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Fury of Hellfire (6.2)
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PetLeash  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 3.0.10
by: endx7 [More]

PetLeash makes sure that you always have a non-combat pet summoned. It tries to only summon a pet when you are not busy, and can dismiss them when you go into stealth, camouflage or invisibility.


  • Automatically summon a pet when you are not busy.
  • Optionally summon a pet only under certain predefined conditions, or dismiss a pet under certain predefined conditions.
  • Allows you to configure which pets to use, including by location or with different weighting.
  • LibDataBroker launcher to quickly summon pets.
  • Randomly summon a different pet on a timer. (Note: This feature can potentially interfere with non-combat pets summoned via other means, such as using the Bloodsail Admiral's Hat)

/petleash enable : enable/disable auto-summoning
/petleash togglePet : summon or desummon pet (and switch auto-summoning)
/petleash resummon : summon a new pet
/petleash desummon : desummon pet
/petleash config : show configuration

PetLeash has several key bindings that can be set via the Blizzard Key Binding interface.


3.0.10 (2015-12-16)

- Add findglobal test/update paths. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add tooltip to pet selection widget. [Robin Schoonover]

- In PetSelect, prevent the pet sort from being "unstable". [Robin

This works by making sure no pet is actually identical.

3.0.9 (2015-11-17)

- Add two more spell IDs as food/drink, as they seem to get translated
differently. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't try to dismiss a pet while flying. [Robin Schoonover]

Trying just fails silently, and if the pet can't fly, it'll be dismissed
by the game client anyway.

- It's possible to summon a minipet while mounted. [Robin Schoonover]

3.0.8 (2015-11-01)

- By default, make PetLeash chatty about when it's summoning. [Robin

If PetLeash is being a problem, it should make it more obvious that it should be blamed.

- Add "Refreshment" as an eating spell, and refactor aura detection.
[Robin Schoonover]

- Update TOC Interface for 6.2 [Robin Schoonover]

3.0.7 (2015-10-24)

- Fix desaturation call. [Robin Schoonover]

- Never upvalue LibStub. [Robin Schoonover]

- Upvalue a bunch of globals. [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove build-zip.py script. [Robin Schoonover]

It's been superseded by wowui-builder.

- Fix Set:Contains check to use correct variable name. [Robin

- Add upload stage to CI jobs. [Robin Schoonover]

3.0.6 (2015-09-27)

- Add build CI script. [Robin Schoonover]

- Ignore build-zip.py in pkgmeta. [Robin Schoonover]

- Camouflage and Feign Death no longer break on dismiss. [Robin
Schoonover] (2015-02-25)

- Update TOC Interface for 6.1 [Robin Schoonover]

3.0.5 (2015-01-11)

- The Oshu'gun quest does something weird with pets. [Robin Schoonover]

Also make sure we do a better job of picking up quest list.

3.0.4 (2014-12-18)

- Attempt to deal with spurious ZONE_CHANGED_NEW_AREA events. [Robin

It's been reported that it fires during certain quests.

3.0.3 (2014-12-18)

- In filters, fix :MakeOption call to properly pass parent. [Robin

This fixes a lua error when configuring filters.

- In options, give a more useful error if we get a strange widgetType.
[Robin Schoonover]

3.0.2 (2014-10-26)

- Fix search box "Search" handling. [Robin Schoonover]

It works more sensibly, but requires a call
to the TextChanged hook.

3.0.1 (2014-10-17)

- Add base camouflage spell (seems to have been renumbered). [Robin

- Fix for checking out specific revision when building. [Robin

3.0 (2014-10-14)

- Don't bother with upgrade code, pet IDs changed anyway. [Robin

- LibAboutPanel seems to be squashing X-Credits, so just condense into a
blanket statement. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update TOC for WoD. [Robin Schoonover]

- Change build-zip.py for use with git repository. [Robin Schoonover]

- Always use fastrandom (remove compat for old random name). [Robin

- git conversion cleanup [Robin Schoonover]

- Use fastrandom if available. [Robin Schoonover]

As of 5.4.2, random is now securerandom which is slower and stronger than we care about

- Added tag 3.0-beta3 for changeset 71d081dc5ef7 [Robin Schoonover]

3.0-beta3 (2013-10-27)

- Add lua code trigger. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix camouflage. [Robin Schoonover]

It appears that it is no longer possible to dismiss a pet without breaking camouflage.

- Fix special location trigger. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add macro conditional triggers. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix group trigger events. [Robin Schoonover]

Reported By: feherandor

- Added tag 3.0-beta2 for changeset 1476d566a1d4 [Robin Schoonover]

3.0-beta2 (2013-09-26)

- Merge [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 3.0-beta1 for changeset ab8dc8aab5fa [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix upgrade code to handle unset pets in locations. [Robin Schoonover]

3.0-beta1 (2013-09-22)

- Merge new config branch. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update TOC For 5.4 client. [Robin Schoonover]

- Maybe fix camo by adding some related spellids. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix default profile for old db. [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove some usused strings. [Robin Schoonover]

- Put strings in localization database. [Robin Schoonover]

- Upgrade settings before setting profile callbacks (so we don't catch
old profile change) [Robin Schoonover]

- At this point, version in db doesn't make much sense. [Robin

It doesn't get touched, so it will always be default.

- Add a chancel option to weight drop down. [Robin Schoonover]

- When dealing with upgrade settings on addon load, determine which
profile was being used and use that. [Robin Schoonover]

- Invalidated sets now have an impossibly low priority [Robin

This is only needed when :Free() is called, which forces the next set to be calculated.

- Remove some old strings. [Robin Schoonover]

- Desummon -> Dismiss [Robin Schoonover]

- Alter immediate behavior to only summon a new pet if current pet is
not in list. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix db upgrade to pass basic tests. [Robin Schoonover]

- Reorganize PetLeash.lua [Robin Schoonover]

- Rename a set's set of pets to pets instead of set to be a little less
confusing. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add some upgrade code. [Robin Schoonover]

- whitespace adjust [Robin Schoonover]

- Only recheck pet summon for CRZ bug when pet state changes. [Robin

- Check for lookup table before setting in pet select. [Robin

- Add a clear button. [Robin Schoonover]

- PetSelect fixes. [Robin Schoonover]

- Reorder SetValues [Robin Schoonover]

- Seperate new settings from old, implement first half of database
upgrade (which is a copy) [Robin Schoonover]

- Hide pet selects that aren't being filled (at end of list) [Robin

- Set callback later. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't reflow pet select buttons unless the frame has been resized.
[Robin Schoonover]

- Trigger fixes. [Robin Schoonover]

- Reorder set save to occur before set refresh [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix bad globals. [Robin Schoonover]

- Reduce number of globals accessed on runtime [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix some leaked globals. [Robin Schoonover]

- Change filter/trigger add button ordering [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix for CRZ bug [Robin Schoonover]

- Filter fixes. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix type. [Robin Schoonover]

- Implement filter/trigger logic. [Robin Schoonover]

- Implement configuration side of and/or. [Robin Schoonover]

- Allow nightly version to be specified. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add immediate checkbox. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add some pause/resume layouts when first setting up ui bits. [Robin

- Use a group instead of a dummy label to seperate common filter
options. [Robin Schoonover]

- Implement enable/priority checkboxes. [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove a (temporary) comment [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix trigger handling so that it actually works again. [Robin

- Improve wording of EXPLAIN_SPECIAL_ITEMS [Robin Schoonover]

- Delay options load, and properly load module options. [Robin

- Set defaults for filters. [Robin Schoonover]

- Implement filter/trigger options. [Robin Schoonover]

- Implement delete/rename parts, and rearrange some layout. [Robin

- Update Interface TOC version. [Robin Schoonover]

- Rewrite filters and triggers framework. [Robin Schoonover]

- Rename Conditions -> Triggers [Robin Schoonover]

- Rearrange pet selection config so default gets its own page. [Robin

Filter/Condition pages need to be reimplemented (and conditions are now called triggers).

- In desummon verify, check for in combat condition. [Robin Schoonover]

- Bump TOC interface [Robin Schoonover]

- Merge in default branch. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix main screen config for missing method. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix a _NotifyAddOn call [Robin Schoonover]

- Count empty sets as inactive [Robin Schoonover]

- Rename SetStateChanged method to NotifySetStateChanged [Robin

- Add a method to notify that a set's state has changed [Robin

- Rename weight to priority, and work on set interface. [Robin

- move rename/delete to their own page and add a priority dropdown for
sets [Robin Schoonover]

- Add delete and rename buttons for custom sets. [Robin Schoonover]

- Move desummon verification to its a static method, instead of
recreating it each time. [Robin Schoonover]

- pull in cooldown check [Robin Schoonover]

- Scale the size of the pet type icon. [Robin Schoonover]

- Color borders of pets. [Robin Schoonover]

- Increase minimum extra bottom. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix "Search" in filter box. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix filter to properly compare case unsenstive [Robin Schoonover]

- Pet selection widget tweaks [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix filter table for default set. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix (default) weight settings for filters. [Robin Schoonover]

- Improve profile handling. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix combat ready check. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix set manipulation options. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update value of set immediately on RefreshConditions to handle sets
with no conditions. [Robin Schoonover]

- Slightly simplify InBattlegroundOrArena/InInstanceOrRaid methods.
[Robin Schoonover]

- Merge with default. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix broker tooltip colon [Robin Schoonover]

- Hook pieces up so different sets can be used. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix pet summon. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't trim filter box. [Robin Schoonover]

- Mark sets as dirty when we get pet list events. [Robin Schoonover]

We to include when a pet lives or dies.

- Fix handling profile switches. [Robin Schoonover]

- Formalize the set object. [Robin Schoonover]

- Handle removed conditions properly. [Robin Schoonover]

- Implement some conditions bits. [Robin Schoonover]

Still needs to be hooked up.

- Global fixes/tweaks [Robin Schoonover]

- Move Filters/Condition code around. [Robin Schoonover]

- Dramaticly increase weighted effect, and fix some issues with setting
sets. [Robin Schoonover]

- Hide dropdown if normal click is used [Robin Schoonover]

- Tweak weight dropdown. [Robin Schoonover]

- Properly hook up default value. [Robin Schoonover]

- Trim filter string. [Robin Schoonover]

Some might actually explicitly use spaces, but it's also confusing if you
have a space you didn't expect.

- Default to ignoring certain pets again (such as pets with cooldowns)
[Robin Schoonover]

- Add a default check box. [Robin Schoonover]

- Use our new weighted checkbox. [Robin Schoonover]

- Import new Weighted Checkbox widget [Robin Schoonover]

- Allow :PickPet to provide a weighted set table [Robin Schoonover]

- Catch improbably small window for random number. [Robin Schoonover]

- Rename set size property. [Robin Schoonover]

- Properly use given set in :BuildSet [Robin Schoonover]

- Really use saved weight value in pet list. [Robin Schoonover]

- Rewrite pick pet to take into account weights (not that they can be
set to anything yet) [Robin Schoonover]

- Be more forgiving of strange values. [Robin Schoonover]

- Use config wrapper for conditions page. [Robin Schoonover]

- Throw in some new weighting names. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add an unfilled weight drop down. [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove debug output. [Robin Schoonover]

- Actually use filters. [Robin Schoonover]

- Allow proper operation of scroll in filters while preventing tab title
from being set. [Robin Schoonover]

- First stab at filter configuration. [Robin Schoonover]

- Improve width handling of items. [Robin Schoonover]

- Wrap filter with simple group, and make condition also generate the
same way. [Robin Schoonover]

- Filters tab will be filled using AceConfig [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix filter to use plain strings. [Robin Schoonover]

- Implement enabled checkbox. [Robin Schoonover]

- More fixes for single column (narrow) display. [Robin Schoonover]

- Expand visible space when scrollbar is hidden. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix add new set. [Robin Schoonover]

- Summon a random pet from the default set. [Robin Schoonover]

- Make options actually manipulate pet sets. [Robin Schoonover]

- Tweak positioning of names. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix column handling so that different numbers of columns can properly
be used. [Robin Schoonover]

Then change the width so that normally we wouldn't get more than two columns anyway.

- Fix scrollbar on reset. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix scrolling from bottom up [Robin Schoonover]

- Add tooltip to checkboxes [Robin Schoonover]

- Mark purpose. [Robin Schoonover]

- uh, filter out Search [Robin Schoonover]

- Hide scrollbar if we aren't showing enough entries. [Robin Schoonover]

- Reimplement scroll frame to only populate visible elements. [Robin

- Small clean up. [Robin Schoonover]

- It doesn't do anything, but implement some UI bits. [Robin Schoonover]

- Merge in default branch changes [Robin Schoonover]

- Start out on correct pages. [Robin Schoonover]

- Reorganize gui layout in a more heirarchical layout. [Robin

- Re-mockup. [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove some unused methods. [Robin Schoonover]

- Split options out to its own module. [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove Locations module, as the functionality will be reproduced.
[Robin Schoonover]

- Mock up some UI [Robin Schoonover]

- Disable locations module (for now?) [Robin Schoonover]

- Create new feature branch. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.2.11 for changeset eeef6471cf37 [Robin Schoonover]

2.2.11 (2013-06-06)

- Pull setup options fix from branch. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag for changeset bfc74efc3918 [Robin Schoonover] (2013-05-21)

- Update TOC [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.2.10 for changeset 28ef688277b0 [Robin Schoonover]

2.2.10 (2013-03-07)

- Fix disable all/enable all buttons. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.2.9 for changeset 36a2ba8324be [Robin Schoonover]

2.2.9 (2013-03-06)

- Don't break player out of saurok form. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update TOC for 5.2 client [Robin Schoonover]

- Drycode cooldown check on summon pet. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.2.8 for changeset 78cd66d03ecb [Robin Schoonover]

2.2.8 (2013-02-22)

- Fix combat ready check. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.2.7 for changeset 448e9e27ee03 [Robin Schoonover]

2.2.7 (2013-02-20)

- Remove now unused locale string. [Robin Schoonover]

- Ack, Pets can no longer be summoned or dismissed while in combat!
[Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.2.6 for changeset 6cbd27b96fff [Robin Schoonover]

2.2.6 (2013-02-16)

- Remove call to removed method. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.2.5 for changeset 26eca0446186 [Robin Schoonover]

2.2.5 (2013-02-08)

- Add Haunted Momento to special items. [Robin Schoonover]

- Bugfix new SpecialItems [Robin Schoonover]

- Rewrite SpecialItems module. [Robin Schoonover]

Operation is now more straight forward.

- Refactor copy tree to its own class, and handle keywords. [Robin

- Add option to switch to tag when zipping. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add a zip script [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.2.4 for changeset f2ae4e99bda3 [Robin Schoonover]

2.2.4 (2013-01-28)

- Fix Brewfest Keg Pony check to only trigger on the correct spell cast.
[Robin Schoonover]

- Mark Brewfest Keg Pony as not ready only within the last 3 minutes of
summoning the pony. [Robin Schoonover]

Thanks To: Lord Dave

- Fix call when updating value. [Robin Schoonover]

- Simplify event dispatch sligtly, and pass "self" and event name to the
update functions. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix event handling, especially registration. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't bother using AceEvent to handle special items. [Robin

- Added tag 2.2.3 for changeset 337195204016 [Robin Schoonover]

2.2.3 (2013-01-25)

- Force multiselect to sort properly. [Robin Schoonover]

This is achieved by putting the pet name in the key and extracting the "real" key.

- Speed up config setting drastically by using a multiselect. [Robin

Unfortunately, names are listed completely out of order.

- Backed out changeset: 4df286bd372c [Robin Schoonover]

- Change name safe handling. [Robin Schoonover]

- Tweak wording. [Robin Schoonover]

- Protect ourselves from a strange high lag condition where we never
find names. [Robin Schoonover]

- move hidden option up [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove config option that no longer exists [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't needlessly "convert" petIDs [Robin Schoonover]

- Move upgrade so that it only is attempted once. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.2.2 for changeset e2e512c6a6a4 [Robin Schoonover]

2.2.2 (2012-12-31)

- Fix config setter [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove patch 5.0 compatibility. [Robin Schoonover]

- Sort debug info for easier readability. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.2.1 for changeset c0a4c069dcd6 [Robin Schoonover]

2.2.1 (2012-11-29)

- Fix a typo. [Robin Schoonover]

- Setup general config get/setter in config heirarchy. [Robin

- Explain special items functionality. [Robin Schoonover]

- Sort special item list for easier update, and restore all previous
items we knew about until I get a chance to test them. [Robin

- Don't recreate the same name function over and over. [Robin

- Run every check on PEW. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add ZONE_CHANGED_NEW_AREA to map dependent items. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag for changeset afdbbd30964b [Robin Schoonover] (2012-11-27)

- Update TOC for 5.1 [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.2 for changeset 74043b455b3f [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.2-beta1 for changeset 74043b455b3f [Robin Schoonover]

2.2 (2012-11-26)

- Make sure quest information has been cached before checking. [Robin

- It appears that CallbackHandler (and thus AceEvent) only allows one
listener per event. [Robin Schoonover]

We work around this by dispatching the event to our funcs each manually using
an additional event handler object.

- Reintroduce the special items code. [Robin Schoonover]

Sadly patch 5.1 broke our ability to cheat our away around the special items issue.

- rebuild pet IDs on "Special Location", even though it should happen at
the same time as custom [Robin Schoonover]

- Restore tostring on locations config setup. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix handling of petID type in config [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix handling of location in 5.1 [Robin Schoonover]

- Upgrade petIDs to new "GUID" format. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.1.8 for changeset f2428d5e26f2 [Robin Schoonover]

2.1.8 (2012-11-15)

- Fix is5_0 checks. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.1.7 for changeset 5ba9abc50dcf [Robin Schoonover]

2.1.7 (2012-11-11)

- Add a new option that restricts summoning so that can occur only
immediately after zoning. [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove an unused saved variable. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix a comment why not. [Robin Schoonover]

- 5.1 Support: Fix additional GetSummonedPetID/SummonPetByGUID
references. [Robin Schoonover]

- Merge [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix leaked global. [Robin Schoonover]

- 5.1 support: Chase PetID -> PetGUID for summoning functions. [Robin

- Fix for WoW 5.1 [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.1.6 for changeset 070fd2e1a1a8 [Robin Schoonover]

2.1.6 (2012-10-03)

- Upvalue additional functions. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix flying check. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't error, if we're not given a pet to summon from :PickPet() [Robin

- Fix callback, part 2. [Robin Schoonover]

- Revert back to using spammier event. [Robin Schoonover]

We need to be able to catch certain conditions, such as when pets are rezzed.

- IsMounted() doesn't always have the correct value. [Robin Schoonover]

- Handle updating on pet renames. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.1.5 for changeset 7ff8e7121652 [Robin Schoonover]

2.1.5 (2012-09-24)

- Changing default requires rebuilding .usable_pets as well. [Robin

- Delay dropdown initialization. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.1.4 for changeset f50783ada280 [Robin Schoonover]

2.1.4 (2012-09-22)

- Clicking the broker uses enable state instead of pet active. [Robin

- Backout ignore wait timer. [Robin Schoonover]

- If we can't summon immediately on PEW, allow skipping wait within a
short time frame as well. [Robin Schoonover]

- Ignore wait timer when zoning. [Robin Schoonover]

- Properly chase new method name for updating pets. [Robin Schoonover]

- We don't do a real gcd check right before summon anymore, so be more
paranoid. [Robin Schoonover]

This is largely due to GetSpellCooldown falling under the same restrictions as

- Chase some improvements in LibPetJournal-2.0 [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.1.3 for changeset e2900a8dbb8f [Robin Schoonover]

2.1.3 (2012-09-12)

- Collapse spaces in X-Credits [Robin Schoonover]

- Update deDE [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.1.2 for changeset 919ca1441a1a [Robin Schoonover]

2.1.2 (2012-09-09)

- Add current summoned pet to LDB tooltip. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.1.1 for changeset b4286a05db9a [Robin Schoonover]

2.1.1 (2012-09-05)

- Fix vehicle flag update. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix dismiss battleground text to include arena. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add option to dismiss in battlegrounds/arena. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add optiont to only select among favorites. [Robin Schoonover]

- Sort the LDB plugin's pet display order properly [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.1 for changeset 3d34a1e6bfcd [Robin Schoonover]

2.1 (2012-09-02)

- Readd COMPANION_UPDATE event. [Robin Schoonover]

We need this to respond to a pet being dismissed.

- Really fix LPJ reference. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix embed reference to LibPetJournal-2.0 [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix weighted configuration. [Robin Schoonover]

- Convert to LibPetJournal-2.0 [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag for changeset 39f69c7e0675 [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.0.1 for changeset 39f69c7e0675 [Robin Schoonover]

2.0.1 (2012-08-30)

- Show the number of selected pets in debugstate. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix updating desummon setting when configuration changes. [Robin

Reported By: kitten6

- Move dismiss verification so that it runs only if we had a pet. [Robin

- Added tag for changeset 68ee3334bb89 [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag for changeset 68ee3334bb89 [Robin Schoonover] (2012-08-29)

- Fix embedded reference for LibPetJournal. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag for changeset 23cc57ceac92 [Robin Schoonover] (2012-08-28)

- Attempt to massage the packager. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag for changeset c49158e8058f [Robin Schoonover] (2012-08-28)

- Use curse repo for LibPetJournal [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 2.0 for changeset df3d2ea93eaf [Robin Schoonover]

2.0 (2012-08-24)

- Fix error if there are no available pets to summon. [Robin Schoonover]

- Sorry folks. [Robin Schoonover]

- We can't dismiss immediately when Camouflage is used, so add a
possible delay. [Robin Schoonover]

- "Update" locales (mostly clear old phrases out). [Robin Schoonover]

- Load the embedded AceDBOptions [Robin Schoonover]

- Chase LibPetJournal install name change. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix globals. [Robin Schoonover]

- Unswallow tag. [Robin Schoonover]

- Correct a comment. [Robin Schoonover]

Incorrect comments is worse than no comments.

- Give more explicit control over petleash's default handling of non
specific set pets. [Robin Schoonover]

- Increase minimum autoswitch to 60 seconds. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix global ref. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix updating usable_pets list after config change [Robin Schoonover]

- Merge (swallow 1.x branch) [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.6.6 for changeset 41ed521e97ac [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove unused file. [Robin Schoonover]

- Info may be available immediately. [Robin Schoonover]

- Use new LibPetJournal library [Robin Schoonover]

- When switching battle pet teams, allow PetLeash to resummon a pet when
a pet is summoned via the first slot. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't desummon when forced to summon. Also don't desummon if we're
not enabled. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update config table. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't use DismissCompanion [Robin Schoonover]

We'd like to use it, as it doesn't invoke the global cooldown, but unfortunately
it only works with "old" pets, that is, pets that it knows about.

- Check to see if pet is already summoned when summoning, move cooldown
check before print. [Robin Schoonover]

- Register event for loading pet list. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix a really dumb typo that prevent the PetsById structure from being
filled. [Robin Schoonover]

- Delay completely setting up the options frame until the options frame
is shown. [Robin Schoonover]

AddOn plugins will load properly this way.

- DismissCompanion("CRITTER") seems to be exhibiting a lot of weirdness
[Robin Schoonover]

Sometimes it works! But very often it doesn't.

I wish C_PetJournal.SummonPetByID didn't invoke the GCD when you desummon a pet.

- Correctly initialize have_pets readiness state. [Robin Schoonover]

- Catch if the search filter is cleared. [Robin Schoonover]

Also don't reregister right away

- Update/Fix Locations for C_PetJournal API [Robin Schoonover]

- Pets are shared, so don't force per-char configuration. [Robin

Also add a profiles option pane.

- Disable filters while processing, and enable when done. [Robin

- Re-add readiness for gcd. [Robin Schoonover]

This check isn't very accurate (we check for min gcd, not actual), but it
doesn't need to be, since detection restarts the wait_timer.

Even if the wait_timer is set to be really short, we check the actual cooldown
of the pet when we try to summon upstream, which will accurately detect the gcd
if we happen to be on it.

- Check for cooldown on pet we are trying to summon. [Robin Schoonover]

If everything is on global cooldown, we'll see this here too.

- Remove currently unused Special Items code. [Robin Schoonover]

I remain hopeful we will continue to not need it.

- Using C_PetJournal.SummonPetByID to desummon a pet invokes the global
cooldown so try to use DismissCompanion. The future of
DismissCompanion is unknown, so we'll use C_PetJournal.SummonPetByID
if needed. [Robin Schoonover]

- More message passing fixes in readiness module. [Robin Schoonover]

- Detect initial state of addon in readiness. [Robin Schoonover]

- Restore ability to detect desummoned companions. [Robin Schoonover]

- fix namespace of messages, add enablestate message [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove remaining legacy API code. Add convenience interface for
getting owned pets. [Robin Schoonover]

- Partially update for using the new C_PetJournal api. [Robin

- Locations fixes: handle resting properly [Robin Schoonover]

- Mostly fix the Location module? [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix Locations option screen. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix newlines *sigh* [Robin Schoonover]

- More work on Location rewrite. [Robin Schoonover]

- Minor locations changes, disable locations for now for testing. [Robin

- Add more debugging information to debugstate [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove Special Items tab. [Robin Schoonover]

We'll readd if we need this functionality again.

- Allow :ResummonPet() to force a pet to be resummoned immediately.
[Robin Schoonover]

- Implement a temporary fix so that we can distinguish between a fake
pet and a real pet. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix :ResummonPet() to act more sanely. [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove flying dead code. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't load QuestItems module (we might not need it!) [Robin

- Merge [Robin Schoonover]

- I am tentatively extremely excited by the possible discovery of a way
to detect pets that are not really pets. [Robin Schoonover]

What I expect the behavior of C_PetJournal.GetSummonedPetID() to be:
- nil no pet out
- 0 a pet that you don't "own"
- >0 a pet you own.

Currently it is returning zero for all pets, whether they are a pet attached
to your account or part of a silly hat that you put on. Hopefully it takes on
the behavior I expect, or at least returns a non-nil value for non-owned pets.

- Fix chatty summon pet display [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix :LastCheck() usage and implementation [Robin Schoonover]

- If one of our last minute checks turns out false while we are in our
idle wait period, reset the wait timer to zero. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix default state of vehicle check. [Robin Schoonover]

- Implement vehicle check. [Robin Schoonover]

- Implement battleground/arena check [Robin Schoonover]

- Flip the way the addon enabled check works. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add debugging state command. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add check for alive/dead state. Prevent action before AddOn is ready.
[Robin Schoonover]

- Add a more chatty mode to assist in debugging [Robin Schoonover]

- Function name change :SetCheck -> :EnableCheck [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix "auto switch" [Robin Schoonover]

- Minor changes (comment, vehicle todo) [Robin Schoonover]

- Reimplement readiness checks. [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove dismiss pet dismiss button hook. [Robin Schoonover]

It will be returned when the pet journal works properly.

- Minor changes to initial addon object creation. [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.6 (2012-08-17)

- "Fix" for WoW 5.0 [Robin Schoonover]

(but not really)

- Added tag 1.6.5 for changeset c414c12d6db0 [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.5 (2012-07-01)

- Check for existance of SpellBookCompanionSummonButton before
attempting to hook. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.6.4 for changeset 806c1a711c6e [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.4 (2012-04-02)

- Display number of owned pets in broker tooltip. [Robin Schoonover]

- Show icon in broker menu. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.6.3 for changeset 228ebc6ff6cc [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.3 (2012-03-29)

- Update zhCN locale. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.6.2 for changeset 42598253382b [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.2 (2012-03-27)

- (Finally) update TOC for latest WoW [Robin Schoonover]

- update tags [convert-repo]

- - Allow winterveil pets to be summoned by default: they no longer
require snowballs [Robin Schoonover]

Thanks To: Thortok2000

1.6.1 (2011-11-08)

- update frFR [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix desummon on zone change to not be sticky. [Robin Schoonover]

- add brewfest key pony to special items [Robin Schoonover]

- Cautiously resummon pet [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.0 (2011-06-28)

- config ui tweaks/fixes [Robin Schoonover]

- Implement general on-zone-change pet switching (different from the
location specific pet lists) [Robin Schoonover]

- Bump TOC in anticipation. Will defer release until confirmation of
proper behavior. [Robin Schoonover]

- Disable pet summoning while on certain quests. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update locales. [Robin Schoonover]

- add cub to locales [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't try to summon pet when we are at the barber shop. [Robin

Thanks to: profplump

1.5.11 (2011-04-28)

- Add Winterspring Cub (for the new version of the quest chain for the
Alliance winterspring mount) [Robin Schoonover]

Thanks To: eidhel and Thortok2000

- It looks like everything works, so let's bump that TOC number. [Robin

- update translation credits [Robin Schoonover]

1.5.10 (2011-04-14)

- Update deDE [Robin Schoonover]

- Disable auto summon for guild herald and guild page by default. [Robin

Suggested By: JSRGibbs

- Treat Hunter Camo as an invisibility effect [Robin Schoonover]

Reported By: Pennet (2010-10-25)

- update deDE [Robin Schoonover]

- Bump TOC [Robin Schoonover]

1.5.9 (2010-10-12)

- Add Additional item [Robin Schoonover]

- 4.0 support [Robin Schoonover] (2009-12-08)

- bump toc [Robin Schoonover]

- Update frFR [Robin Schoonover]

1.5.8 (2009-11-05)

- Add frFR [Robin Schoonover]

- update koKR [Robin Schoonover]

- Specifically using the dismiss button will disable [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix invisibility detection from potions. [Robin Schoonover]

1.5.7 (2009-11-01)

- Update koKR [Robin Schoonover]

- Word on the street is that day of the dead pet is unlearnable. [Robin

1.5.6 (2009-08-06)

- Update deDE [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't forget venomhide string. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add the 20day venomhide raptor to the special items list. [Robin

1.5.5 (2009-08-05)

- Add basin orphans to special quest item list. [Robin Schoonover] (2009-08-04)

- Update TOC for 3.2 [Robin Schoonover]

1.5.4 (2009-08-02)

- Add Zeppit's Crystal to quest items. [Robin Schoonover]

Reported By: Thortok2000

1.5.3 (2009-07-11)

- Add dismiss pet while flying option [Robin Schoonover]

1.5.2 (2009-07-05)

- Fix additional uses of non-existent .find function. [Robin Schoonover]

1.5.1 (2009-07-05)

- Don't use non-existent .find function. [Robin Schoonover]

- Handle profile changes (although there's no UI) [Robin Schoonover]

1.5 (2009-06-29)

- Reorganize location SVs a little bit. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add knob to restrict to cities. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix invis flag reference. [Robin Schoonover]

- Set OptDeps [Robin Schoonover]

- Never summon a pet while stealthed/invis. Instead flag only
determines whether or not we want to hide the pet when we hide
ourselves. [Robin Schoonover]

- Default Disgusting Oozling to off. [Robin Schoonover]

- Organize main section options into tabs. [Robin Schoonover]

1.5-beta2 (2009-06-26)

- Keep .override_pets field up to date by triggering it off of config
updates. [Robin Schoonover]

- Prevent custom locations from appearing out of nowhere. [Robin

- Load locations options table on start up. [Robin Schoonover]

- Give locations an explicit enable flag. [Robin Schoonover]

- Describe "Special Locations", and minor cleanup. [Robin Schoonover]

- Properly initialize location overrides on login. [Robin Schoonover]

- Localize location strings. [Robin Schoonover]

- Implement guts of location based switcher (custom and special) [Robin

- Finish up UI bits for Locations. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix copy and paste. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix setting Enable All/Disable All [Robin Schoonover]

- Add vague infrastructure for Locations GUI [Robin Schoonover]

1.5-beta1 (2009-06-23)

- Add localization support for dropdown keys. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add GUI for using weighted pet picking. (Woot) [Robin Schoonover]

- Add Enable All/Disable All buttons. [Robin Schoonover]

- Color broker icon based on whether PetLeash summoning is disabled or
not. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update koKR [Robin Schoonover]

- Add the ability to disable in battlegrounds. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add backend for weighted pets. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix that function. [Robin Schoonover]

- Move pet picking logic to its own function. [Robin Schoonover]

- By default, make snowball requiring pets disabled. [Robin Schoonover]

1.4.3 (2009-05-25)

- Fix Feign Death check (UnitIsFeignDeath seems to be broken) [Robin

- Make auto switch more robust. (no-I-am-not-ackis-drycoded) [Robin

1.4.2 (2009-05-20)

- Check to see if we are looting. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update deDE [Robin Schoonover]

- Make sure autoswitch timer doesn't get killed when config is changed.
[Robin Schoonover]

1.4.1 (2009-05-10)

- Fix locale quest item issue. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't recreate timer if it already exists. [Robin Schoonover]

- Verify summon success. [Robin Schoonover]

- I don't think there's any condition that causes pets to not be loaded,
but do a late check, just in case. [Robin Schoonover]

1.4 (2009-05-07)

- - Check for Warsong Flare Gun - Add support for spell names if we ever
have to. [Robin Schoonover]

1.4-beta1 (2009-05-06)

- Ask L for the names if GetItemInfo doesn't know [Robin Schoonover]

- Use variable name for invisibility. (Fix localization problem.) [Robin

- Check for eating and drinking. [Robin Schoonover]

- Make delay timer more consistent, and restart the timer if we
determine we shouldn't summon a pet in the mean time. [Robin

- Remove unused Flags.lua file. [Robin Schoonover]

- Split out quest items into their own file. [Robin Schoonover]

- Detect Disclosure Quest. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add koKR credit to X-Credits [Robin Schoonover]

1.3.1 (2009-05-03)

- Update deDE [Robin Schoonover]

- Add Golem Control Unit to quest pet items. [Robin Schoonover]

- Check for falling. [Robin Schoonover]

- Handle all COMPANION_UPDATE events. [Robin Schoonover]

- Bump TOC [Robin Schoonover]

- Revert summon flag changes. [Robin Schoonover]

- Clean up. [Robin Schoonover]

- Rewrite conditions to be much more event driven. [Robin Schoonover]

1.3 (2009-03-28)

- Don't attempt to summon a pet while feigned. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix .pkgmeta [ackis]

- Update koKR [Robin Schoonover]

1.3-beta1 (2009-02-22)

- Enable checking on orphans until we find out whether they count or
not. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add Invisibility to Stealth disable feature. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add support for automatically resummoning a new pet every X amount of
time. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add boilerplate comment to all localization files. [Robin Schoonover]

- Get locales.xml in there too for koKR [Robin Schoonover]

- Add koKR localization [Robin Schoonover]

- Throw in handler for slash command option table. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix special item names. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix slash command. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't attempt to summon pet if we're flying. [Robin Schoonover]

- Move layout of configuration window around. [Robin Schoonover]

- Split LDB plugin into a separate file. [Robin Schoonover]

- Allow individual "Quest Items" to be toggled. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add Don Carlos' Famous Hat to "Quest Item" list. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add (commented out) untested items. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add "Felhound Whistle" to list of quest items. [Robin Schoonover]

- Check for the Bloodsail Hat. [Robin Schoonover]

- - Add (optional) check for quest items to disable if needed - Fix
HasFullControl check [Robin Schoonover]

- Check for CC effects via HasFullControl [Robin Schoonover]

1.2 (2009-02-14)

- Update deDE [Robin Schoonover]

1.2-beta3 (2009-02-14)

- - Try to load pets more robustly, since COMPANION_UPDATE only fires on
reload - Try to prevent strange nil bug involving AceGUI [Robin

- Add missing string to locale. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix LibAboutPanel embed. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't print an error for :TogglePet() if something is stopping the
summon. [Robin Schoonover]

1.2-beta2 (2009-02-12)

- Load pets properly if pets are loaded late due to not existing in the
cache yet. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update enUS locale. [Robin Schoonover]

1.2-beta1 (2009-02-11)

- Add Stealth support. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add keybinds for common actions. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add method and slash command to toggle pet. [Robin Schoonover]

1.1 (2009-02-06)

- Fix the pet names ranging used with the LDB plugin to work with UTF-8
[Robin Schoonover]

- Re-enable autosummon when the LDB launcher is used to summon a pet.
[Robin Schoonover]

- Add deDE localization (submitted by TomEpish) [Robin Schoonover]

- Add About Panel [Robin Schoonover]

- Update locales. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix name of enable flag. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add Toggle to control autosummon in combat. [Robin Schoonover]

1.0.3 (2009-01-28)

- Missing AceDB-3.0. All the missing libraries should be in now. [Robin

- Add missing AceGUI-3.0 and AceConsole-3.0, as well. [Robin Schoonover]

- Looks like AceConfig requires CallbackHandler, so add it. [Robin

- Fix another global. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix accidental global. [Robin Schoonover]

1.0.2 (2009-01-28)

- Properly update the pet map when loading new pets, since the order of
pets may have changed. [Robin Schoonover]

1.0.1 (2009-01-27)

- Don't try to summon minipet on taxi. [Robin Schoonover]

1.0 (2009-01-26)

- Add support for localization. [Robin Schoonover]

- Display state of auto-summon in LDB tooltip. [Robin Schoonover]

- Give LDB plugin an informative tooltip, as well as allow plugin to
open config panel and random summon/desummon pet. [Robin Schoonover]

- For the LDB plugin, automatically generate submenus of roughly equal
size, instead of one giant menu that could likely overflow the screen.
[Robin Schoonover]

- Add LDB plugin for quickly summoning pets by hand. Currently uses
UIDropDownMenu. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update configuration screen on forced summon/desummon. [Robin

- Add configuration bits with gui. [Robin Schoonover]

- - Add behind-the-scenes infrastructure for managing pets. - Add Libs
directory, just in case (gets populated by packager) [Robin

- Import base. There's work to be done. [Robin Schoonover]

- "petleash/mainline: Initial Import" [root]
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Unread 08-17-12, 02:10 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Is it possible to make an option for the addon to dismiss any pet and disable it's self while in a bg, rbg or arena and reenable when outside of them ?
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Unread 08-17-12, 10:55 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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There is already an option for disabling while in battlegrounds and arenas.

I will look into adding an option that will also cause it to desummon your minipet when you enter one.
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Unread 12-11-12, 12:54 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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A suggestion for future releases: now that lots of people (read: me) have lots of pets and are catching new pets at a faster rate than before, would it be possible to alter the weighted scale so that the user can dictate what the default weight is? Currently you can only toggle it to "often" or "never" and even if you toggle it to "never," new pets still enter the petleash weighted scale as "often".

Personally, for example, i would prefer to be able to make most of my pets "hardly ever" on the weighted scale so that they all still come out, but the few that i choose come out most often. It would be optimal if i could change my default to "hardly ever" so that, A.) they would all change to that setting without me having to change all two hundred of them individually, manually by hand, and 2.) i don't have to fish through my huge list of pets to change it to that every time i catch a new one.

Anyways, just a thought.
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Unread 12-11-12, 01:52 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Sure, I'll see what I can do.
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Unread 01-05-13, 08:11 AM  
A Black Drake
Barleduq's Avatar

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PetLeash froze WoW. o.O

I was flying from Dalaran to Fizzcrank Airstrip in Borean Tundra. I was looking around at things to do in that three minutes, and saw that I hadn't done anything with setting up prefs for PetLeash. First, I noticed it in the slidebar, and tried to poke it there - but when the mouse came off the slidebar to choose something in the list, the slidebar went back and the panes with the choices went with it, effectively making it impossible to do anything there. (Not sure if that should be a complaint against teh slidebar or what...)

So then I opened the config by clicking on the icon in slidebar, and opened up the pane (I can't remember the name?) that includes the checkbox for 'Weighted Pets'. I clicked that checkbox, and WoW froze. After a minute or two, I came here and started typing. It has since unfrozen, reloaded the ui twice, and logged me out to the initial game launch screen, all without my touching it.

Yay, computers are fun! :/

ETA: I logged back in, and tried again, disabling one addon I had that I thought had been lagging me before. I used control-click on the slidebar icon, hit the + next to the PetLeash name, clicked on "Enabled Pets" and it froze again, right there. It did finally wake up again, and showed me the pane to weight the pets with. Not sure what's happening here, but if it does this persistently it's not a good thing.

Son of ETA: Clicking on the arrow of any of the dropdown boxes causes 1-2 seconds of freeze. Clicking on any of the choices causes 5-10 seconds of freeze. Note: I have over 500 pets, due to having 10 toons on the server and having gotten pets for all to have the same one, so I have LOTS of duplicates. I'm ONLY clicking on one of each. Also, clicking on either of the scrollbar arrows causes more than 1 page of scroll.
Last edited by Barleduq : 01-05-13 at 08:50 AM.
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Unread 01-05-13, 07:01 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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I definitely need to redesign the weighted config, and I suppose even the normal config is a bit slow too.

I'll do something about it.
Last edited by endx7 : 01-05-13 at 07:01 PM.
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Unread 01-26-13, 05:50 AM  
A Black Drake
Barleduq's Avatar

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Thank you!

tl;dr - I have 530+ pets, and one of each type has been renamed. To what extent are the lag problems I'm seeing due to either/both of these factors?

Verbose version:

This update made it possible to use the addon again! I'm not sure if it was that I'd gone over some magic amount of pets, but where before it would freeze wow for a while but come back, it had gotten to the point where if I tried to even access the Enable Pets screen of the config, I would get completely logged out of WoW, down to the splash 'input your password here' screen.

I downloaded the addon and pulled up the button on the Norganna Slidebar. That had an indexed list of my pets, and again, when I moved the mouse down into that list window, the slidebar went back into the side of my window and moved the list with it, making it impossible to use. That hasn't changed, and I'm not sure who to comment to about that, you or the Norganna folks.

I went into the Game Menu / Interface / Addons config window, and clicked open Pet Leash, and then Enable Pets and.... waited. But it did come up without logging me out (tho I got disconnected and reconnected messages in chat). I'm glad to see that everything that I hadn't touched before was now set to Never! Both that it was set to never, and that the ones I *had* changed were not changed from my settings.

Clicking on the down-arrow to access the settings came up right away, but changing the setting took 5-6 seconds of freeze (as detected by motion visible in the translucent screen and music suddenly going silent). Again, it didn't disconnect me in any way, so this *is* an improvement.

Due to having 10 toons before (and making an 11th when MoP came out), I have up to 10 duplicates of the easily available pets (not to mention the unusable horde versions of e.g. the balloon and the moonkin hatchling). ! started MoP with 490+ and am now up to 532 (having removed one last night to put on the AH). Is 532/533 somehow some magic timing/breakpoint, where last night (before the update) I was getting logged out completely when I tried to access, whereas today (at 532) I'm not? It's something to think about - I know enough about coding and compsci theory to know it can make a difference, and not enough to figure it out. Also, I have one (and sometimes two) of each pet renamed so I can distinguish the ones I am using in a team, and also to have an easy way to choose which to have petleash use for deployment. Could having so many renamed be causing any issues for your code?

Thank you for the update!
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Unread 01-26-13, 10:43 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Forum posts: 35
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Uploads: 10
The library I am using has a hard time dealing with that many different controls. I improved that screen by changing the control type so that one control actually handles all the pet selection check boxes, but it still needs work. At this point, my current plan is to completely reimplement the pet selection process, but that'll take more time.

I'll check the the slidebar issue out when I get a chance.
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Unread 01-27-13, 11:41 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Now that I've checked the Slidebar issue and have seen it for myself, I can say it looks like it is a Slidebar issue. It looks like Slidebar doesn't really know how to deal with an LDB launcher that opens a user interactive menu.
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Unread 01-29-13, 07:28 AM  
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Originally Posted by endx7
The library I am using has a hard time dealing with that many different controls. I improved that screen by changing the control type so that one control actually handles all the pet selection check boxes, but it still needs work. At this point, my current plan is to completely reimplement the pet selection process, but that'll take more time.
I figured that the sheer quantity may be part of the problem. But I also know of people who have even more pets, and any collector who was getting things on multiple toons before the account-wide stuff went into affect is going to have the same problems. If it was *just* me I'd grin and bear it, but i figure that I'm helping, somehow, here....

Originally Posted by endx7
... slidebar issue...
Does it make more sense for me to report it, or you, as developer/user? I've already got an account over on their forums as I was poking them about various things, and the slidebar is one of the thing I wanted to poke them about as the config screen stopped being functional, but it was low on the totem pole of 'things not working' so I hadn't yet.

Thank you, very much, for your quick feedback and resolution! I *really* like this addon - among other things, it made another one (Critter Emote, unfortunately only on Curse, makes the deployed pet emote things) functional again! Before I was getting errors that it couldn't find the pet, and now it can.

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Unread 01-29-13, 10:30 AM  
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Originally Posted by Barleduq
Originally Posted by endx7
... slidebar issue...
Does it make more sense for me to report it, or you, as developer/user? I've already got an account over on their forums as I was poking them about various things, and the slidebar is one of the thing I wanted to poke them about as the config screen stopped being functional, but it was low on the totem pole of 'things not working' so I hadn't yet.
You can report it if you want. I don't think I have any regular contact with the Auctioneer guys.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling any fix they do is going to have to be somewhat "magical" in detecting open dropdowns.
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I want to report you an error I have every time I opne the Interface panel in game :

Date: 2013-02-16 11:50:50
ID: 1
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ..\AddOns\PetLeash\SpecialItems.lua line 300:
attempt to call method 'UpdateConfigTables' (a nil value)
PetLeash\SpecialItems.lua:300: f()
PetLeash\PetLeash.lua:393: SetupOptions()
[C]: ?
[C]: Show()
..\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:1750: SetUIPanel()
..\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:1555: ShowUIPanel()
[C]: SetAttribute()
..\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:2193: ShowUIPanel()
[string "*:OnClick"]:2:
[string "*:OnClick"]:1
self = <table> {
SetDefaultModuleLibraries = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:383
Enable = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:315
UnregisterAllEvents = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:202
AskClientForName = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\PetLeash\SpecialItems.lua:377
EnableModule = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:348
modules = <table> {
GetModule = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:231
IterateEmbeds = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:458
event_item_map = <table> {
defaultModuleLibraries = <table> {
ready = <table> {
currentQuests = <table> {
HandleEvent = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\PetLeash\SpecialItems.lua:339
SetDefaultModulePrototype = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:425
LocalizeString = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\PetLeash\SpecialItems.lua:362
items = <table> {
name = "PetLeash_SpecialItems"
IsEnabled = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:467
orderedModules = <table> {
DisableModule = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:366
RegisterMessage = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:118
UnregisterMessage = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:181
baseName = "PetLeash"
SI_RegisterEvent = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\PetLeash\SpecialItems.lua:330
SetupOptions = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\PetLeash\SpecialItems.lua:298
IsModule = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:238
db = <table> {
SetDefaultModuleState = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:403
InitItem = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\PetLeash\SpecialItems.lua:425
GetName = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:300
SetEnabledState = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:440
InitWatchers = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\PetLeash\SpecialItems.lua:314
enabledState = true
UpdateReadyEnabled = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\PetLeash\SpecialItems.lua:304
RegisterEvent = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:118
UnregisterAllMessages = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:202
event_handler = <unnamed> {
OnInitialize = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\PetLeash\SpecialItems.lua:278
NewModule = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:256
IterateModules = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:453
defaultModuleState = true
SendMessage = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:87
UpdateQuestList = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\PetLeash\SpecialItems.lua:347
moduleName = "SpecialItems"
UnregisterEvent = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:181
Disable = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:330
setup = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\PetLeash\PetLeash.lua:393
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = <table> {
SetDefaultModuleLibraries = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:383
Enable = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\ArcHUD3\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:315
UnregisterAllEvents = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:202
AskClientForName = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\PetLeash\SpecialItems.lua:377

It occurs only the first time I open it with a toon during a game session.
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Unread 02-16-13, 12:53 PM  
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Originally Posted by Khisanth
I want to report you an error I have every time I opne the Interface panel in game :
Whoops, thought I had caught that one already.

Should be fixed in the version I just uploaded, thanks.
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Unread 03-08-13, 12:07 PM  
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Thank you!

for the update to 5.2 !!

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Unread 03-15-13, 06:00 PM  
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Still having hanging problems.

Just a note that I am still having the problem where, when I try to go to the 'enable pets' interface, my wow hangs and eventually disconnects from the server.

I really want to use this addon, as it does pretty much exactly what I want it to without being bundled with anything else. (like a few that are both pets and mounts, or pets mounts and titles, or pets and albatrosses I mean achievements, or ....)

I'd be happy to be selling off my excess pets, but I don't have storage room to do more than a few at a time, and I currently have a set of 5 going through the AH till they sell...
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