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Updated: 11-28-10 10:35 AM
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Updated:11-28-10 10:35 AM
Created:02-07-09 05:12 AM


Version: 1.5
by: brena [More]

ImpChat is a small chat mod that still has a decent amount of common features, combined with a simple but efficient spam filter. It's made primarily for personal use but I thought I might as well share it. This means that it's not as configurable as it could be, but the lack of options also means that it's both lightweight and easier to use. So if you're looking for a simple chat mod that just makes the chat a bit more readable then this might be something for you.


  • Makes all messages in the chat frame copyable.
  • Fully customizable timestamps on chat messages (not system messages).
  • Blocks gold spam. This is done by having a list of URLs, and anyone using them will be put on a list of blocked persons. The URL list is managed by the user to keep it as short as possible. The list of blocked spammers can be cleared if a mistake is made by the addon.
  • Replaces channel names by shorter versions of them. For channel without numbers (guild, party etc) you can choose what it will be replaced with, for all other channels only their number is shown.
  • Can highlight words in chat messages with any color, a word means a string of numbers or letters. Can for example be used to highlight your own name.

All of these features can of course be toggled on and off.


The addon currently doesn't have an GUI, all configuration is done through slash commands. Below are all the accepted slash commands and a description on how to use them.

In all slash commands using <color> it is either a 6 digit hexadecimal number representing the color (rrggbb), or clear for the default color of the chat message. So ff0000 would be full red.

- /impchat ( status | colorn | copy | shortc | timestamp | filter )
Typing /impchat status will display a list with the status for each module. Any other accepted argument will toggle respective feature on or off.

- /colorn ( print | <word> <color> )
Used to set the highlight color for specific word in the chat. A <word> is any string containing only letters and digits. Typing /colorn print will print a list with all currently assigned words in their respective color. Note that it is case sensitive.

- /copy ( " <new_mark> " | <color> | merge )
If turned on adds a mark for every message in the chat frame, when clicked a popup is opened where you can copy the message. With the slash command you can change the mark, its color and whether the mark should be merged with the timestamp for messages with timestamps.

- /shortc ( print | <channel> = <short_name> )
Used to either print the current short versions of each channel, or to set the short version for a channel. The channels are Party, Guild, Officer, Raid, Raid Leader, Raid Warning, Battleground and Battleground Leader.

- /timestamp ( " <format> " | <color> )
Used to either set the color for the timestamps or change it format. The format is changed by entering a pattern for the new timestamp (default is "[H:M] "). Letters and digit are not allowed, except the following letters which will be replaced according to the list:
  • H -hours in 24 hour format.
  • h -hours in 12 hour format.
  • P -AM or PM.
  • M -replaced by minutes.
  • S -replaced by seconds.

- /filter ( printnames | printsites | addsite <url> | removesite <url> | clear )
Used to control ImpChats spam filter, the following commands can be used:
  • printnames -Prints a list with all currently blocked spammers.
  • printsites -Prints a list with all blocked websites.
  • addsite <url> -Adds <url> to the list of blocked websites.
  • removesite <url> -Removes <url> from the list of blocked websites.
  • clear -Clears the list of blocked spammers.
Known Issues

There is some taint issues in combat when you close the spell book or party members change. It might happen at other times as well. I haven't noticed anything game breaking yet. I'm slowly working on a fix.


- Updated for 4.0.3
- Removed /links
- Added /copy
- New load process


- Removed the in game descriptions of slash commands, if slash commands are incorrectly used it now only shows how to use it.
- Changed how /shortc works. You can now only change one channel name at a time.
- Fixed a bug in the filter, it should now work with urls containing the whole url.


- Updated for patch 3.2
- /colorn no longer colors players names, blizzard now does that for us.
- /colorn now colors words in the whole message.
- Various code changes.


- Fixed a bug where turning colorn or filter on or off would need a restart to work properly.


- Made changed to the patterns for urls to make them more correct.
- Changed the way urls are found again.
- No longer saves data for party and raid members, blizzard already does this.
- Changed how saved variables are loaded.


- Fixed a bug where clearing the timestamp or urllink color wouldn't get saved.
- Fixed a bug where timestamp colors with only numbers would be treated as a new format instead.
- System messages with no spaces will no longer cause error messages.


- Updated for path 3.1.
- Changed the way you set the timestamp format.
- Fixed a bug where /colorn wouldn't store names with certain starting letters, like , , , .
- Different more interesting code for finding URLs.
- Various minor code "improvements".


- The /timestamp slash command now allows you to enter "seconds" to show seconds in the timestamp, or "hours" to toggle between 24 and 12 hour clock format.
- The /colorn slash command can now be used to set a color for a specific person.
- Clicking names that have been filtered now opens the complain confirmation dialog directly.
- Updated the URL patterns so they now match ftp addresses also, if username and password is not included.
- Changed the way "/shortc print" prints the list of short channels.
- Fixed a performance issue when the combat log were busy.
- Removed the localization for classes since the only function that doesn't return the unlocalized class name now is for friends. This should not effect anyone on English servers.
- Fixed a bug where the players name wasn't colored if you weren't in a guild.
- Fixed a bug where people joining your guild wouldn't get their names colored.
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Unread 03-04-09, 01:34 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Yep that's what I meant, thanks
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Unread 03-02-09, 09:17 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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If you mean to switch between "[20:40]" and "[08:40 PM]" you type "/timestamp hours".

There is currently no way to make the time stamp show a 12 hour clock without the PM/AM, like "[08:40]" for example. How would you AM/PM guys know if its day or night then? On a serious note the way it is implemented atm is simple but not very flexible, if I want to add yet another format it would require a lot of more ugly code.

I have been thinking of some kind of "/format" slash command where you can change the format of everything in the header for messages, which then also include channels and names. But there's a few things Im unsure about when it comes to how the slash commands should work.
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Unread 03-01-09, 07:40 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Love the addon keep the good work up, also what is the /slash command to change the time stamp format to show 8:40 instead of 20:40?
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Unread 02-22-09, 08:34 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Yes, thats the reason I dont include it. The only reason to add a level based filter would be for whispers as you say, because they are usually a bit more sneaky with the whispers and dont include the address right away. But now I dont even filter whispers at all because I dont find it that annoying. When its as bad as it can get in cities you can hardly read the general chat, while whispers only happens now and then for me. But if the number of whispers increase and it becomes more annoying I will add something for the whispers also.

I do try and keep a bit of simplicity, but not completely. I lie a bit in the description because if it was really only for personal use I wouldnt include all the options to change the colors and so on, I made those options mostly for fun And also how easy it is to use I dont have a clue about really, because Im not sure how easy the slash commands are to understand, it depends on how used you are to command line interfaces I guess.
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Unread 02-22-09, 07:12 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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I'd suggest you try SpamMeNot if you want this feature. Unfortunately, knowing the level of a random character requires a /who request being sent, waited for, and received, so that would complicate this addon a lot I think.
I'm not the author though.

Gonna try ImpChat next time I login because I like its simplicity. I just want timestamps and shorter channel names, so it seems good .
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Unread 02-21-09, 10:53 PM  
A Frostmaul Preserver
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Wtb block incoming whispers from lvl 1 cuz that's apparently the new spam method
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