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oUF Asym UI - Widescreen  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.5
by: Dawn [More]

Main purpose of creating this UI was to create a lightweight interface that runs on my shitty PC, without losing to much utility and without looking like crap.
The name simply comes from my oUF layout. This UI is build around it.

The UI basically doesn't need a setup ingame, since version 1.9. All custom settings can be done by lua.

oUF_Asym UI is made to work for 1440x900, it works out of the box for 1680x1050 and 1920x1200, ... should work for all widescreen resolutions.

It comes with A LOT of different bartextures and fonts, see oUF_Asym fonts/texture folder and dArt folder.
There is also some nice art to play around with located in dArt/Art.


I don't use any UI scale at all. I don't have this option checked. Or in other words this UI is basically build around an UI scale of 1.0.
If you are using another resolution as 1440x900, you might have to adjust your UI scale until it fits.

- no setup, works out of the box for every (new) character
- very lightweight, it uses around 970kb of memory, around 1MB in raids
- a clean interface without glitches (even in combat)
- a lot of options to change the look of frameborders, textures...
- a lot of fun while playing .... hopefully
- last but not least, pretty decent support ... i'm trying, really! *cough*

1.) Pretty much any addon included in this UI is heavily customized, I don't take any credits for this.
However, you shouldn't update any of the addons, manually!
2.) If something spits out errors or stops working, tell me please.
3.) I will only support this to the point where it comes to bug fixing. If you want to customize it, you are on your own.
4.) Read the changelog, it contains usefull information!


1.) backup you font, interface and wtf folder
2.) Extract everything into your \WorldofWarcraft\ folder
3.) Make sure you rename YOURACCOUNTNAME to ... guess what ...

This and That:
* Blizzards Calendar is accessible by right clicking on the minimap
* Tracking is accessible by middle clicking on the minimap
* Chat frames minimize after 20seconds of inactivity - you can change the duration in Chicchai
* You can move all bag frames by holding ALT.
* to open a GM ticket type /GM or /ticket
* to reload your UI type /rl

Some addons that you can customize easily are:



*chatframe (minimize/maximize effect, borders, background)

*dFader (handles fade out of frames, when you are out of combat or without a target selected)

*!LynColors (handles all kind of colors,... class colors, mana color, health color, ...)

*dMinimap (Minimap addon, you can choose between round or square shape, change the borders, color, position, ....)

Known issues:
1.) FogBG is used to display animated *.m2 files for the minimap. Some instances display *.m2 files different, there might be some glitches. It's still ok for my taste, since it doesn't happen that often. If you don't care for those fog animations at all, simply delete FogBG from your addon folder.
2.) Quality ID doesn't like "bound to account" items, it spits out an lua error while trying to show their itemLvl.

raid - version 2.2

layout details for oUF_Asym

- works with oUF 1.3.8

- target portrait
- party and raid portraits (you can enable/disable them separately)
- druid mana bar
- five men raids are shown as party
- party hidden in >5 man raids
- target debuffs are filtered to only show debuffs, applied by the player
- nice borders around all frames - changeable border style
- player and target castbar with border - border changes along with unitframe border
- options to change font, bar textures, border textures, ...
- a lot of comments in the lua to make easily readable/customizable

supported frames:
- Player
- Target
- Target of Target
- Pet
- Focus
- Party
- Party Targets
- Party Pets
- Raid

supported plugins:

Hope you like it, have fun.

* several addons updated for 3.1
* removed MSBT for now, until an updated version is available
* removed rFrameRotater (looks crazy, since the default minimap shape is square... it's available at Wowinterface for anyone using a round shape)

* replaced nMainbar with the new rActionBarStyler
- added an option to change font, fontsize and color for macro, count and keybinding text to rActionBarStyler
- added an option to hide show macro and/or keybding text to rActionBarStyler
- all bars are set to mouseover by default
* added Coolline to track item and spell cooldowns
- modified Coolline to show a maximum CD of 60sec (longer CDs will work, too), but this works nicer for classes with a lot of short CDs, like Retribution Paladin, Priest, ...
* added rFrameRotater
* updated dMinimap
* changed dMinimap default setting to round shape (round5)

* changed the BLIP texture for minimap (finally *cough*)
- old one is still available (dMap\texture\track_.tga), along with another slight variation of the new texture (dMap\texture\_track.tga)
* fixed rActionButtonStyler's textures overlapping icons on actionbuttons (works for dBar, nMainbar, ... rActionBarStyler)
* slightly changed glow on Darion style actionbutton borders (makes it easier to see equipped items on your bars, etc.)
* added portraits for party and raidframes
* portraits will hide for units that are out of range, instead of showing the yellow interrogation mark
* added background for party portraits
* added an option to toggle party portraits on/off
* added an option to toggle raid portraits on/off -- disabled by default

* added oUF_Spellrange support - range fading for all units
* added Darion border style from ButtonFacade_Darion to nBuff, rActionButtonStyler and oUF_Asym
* added an option to change the target portrait background texture
- the default (old) target portrait background is still there if you want to use it instead
* added comments in Chicchais core.lua to highlight the option, that you can use frameborders from oUF_Asym for chat frames, too
* set default borders for everything to Darion border style - I'm addicted ... yes I am! D'OH! ... maybe not, but well... I need a change ;)

* updated CargBag (this will fix glow on items)
* updated TipTac (version 09.03.22)
* fixed dBar keybindings
* several changes to oUF_Asym
- removed aggro coloring for player unitframe
- added party target and party pets
- debuff highlighting on unitframes changed to highlight the border
- finally fixed combatfeedback .. YES IT WAS BROKEN DAMNIT!!! .. *cough* :D
- slightly changed position for druid mana
- range fading for party and raid
- border added to druid mana
- you can now choose between several border styles for unitframes, player/target castbar
- added some more comments to the layout for easier customization
* some tweaks to Chicchai
- shadow added to chatfont (see Chicchai, if you don't like it)
- some tweaks to the border appearance - it's now larger around the actual chat text
- added an option to Chicchai that shows/hides the shadow around the chat font
- added an option to Chicchai shows/hides background and borders around the chat frames

* removed rActionBarStyler
* added nMainbar (nMainbar\nMainbarConfig.lua for options)
- added mousover and showonkeypress (Alt key is default, you can change this in the config) for MultiBarBottomLeft/Right, incl. config options
- added 2 Diablo style Endcap texture alternatives (Diablo2 Tyrael and Demon), incl. config options
- added an option to hide ALL Art, background, .. textures. NOTE: This will also hide EXPBAR and REPBAR!
* removed dArt panels for bars

* removed BaudBag
* added CargBag
* some tweaks to BasicChatMods (editbox and chatcopy looks like chatframe, channel name replacement should now work for all languages)
* readded TipTac should no longer bug with oUF (thanks to Aezay)
* changed player and target castbarcolor (the old settings are still there, if you want to restore them)
* added rActionBarStyler
* some tweaks to rActionBarStyler:
- mousover option for MultiBarRight, MultiBarLeft, MultiBarBottomRight, MultiBarBottomLeft and Stancebar
* added dBar - one additional bar
* added dFader - CombatFader based on UzCombatFader - fades a frame when you enter/leave combat and/or have a target/no target selected - you can add/remove frames in dFader.lua
* removed Dominos
* removed Doom_CooldownPulse
* changed oUF_Swing Timer bartexture and color to match castbars, border added (the old settings are still there, if you want to restore them)
* added two panels to dArt, for MainBar and dBar

* fixed chicchai resizing issue! Chat frames should now work just fine.

* added Dominos back in ..........

* uncommented an unfinished panel in dArt.lua

* some tweaks on oUF_Asym layout
* ReadyCheck support added
* oUF_Banzai added
* Fane added
* sThreatMeter2 updated (v090310)
* got rid of some Dominos layouts - I'm sure everyone and his mother uses a custom layout or maybe Barlayout2, anyway. No need to carry around 100kb more of unused information. :)
* replaced LynStats with nClock - you can move nClock around by holding Alt
* edited nClock to always show lag and fps
* castbars for player and target are now part of oUF_Asym
* AzCastBar removed
* Chatframes reduced to one large frame in the lower left corner
* borders around minimap and Chatframes 1, 2(combat log), 3, 4 are back
* SharedMedia removed (only addon left using it is MSBT)
* dArt added (contains all important borders, art, fonts, statusbars from SharedMedia)

* sThreatMeter2 updated (v090309)
* oUF updated (v1.3.8)
* OpenAll updated
* borders around unitframes are now included in the layout from oUF_Asym
* changed raid and target debuff highlighting to show the texture of the debuff
* removed kgPanels - it's now obsolete
* damage font changed

* sThreatMeter2 updated
* added one barlayout "Layout3" - two 1x12 button bars below the player frame when in combat/with target

* PossesBar changed for all Layouts with no visible bars, to ActionBar2 (the one below your player frame), instead of ActionBar1 which is hidden
* fixed target raidsymbol positon (moved to the left side)
* fixed buff display ...

* MSBT font set to Roadway (and sized up a little to compensate for being smaller than CaptureIt)
* replaced Blizz_ThreatMeter with sThreatMeter2 (more customizable, yet as lightweight)
* replaced BaudGear with sUmzieh-O-Mat_GUI (little less apealing, but more lightweight and error free)
* slightly pimped castbar layout "L3" ;)
* changed target buff size to 30 (up from 26)

* truncate long unitnames
* changed player castbar position and castbar font (/acb ... layout "L3")
* added LevelDisplay - Adds quest levels to the quest log, quest tracker and quest tooltip links
* removed level display code from "Littlehelpers"
* removed rBuff
* added nBuff
* OmniCC cooldown offset changed (moved down to the middle to match nBuff time display)
* OmniCC, nBuff, oUF_Asym, AzCastBar and LynStats font changed to Roadway
* Roadway lower cases scaled up to 120% in height

* finally added my /fonts/ folder .... silly me *cough*
* this should fix "interface\addons\lynstats\core.lua:137<unnamed>:SetText():Font not set"

* QualityID updated
* removed some unused/ugly stuff from SharedMedia
* added Dominos "noBarLayoutLarge" - larger action buttons
* slightly changed AzCastBar layout "L2" to fit into Dominos "noBarLayoutLarge"
* fixed layout.lua error around line 300 (hopefully)
* 5 bartextures added (dSteelA-E)

* upgrade to oUF 1.3.7
* removed NeedToKnow
* added BaudBag (OneBag addon)
* added one new font - Oksana
* updated one font - Capture it
* fixed layout.lua error in line 969
* changed raidframe and party position

* initial release
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Unread 02-28-09, 09:03 PM  
A Molten Giant
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I don't use any UI scale at all. I don't have this option checked. Or in other words this is basically build around UI scale 1.0.

I realize I should have said this somewhere on the addon info page. I'll add this, thanks for pointing it out.

Regarding the chat panels... they are set up for "nobarlayout", if you choose "barlayout2" they will overlap the actionbutton pannel in the middle. Simply unlock the chat frames and resize them a little.
Last edited by Dawn : 02-28-09 at 10:27 PM.
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Unread 02-28-09, 08:35 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Your interface looks really good and I tried it out this evening. I have a few issues with it. I copied over your WTF and Addon folder and renamed all needed folders to the correct names. When I log in and set my resolution to 1440 X 900 everything is really big and not lined up properly. What do you have your UI Scale slider set to? Do you not use it at all? When I set it to a setting that makes my screen look similar to your screenshots then the dominoes/kgpanel button panel is off center and slightly to the right of the left chat window. Any ideas on how to fix this would be great, I would love to give this setup a shot, looks great. Thank you
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Unread 02-27-09, 01:20 PM  
A Molten Giant
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Re: error

Originally posted by jokopappa
this line error>>>interface\addons\lynstats\core.lua:137<unnamed>:SetText():Font not set
Yeah, I just noticed that I forgot to actually add my fonts folder. Thanks

Will be fixed in 1.3.
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Unread 02-27-09, 12:39 PM  
A Cyclonian
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Looks very good and actually has its own design, not like 100000000000 UIs outhere, keep up a good job! =P
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Unread 02-27-09, 11:31 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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this line error>>>interface\addons\lynstats\core.lua:137<unnamed>:SetText():Font not set
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Unread 02-27-09, 10:19 AM  
A Molten Giant
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Originally posted by WaldoJeffers
Great job there
Thank you
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Unread 02-27-09, 12:38 AM  
A Molten Giant
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Great job there
I said lady, step inside my Hyundai
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