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Version: 0.9.1
by: Maxfunkey [More]

Greetings Tankadin!

You have chosen this more or less complete solution for your tanking needs wisely as you are about to have all you need at your very fingertips.

(first read the Readme_general file, thank you.)

Defaul keybindings:

T = (primary AoE) consecration
sT = (undead AoE) holy-volley thingy
F = (secondary AoE) triple-hammer
sF = (undead nuke) exorcism
Z = (primary nuke) shield-bash thingy
sZ = (finisher) execute-hammer thingy
U = (shield) the holy shield crap that shields you after taking a hit
sU = (manaregen) well... that certain spell you love
H = (block%) holy shield, the +30% blockchance thingy (when enemy is targeted)
H = (hand) hand of sacrifice (when non-hostile npc/player is targeted)
I = (pull) throw your shild at your foes!
G = (dispel) cleanse magic, cure desease, clear venom
1 = (judgement) heal-judgement
2 = (seal) seal of retribution, your main tanking-seal
3 = (seal) seal of light, usefull for soloing
4 = (taunt) singletarget taunt (on hostile target)
4 = (taunt) 3-target passive taunt (on friedly target)

AURAS can be found at the upper right corner of the screen.

NOTE: this is a template for the orinigal casterUI and there may remain some unused question-mark button

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