if you come across something not working, please let me know.
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