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Version: 0.8.5
by: puppenizer [More]

Watch the YouTube Video for a quick introduction!

questFlux is an addon and community project for the popular online-game World of Warcraft. Its main purpose is to give players the opportunity to easily share their quest and leveling knowledge thus making it easier for everyone to efficiently and swiftly build up a digital avatar. Therefore the questFlux addon allows to record and replay quest guides, whereas the questFlux website at lets you upload, edit and share your recorded data.

questFlux Replay - the replay module allows the player to import and replay the downloaded guides.

  • control window to manage downloaded guides
  • automatic quest status detection and progression of the guide
  • dynamic combination of similiar tasks to build up more efficient task sets
  • option for secondary tasks to be completed while doing the heavy quests
  • use the guide-task-list / replay window to manually skip quests
  • task specific map markings at world- and minimap (area and point markings)
  • collapsible window to minimize screen usage

questFlux Record - the recorder module lets the player record quest data and the corresponding task order while he is playing.
  • automatic detection and recording of questlog changes
  • recording of npc names, coordinates, used items, ...

If you choose to record or assemble a guide from scratch, the following features are available through the Online Guide Editor at :
  • write task descriptions to give the guide player helpful hints
  • create information steps and level limits to control the guide flow
  • reorder tasks or add new quests to your guide

For detailed information on how to use the addon please visit the project website at .

Note: Although I will regularly check the addon's wowinterface entry, the forum at is the most reliable way to report bugs and ask questions!

* bugfix - quest recorder fails to record quest ends since patch 3.1
* updated for WoW version 3.1
* added option for skipping the actual task within the replay window
* unlocked option for secondary tasks
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I'm super excited about this mod! I can't wait for more guides to come out, maybe I'll even contribute if I have some time!
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