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Suicide Kings [Excel] - Alternative to DKP

Version: 2.1
by: Turunhil [More]

If you're like many who don't play in the most competitive guilds, can't play 5-6 hours every raid night, OR happen to have a real life, the idea of DKP makes you feel ill.

Suicide Kings is a list-based loot system, in which members attend raids and advance up the list when members above them take priority for loot and drop to the bottom (suicide) when they receive an item. Many popular mods were distributed and maintained back in the pre-BC days, but they fell out of repair and ceased to function over multiple patches.

I created a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that:
1) Won't break with each new patch that comes out requiring additional downloads.
2) Maintains the SK List, the roster, attendance, and drops received and provides a user interface to record information live.
3) Contains a list of all items that drop from 25-man instances and allows you to specify which classes or types (tank, healer, melee or caster dps) can receive an item and instantly add new items or edit the current list.
4) Displays the list of eligible recipients who can most benefit from an item that drops during your raid or list all present raiders for off-spec drops.
5) Provides an updated SK List and Drops List to copy and paste to forums using BBL format.

Feel free to use the spreadsheet all you want for free and be sure to give me feedback or report bugs you encounter. I do this for the pleasure of making life easier for people, not to torture you with worthless junk.

Download the Suicide Kings List spreadsheet here:
(we recommend you save a backup copy before each raid)

How the loot system works with the spreadsheet:

Sample SK List output for forums:

A word about adding raiders:
1) Do not add raiders unless they are in the current raid; SK List is only designed to work with raiders who are in raid or have attended a raid.
2) The list of raiders who have not yet attended a raid is randomly reordered each time a new raider is added. Subsequently, new raiders are always added to the bottom of the list.
3) The exception to #1 above is when you wish to start with a pre-ordered list of raiders: just add them all, use the 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' buttons to order your list, and then click New Raid (this makes it appear as though they have attended a raid, but it's better than breaking the spreadsheet).

A word about adding items:
1) Add items only through the Quick List tab
2) You can paste the item information into the correct columns in the Items tab and sort columns B through F by Item name (the item list must be in alpha order by Item).

Additional features:
1) Displays an alpha ordered list of raiders to quickly mark members as being 'In Raid'
2) Allows you to add members to the 'Standby' list so they can get credit for waiting to fill a raid.
3) Lets you record 'No Show' raiders for future reference when they complain about not getting loot.
4) Maintains a log of all actions taken in the spreadsheet for future reference or to aid in fixing a mistake

Turunhil - Dulce
Guild Founder of Profit - Kael'Thas

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A Kobold Labourer

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Lightbulb duel specs

how well has does this handle players with duel spec?
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A Kobold Labourer

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Hmmm can you do zero-sum for this same spread sheet too?
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