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Version: 2.2
by: lab1702 [More]

AlarmHUD 2.2 by Kloo @ Malygos

This is a small HUD that it is designed to limit information over load
by only showing messages when certain conditions are met.

Just above the center of the screen is target information:

targetHealth targetThreat%

Target health will have > < around it if percent health is under 35%.
If target is dead, target health is shown as "---".
If target is tapped by another player/party/raid, target health is shown with "XXX" around it.
Threat percent will have > <, >> << or >>> <<< around it
based on threat being over 40%, 50% or 60%.
If you are not in target's threat table at all, threat percent is shown as "---".
Otherwise, the color of both these percentages is based on threat status:
Light Gray = Low threat.
Yellow = High threat.
Orange = Losing threat.
Red = Tanking.

Just below the center of the screen is another line with your information:

playerHealth% playerPower%

These numbers are only shown if they are below 90%. They also get
> <, >> << or >>> <<< around them based on the percentage
going below 70%, 50% and 30%.

1.0 - Initial release.
1.1 - Added latency number to player status messages.
1.2 - Added sound when receiving a whisper. The sound played is "TaxiNodeDiscovered" since
you probably don't hear it normally while occupied in combat etc. :)
Added command line support, only one command so far:
/alarmhud ws - Toggle sound when receiving a whisper off and on. Default is on.
Added target percent next to the target health field.
1.3 - "TaxiNodeDiscovered" is too quiet. Replaced with "ReadyCheck".
Made target and player stats messages more consistent:
Player alarm name in the middle, value on the left, latency on the right.
Target name in the middle, threat on the left, health and percent health on the right.
1.4 - More consistency: Anything that shows a health or power number shows the total and percent on the left,
and additional data on the right. For targets, extra data is threat percent, for player health or power
the extra data is your latency.
1.5 - Changed the color of the target info. It now changes gradually from green to yellow to red
as threat goes from 0% to 50% to 100%. It's partially transparent when under 50%.
1.6 - Changed the transparency of player info (health/power). It now starts at mostly
transparent if down by 25% to no transparency when down 100%.
Changed transparency% of target info to follow threat%. No transparency at 100% threat
down to 30% transparency at 30% threat. It does not go below 30% transparency if threat is less.
1.7 - More tweaks to transparency for target and player info to help call attention to changes.
1.8 - Even more tweaks to colors. Now uses builtin GetThreatStatusColor() to set color on target info text.
If not on threat table at all, target text is more transparent.
1.9 - Very minor tweak to target transparency.
2.0 - Major changes to status bars. Split up into 4 separate numbers around the player. See above for details.
As a side effect, no redundant redrawing of texts should occur.
Removed sound on whisper to make this a pure HUD. That feature is better done by another addon.
2.1 - Got rid of transparency and using more visible >>> <<< brackets around numbers to draw attention.
2.2 - Minor tweak to threat% font.
Minor tweaks to colors.
Show target health instead of health percent.
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