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Version: 1.1
by: Sagewind [More]

Everyone know and saw Raid Warning messages (text in the screen center). So i decided to write addon that will do same thing but inside guild. This is a very small addon without any settings. Just copy to your Addons game folder and forget. Filtered ranks will able to write important things as Guild Warnings. Everyone in guild must install it. Addon filters from both side so nobody can hack.

Setup: open LUA file and edit list of ranks (local Ranks = {"Guild Master", "Master"}) that will have rights to send guild warnings. Then give this addon to all guild members.

Usage: type "/gw YOUR_MESSAGE".

P.S. Addon was written for Odysseus guild.

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Great Idea

I have thought about this one for a while, im glad someone made it. One thing that i would like to suggest is. Instead of editing the .lua and then redistributing it. I suggest that you make a small GUI that allows GMs (Also considered Rank 0 or 1 i think)(Grayed out if not GM) to send an updated list to the guild via the guild addon channel. This way the GM could batch add ranks on the fly or just add an option to only allow particular people to perform the GW (guild warning)


-addon request update from GM only
-addon saves list and uses it until there is an update (perhaps add an option to manualy request update during the session)
-If no GM online when logging in then postpone the GWwhite list till they log on.

Just a suggestion other then that love the idea and the addon

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