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EventHorizon  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 0.11
by: Tifi [More]

Bad news, everyone: I quit WoW, my account expires on August 11th, and unfortunately Taroven quit too. Unless someone takes over, this addon is officially abandoned. So tick that "Load out of date AddOns" check box and hope for the best!
I just wanted to say thanks for using my AddOns and for all the support, feedback, bug reports, and kind words. Very much appreciated. Bye!

Displays timer bars for you most important abilities' target debuffs (including DoT ticks), cooldowns, and player buffs. All bars share a common time scale to make it easier to plan the next casts in your rotation.
Currently supported classes are Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin (Retribution), Priest (Shadow), Rogue, Shaman (Elemental) and Warlock.

Dezzimal was kind enough to put a video on youtube, demonstrating and explaining the addon. Edit: I just found another video showing the AddOn on a Destru Warlock.

Here's what it looks like in action on a Shadow Priest (at 1 FPS ):

The big white line is the current time. Future events are on the right side, past events on the left. So as time goes by, the events scroll from right to left.
The green bars are your cast bars. They use exactly the same times that your normal cast bar would display, with all haste modifiers applied.
You can also see cooldowns, DoTs, and their ticks (predicted in the future, and from the combat log in the past).
The white lines that appear before the cast times are the times when you press the button (send the cast message to the server). The difference between this line and the start of the cast is your lag.

There's no options GUI, and there won't be.
You can move the frame around by dragging this little handle in the upper right corner.
You can toggle the main frame with /eventhorizon or /ehz.
If you want to change anything else, you have to edit the config.lua files. You can open these files in any text editor, for example notepad.
We try to keep these files clean and well-documented. (Comments start with "--".) If an option is not as clear as it should be, please let us know.

Let's say you've changed some settings. When a new version comes out, you'd have to manually merge the config.lua file. To prevent this, you can create a file named EventHorizon/myconfig.lua. If present, this file will be read after config.lua, thus overwriting the settings in config.lua. Here's my myconfig.lua:

local config = EventHorizon.config -- <-always keep this as the first line
config.bgcolor = {0,0,0,0.3}
config.bordercolor = {0,0,0,0.3}
config.gcdColor = {.5,.5,.5,.3}
config.future = 15
config.width = 150*(15+3)/(9+3)
config.iconborder = nil
If you'd like to show/hide the addon under certain conditions, please have a look at Goose. The frame you have to add is called EventHorizonFrame, a good start for a condition is "[combat] show;hide". If you're worried that you might accidentally move the frame while in combat, you could also use Goose to hide EventHorizonHandle.

How can I change the colors for bars?
At the moment you can't. It's one of the features planned for v1.0.

What about trinkets?
I don't think that tracking trinket procs is a useful feature. EventHorizon is designed to present you with information relevant to decision-making. Sure, you could occasionally refresh a DoT when a trinket buff is about to fade. But the overall gain in DPS (assuming there even is one!) would be very small. So I don't think it's worth cluttering the interface with two more bars.
That being said, it's already possible to track the proc spells from trinkets. For an example look at the Sundial of the Exiled in the comments of the Priest module.

The addon is intended for level 80 raid chars. While leveling your rotation doesn't really matter anyways, mobs just die too fast.
If you want to help us develop and fine-tune the existing modules, please contact me via PM.
When you report a bug, please include as much relevant information as possible. (Class/spec/how to reproduce/etc) Get an addon like Bugsack for copypasteable error messages. If your bug report is very long, please send it as a PM.
If you have suggestions/feedback feel free to leave a comment.

Taroven for adding the Druid, Warlock, and Rogue modules, being helpful on IRC and for pushing me to add more features.
Dezzimal for the nice video.
Psychosomatic for the Paladin module.
Binkenstein for helping me with the Elemental module.

Class modules: The file myconfig.lua is now loaded if present, e.g. EventHorizon_Druid/myconfig.lua
Shaman: Added spells Lava Lash, Stormstrike, and Earth Shock when specced Enhancement.
Bugfix: Disabling the GCD indicator with config.gcdStyle=nil won't cause any more errors.

Druid: Cleaned up comments. Added simple Eclipse tracking (duration and cooldown, no proc info). Rip set to refreshable to fix tick timing with Glyph of Shred.
Hunter: Arcane Shot not tracked when Explosive Shot is talented. Moved Steady Shot to above Kill Shot. Cleaned up some oddities with the comments.
Rogue: Moved ShS nearer to the bottom.
Warlock: Added Glyph of Life Tap for all specs. Added Drain Soul when specced Death's Embrace.

Mage: Added Winter's Chill tracking to the Frostbolt bar. Also added Blizzard, but it's commented out by default.
Paladin: Added Protection spells, required talent Hammer of the Righteous.
Paladin: Changed required talent for shared Prot/Ret spells to Divine Strength.
Paladin: Reordered all spells to reflect current prioritization.
Warlock: Show Immolate only if Unstable Affliction isn't talented.

Warlock fixed: The spell ID of Conflagrate changed.
Hunter: Added Black Arrow.
Removed stuff for 3.09.

Fixed: Using the slash command will now completely disable the addon. The state is saved in the SavedVar.
Fixed: Indicators are now hidden when their bar is hidden.

Fixed: Ticks from channeled spells were not properly unregistered. This could sometimes lead to disappearing ticks in other spells bars.

Fixed: Overlapping segments won't flicker anymore.
Added config.auraunit field for spell configs to specify a non-default unit (e.g. 'player' for debuffs).
Paladin: Set Divine Storm as required talent for all spells to make the module Retribution-only.
Mage: Added Arcane and (some) Frost spells. Added talent requirements for Fire spells. Added Fireball.
Getting ready for 3.1: Druids' Berserk and Paladins' Divine Storm talent index changes, Warlocks' Siphon Life gets removed. These also should work now on the PTR.

The spell bars that depend on talents are now created/shown/hidden when the talents change. Reloading the UI is no longer necessary. Should be working in both 3.0 and 3.1.
Added Paladin module from Psychosomatic. Retribution only, still needs talent dependencies.
Priest: Added talent dependencies.

Bar segments are optionally textured now instead of using a solid color.
Added slash commands /eventhorizon and /ehz to toggle the visibility of the main frame.
Added the ability to track debuffs which are unique per mob. The debuff bars get a slightly different color when they were not applied by you.
Druid: The Mangle bars now track Mangle and Trauma debuffs. Added cooldown for Mangle - Bear. Added DoT ticks for Insect Swarm and Moonfire.
Mage: The Scorch bar now tracks both Imp Scorch and Winter's Chill.
Tweaked the default texture a bit.

Removed some settings in the class files that were overwriting settings in the master config.

Warlock: Show Incinerate if Emberstorm is talented, otherwise show Shadow Bolt. Removed Molten Core bar and Backdraft tracking from the default config, as they have no influence on the rotation.
Bugfix: The default anchoring of the handle wasn't working.

Added config.spacing = <number> to set the space between two bars.
Added config.iconborder = <boolean> option to toggle the default Blizzard icon border.
Added config.scale = <number> option to scale the main frame.
Added GCD indicator:
config.gcdStyle = 'line' displays the end of the GCD as a thin line.
config.gcdStyle = 'bar' displays the GCD as a bar from now to the end.
config.gcdStyle = nil disables the GCD indicator.
config.gcdColor = {r,g,b,a} sets the color.
The handle and the background frame are now parented to the main frame. If you use Goose to show/hide EventHorizon, you only need to specify conditions for EventHorizonFrame.

Added minstacks=<number> syntax. The Imp. Scorch debuff bar is shown only when five stacks are applied.
Fixed Rogue Hunger for Blood talent index.
Major bug fixed: In some cases the main frame was created multiple times.

Added modules for Druids, Hunters, [FFB-]Mages, Rogues and Warlocks.
Most of the settings were moved to the config.lua files. When you want to change something, look there first.
Spell frames can now be shown/hidden depending on stance. Look at the Druid config for an example.
Spell frames can now be created depending on talents. When changing the spec, you may need to reload the interface. Again, look at the Druid config.
Added an (optional) backdrop frame. Enabled by default.

Bugfix: When the target dies, predicted ticks are now removed.
Bugfix: Textures of 1 pixel width should now be visible even when the UI scale is low.

Minor bug fix.

Predicted DoT/MF ticks lying in the past are now replaced by actual ticks taken from the combat log.
If SWP is refreshed after the last tick occured, it's treated like it was recast.

Forgot to add the background texture. -.-

Initial beta release.
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Originally posted by DJJoeJoe
Doesn't show the 'line' for preset time for me, not sure why. Possibly due to widescreen? (Wow doesn't handle widescreen textures well at all etc).
I don't think that's the reason, my res is 1680x1050 widescreen, and it's working here. I'll see if I can find sth.
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Unread 01-03-09, 12:06 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Doesn't show the 'line' for present time for me, not sure why. Possibly due to widescreen? (Wow doesn't handle widescreen textures well at all etc).

Joetest - Ner'Zhul - Disciples of Death
Last edited by DJJoeJoe : 01-05-09 at 08:58 AM.
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Unread 12-29-08, 03:36 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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this is pretty boss
nice work
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Unread 12-22-08, 08:13 AM  
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Re: More classes / future releases

Originally posted by Thrillseeker
I realy like the style and presentation of this mod. Are you planning to include other classes's spells as well?

You could be interested in this thread as well: http://elitistjerks.com/f32/t39672-i...imer_bar_mods/

They are talking about an addon very similar to yours! Maybe you can chime in there
Well there are only two chars/specs I play, Shadow Priest and Protection Warrior. So I wouldn't know what other classes/specs need.

I'm definitely not willing to add a GUI for customization. It's just so much work for a feature that I myself am not going to use. When I want to change something, I can simply change it in the code.

That being said, the class/spec specific part of the addon is actually quite small. Here's the code for the priest, which creates and configures the bars:
	if class == "PRIEST" then
		self:NewSpell(10892, 'swp', {
			debuff = true,
			dot = 3,
			refreshable = true,
		self:NewSpell(48160, 'vt', {
			cast = true,
			debuff = true,
			dot = 3,
		self:NewSpell(8092, 'mb', {
			cast = true,
			cooldown = true,
		self:NewSpell(25467, 'dp', {
			debuff = true,
			dot = 3,
			refreshable = true,
		self:NewSpell(32379, 'swd', {
			cooldown = true,
		self:NewSpell(48156, 'mf', {
			channeled = true,
			numhits = 3,
The first argument being the spell ID, which is used to get the spell name, texture, and cast time. I believe the rest of it is quite readable, even if you're not a programmer. So it shouldn't be hard to add other classes/specs.

For example to add a bar for Living Bomb you'd google "living bomb wowhead" to get a spell ID, 55360. Then add the spell:
		self:NewSpell(55360, 'lb', {
			debuff = true,
			dot = 3,
However, different classes might require additional features. For example Fire Mages need an Imp. Scorch debuff timer. The spell Scorch, however, is a different spell than the debuff Imp. Scorch. (It has a different spell ID) So for Scorch, I'd need to add that feature: Track a debuff caused by a different spell.

So if someone comes to me and asks "I tried to add bars for my Fire Mage, here's what I already have. [...] But I couldn't get Imp Scorch to work, can you do something about that?" I would probably say yes. But if someone asks "Could you add Fire Mages?" I'd say no.
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Unread 12-22-08, 06:23 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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More classes / future releases


I realy like the style and presentation of this mod. Are you planning to include other classes's spells as well?

You could be interested in this thread as well: http://elitistjerks.com/f32/t39672-i...imer_bar_mods/

They are talking about an addon very similar to yours! Maybe you can chime in there
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