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oUF Quaiche  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v4.0-beta5
by: PProvost [More]

About oUF_Quaiche

This is my personal oUF layout. While I appreciate comments and suggestions, this is for MY personal UI so I am unlikely to change anything for you.

Before you ask, there are NO buffs or debuffs shown on the frames. This is by design as I use other addons to manage and display my buffs. You are welcome to change the code if you want them in your layout.

This layout DOES NOT require a separate installation of oUF to function.

Provides the following Unit Frames
* Player
* Target
* Target of Target
* Focus
* Focus Target
* Pet
* Party
* Party Pets
* Raid (only groups 1-5)

Additional Features
* Smart player/pet bar fading
* AFK indication by coloring the player/party/raid names red
* Lots more

Moving the Frame

In addition to making the layout standalone, I have also embedded haste's oUF_MovableFrames code into the layout. To unlock the frames for moving, type

Once you're done moving them, you can relock them by repeating the same slash command. To reset the frames back to their original positions, open the options panel for oUF_Quaiche and remove the points from the list.

Bugs, Suggestions or Comments

Please file any bugs, suggestions or comments as a ticket on my GitHub project page:


Haste of course for his amazing framework that makes all this possible. Tekkub, Caellian, Ammo, p3Lim, and many, many others for tips tricks and pointers along the way.

tag v2.2-beta1
PProvost <[email protected]>
2010-01-01 13:36:42 -0700

Tagging as v2.2-beta1


- Updated toc to patch 3.3
- Commit before tweaking for new UI layout
- Changed thread indicator to be colored border/background
- Added MT list and oRA3 support


Tagging as v2.1-release


Updated TOC for patch 3.2


Tagging as v2.1-beta1


Changed PowerText to use the new custom tag
Removed party and raid pets
Changed the layout of the new player/target block since there are no
more buffs/auras
Added [qpower] tag to CustomTags.lua
Initial reworking of raid/pet layout for 25-man optimization
Removed target auras
Added PvP icon


Tagging as v2.0-beta10


Updated TOC for Patch 3.1
Fixed a bug in the ThreatColor function
Added power text and moved castbar text to left side
Readycheck icons should only appear on the raid and party frames
Updated README file


Tagging as v2.0-beta8


Removed the healer mode stuff... it isn't ready yet.
Added CustomTags.lua
Added pet happiness coloring to pet name
First working version of healer mode
Added credits to TOC and README
Added .docmeta for auto-updating of Main page on curse and curseforge
Updated README.textile
Updated README file


Tagging as v2.0-beta7


More code cleanup
Re-enabled PostAuraCreate code since I like that look better
Moved player and target raid icons to the top
Added better "UnitCasting" code so the player frame appears when doing tradeskills
Changed the event used for threat coloring. Hopefully this one works better.
Fixed some empty tag issues
Change party pet styles a bit
Replaced oUF_Banzai support with built-in threat system
Added oUF_RuneBar support for DeathKnights


Tagging as v2.0-beta6


Created custom oUF styles for party pets to better control their layout
Switched to a new raid layout with 5 groups in column one, 3 groups in column 2 (for 40 man raids) and raid pets below column 1.
Removed PostCreateAuraIcon - not needed
Switched to built-in RaidIcon support
Changed Raid layout - smaller and more compact
More code cleanup. Deleted a bunch of stuff that was no longer needed.
Converted to tag based text strings and simplified the unit factory
Introduced global oUF_Quaiche table to hold shared/global stuff
Increased font size on player and target name
New party & raid pet layout
Made the player and target frames wider and closer together


Tagging as v2.0-beta5


Changes to bar sizing to make things look clearer
Disabled oUF_Banzai for target frame
Set "onlyShowPlayer" on target.Debuffs
Reworked the layout of the player and target blocks to better display
buffs and debuffs on those frames and still keep pet, focus, tot and
focustarget in a central location
Shrunk aura icons down to 14.
Disabled filtering on target buffs
More changes to buff filtering. This one feel right so far.


Tagging v2.0-beta4


b00206e: Removed oUF_Fader support (buggy) and implemented my own alpha/fader
ff29f10: Pulled oUF_BarFader support from readme
32c0dbf: Added build in AFK checking and removed oUF_AFKIcon support
4f5483a: - Rewrote the name update code
418df9e: Deleted some dead code
f78e566: Stupid type bug


Tagging v2.0-beta3


0dea8bc: Added oUF_Fader support
87de258: Switched to colorClassPet from new oUF runtime
4adc9a1: Pulled uiscale and resolution values into config params


Tagging v2.0-beta2


dbb76d3: Added README.textile
b8e2be3: Fixed broken coloring on pets


Tagging v2.0-beta1


a2a86a0: Initial import
fd3eb7d: Shrunk all frames a bit.
f569cb3: Update TOC author field
1adf9fb: Minor tweaks and tunings.
3192231: - Moved top position down a bit
38ad0ea: - Fixed raid icon bug from new oUF changes
e0fc5ec: Added party pets
36cfba3: Final commit before branching to new version
84d6648: MERGE oUF_Quaiche branches/v2.0-dev r13:16 into trunk
8388bc6: Final commit of v2.0 before converting to git
dd8a9e2: "ouf_quaiche/mainline: Initial Import"
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Unread 02-10-10, 02:24 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
Shammypowah's Avatar

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This oUF layout is just what i was looking for, simple and clean!

But what is this grey line at my playerframe?

Have tryed to "reinstall", disable all of my addons in order to check if any of them causes the problem, checked the layout.lua and changed some stuff, all of this with no success to find the problem.

This comes and goes, and it's different stuff that triggers the line to appear each time, really really strange.

Theese are the things i have noticed trigged it on different times, when i have relogged/restarted wow/reloaded the ui:

- Combat/OOC
- Target something (it dissappears), Remove targeting (appears)
- Cast totems (It have nothing to do with ANY shaman/totem addon i have installed.
- Selected key on my actionbar (holding button = dissappears, releasing button = appears)
- Press exit button/menu (dissappears) exit button again, continue the game (appears)

I just can figure out what the fuck that is about... since it's no addon and different stuff triggers it everytime!

I have NOT changed anything in the layout.lua. I changed stuff but always saved and reloaded ui. Even replaced the file with a untouched copy since i was getting nervous i had fucked something up

Anyone got any idea on this?
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Unread 05-03-10, 09:34 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Originally posted by Shammypowah
This oUF layout is just what i was looking for, simple and clean!

But what is this grey line at my playerframe?
I have this grey line too.

The only thing I have changed is 2 lines in layout.lua;

oUF:Spawn("player"):SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", UIParent, "BOTTOM", -40, 120)
oUF:Spawn("target"):SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", UIParent, "BOTTOM", 40, 120)
Just moving the frames closer and further down. Hope this can be fixed because this is just a fine frame layout, simple and sweet. 10/10

EDIT: A screen shot

Last edited by RandomName : 05-03-10 at 09:41 PM.
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Unread 10-10-11, 12:43 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Class colored names

I'd really like to make the names in the player, target, ToT and Pet frames unit frames class-colored, but I just can't figure out what to write and where to write it.

Please help. (:
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