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Sage Mac Dvorak Hack

Version: 0.02
by: Silversage [More]

Good news! As of 16 May 2009, an update to Mac OS X makes this mod no longer necessary. If your bindings are giving you problems, and you recently updated OS X, this is almost certainly why. Simply disable Sage Mac Dvorak Hack, and you should be good to go again!

A recent Apple update interacts poorly with World of Warcraft. The result is that WoW does not use Dvorak for key bindings even when the user has selected Dvorak as their preferred layout. WoW still uses the Dvorak for text input boxes (e.g., login and chat).

See http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=13594170073&sid=1&pageNo=1 in the WoW Mac Forums for details of this problem.

It's reasonable to expect that either Blizzard or Apple will address this issue. At some point.

in the meantime, this addon will *temporarily* remap a player's bindings so that bindings designed for Dvorak will be swizzled to work on Qwerty. I.e., everything will appear to work as it should.

A downside of enabling this addon is that, for technical reasons, you will not be able to save any *real* binding changes to the disk or server without disabling the addon. Update:

In spite of writing this note, and in spite of being the author, I have tried to update binding while this addon is running. The net effect is you end up in what I call "double dvorak" where the mapping is being applied twice. If you end up in this situation, press Esc and logout and back in and you should be fine. Alternately, you can hunt and peck to find the keys for "/reloadui".

Updated for 3.1, and to interact better with other addons.
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01-24-09 05:30 PM

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Unread 01-29-09, 02:52 PM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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You're quite welcome.

--Silversage aka Qzot
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Unread 01-25-09, 01:42 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Thank you.

Thank you for writing this.
I've died a few times when my keybindings didn't work right and I just couldn't figure out what the problem was. I finally realized that I had to start using QWERTY for some things but why just never made sense.
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