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Version: 30400-0.1.01
by: Mike-N-Go [More]

Automatically click the 'This quest will flag you as PvP, are you sure?" confirmation

As of May 20, 2009: This addon is unsupported for the time being. AddOn authoring was only a hobby of mine. Mike-N-Go is not currently playing WoW, thus not creating or maintaining mods for WoW. If someone wishes to submit a patch for one of my mods to WoWInterface, you may within the bounds of the license bundled with the mod.

Recent Changes and Important Information:
Version: 30400-0.1.01
Last update: 12-20-08
Updates: Point your browser to http://www.wowinterface.com under "SimplePvPQuestFlager"
Donate with PayPal at [email protected]

Brief Description:
How many times do you click the PvP flag-quest button for those dailies in Grizzly Hills? Isn't it annoying to do that extra click? That is no longer a problem, with SimplePvPQuestFlager! It skips the confirmation window, and allows you to accept these quests when you press accept the first time.

Install and forget. There are no in game options.

After you decompress the file, copy the SimplePvPQuestFlager folder into your Interface/AddOns folder under your World of Warcraft Installation Directory.

A note to my fellow authors:
If anyone wishes to use more then a few lines of my code, I request you credit me by saying, "This product includes software developed by MikeNGo" somewhere as a comment, or in your documentation. I also hope that anyone who would take the time to read my code, would take the time to send me an e-mail of what you think, or what can otherwise be improved.

Caveats, Known Bugs, etc.:
No known bugs

Future expansion, additions, planed features, etc:

About the Version Numbers:
Version: xxxxx-x.x.xx ([interface number]-[major version].[sub version].[current release])
Interface number: Version of the interface the addon was most recently updated for, this number and the version number have no linear relationship with the latter clauses.
Major version: When the mod evolves to a state that is vastly different from the first distribution of the prior major version, this will be updated.
Sub version: Whenever the mod has new features added, or many minor tweaks, this number might advance.
Current release: The current reversion of the sub version, changed every time a new version of the mod is submitted to WoWInterface.com

About the Author:
Macintosh operator
[email protected]
If you would like to talk to me, I hang out at irc.freenode.net. In #norganna and #wowi-lounge, User Mike-N-Go.

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