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Updated: 02-19-09 12:10 PM
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Updated:02-19-09 12:10 PM
Created:02-16-09 04:38 AM

rActionButtonStyler - pHish

Version: v1.3
by: pHishr [More]

Stick in your Interface/AddOns/rActionButtonStyler and go

Credits to zork/Roth for his rActionButtonStyler, Caellian and Moonwitch for helping me on the hover, and to me for being so awesome.

1.3 IS the last update, unless things go tits up.

Check changelog for info.

v1.1 changed hover icon

v1.2 changed hover icon again, something more subtle :)

v1.3 Changed all of the icons to have more resemblance to the main texture.
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Unread 02-16-09, 12:17 PM  
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At first, looks really nice, could have been a really good skin but...

What's up with that smiley on mouseover on the buttons...
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